OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 8)


Mr.Gujral have been waiting for Natasha for quite a long time… he sits wondering where did she disappear? Was there any issue??? May be or did she–? His thoughts were disturbed by the noise of doors slamming…
“Who’s there?”
He notices Natasha walking in,drunk,with another guy.
“Hi! Uncle, I’m Rahul, Natashas’ colleague..she was walking drunk on the roads…so”
“Yes sir”

“Please help Natasha to her room”
“Wait, i want to speak to u”
“Please sit!” as they walk over to the hall and sits opposite.Rahul was sweating.
“Its very cold outside,yet you are sweating??”
“No..I mean–”

“Is Natasha alright? Is she worried?? Did she fight with Dev or anything serious??”
“Uncle,Dev and Natasha broke–” he looks tensed and puts up a sorry to spill out the truth kinda look..then continues saying “everything is fine..you see..among couples–”
“Broke what??? They are no longer–”
“Actually, uncle, sorry, I can’t tell you anything, I promised Natasha”
“I m her father!!!” Mr.Gujral shouts.
“Uncle! Please don’t mind..but Natasha is not suitable for Dev…Dev is a–”
“Enough!! I know what is better for her! I gave my daughter everything she wanted… she chose Dev–”

“Uncle they don’t like each other now”
Mr.Gujral gets a shock and collapses on the sofa… he signs Rahul to go.
He decides to call Ishwari and talk to her about the matter. He was angry that after all this… Yet they sent proposal for his daughter.
He walks up towards Natashas’ room and sees her laying peacefully. He blesses her to be happy always and goes to sleep.

Ishwari was waiting impatiently for Dev..she tries his number only to find it switched off, while Dev sits on his couch in his office and cries all the while reminiscing what Natasha had told him.

Asha too has a restless night and decides to speak to Sona and calls her.
“How are you?? Interview got over and you didn’t call? How was it?? Did you get the–”
“Fine,ma..i got the job..but ma… acha leave it”
“No,tell me”
“Ma..is money everything?? For a healthy relationship, is it necessary to marry a wealthier person??”

“Sona! Money’s not everything… but you should have enough to manage your family..your little world..once you have that much and a little savings… Then what would you do with extra money?? But why did you think of this suddenly??did anyone tell you anything??”
“No..but there is a girl who keeps flaunting her richness…”
“Leave it,Sona!..why bother about others??”
“Hmm..ma… I feel better talking to you!”

“(kisses) how is Elena?”
“She is good too… did dad sleep??”
“Hmm..acha i will hang up now..i m tension free talking to you”
“Bye, ma”
Sona lies down tossing right and left on the bed… she kept reminisces all her moments with Dev..
Slowly slowly..little by little, he started taking bigger parts of her heart.

Next morning, Sona prepares breakfast and leaves early for office. She wears a beautiful dress, white off shoulder tops and royal blue high low skirt…she puts on a choker necklace,wears kajal and puts on her spectacles and wears beautiful peach lipgloss. She takes all her necessary items and wakes Elena up…leaving the house.
While walking down the street… It was Dev that she thought of.. She was excited to meet him.. She did not know why she always thought of him..but his thoughts made her happy… little did she know she was falling in love…

Neha wakes up and finds Ishwari sleeping on the sofa..she wakes her up while all that Ishwari asked for was Dev…
“vai did not come last night”
Mr.Gujral is seen walking out of his house angrily with the shagun thali Ishwari had brought along with him.

On reaching office,Sona thinks nobody has come and opens the office door using her set of keys.She notices the office to be warm and calm.. She goes to prepare a cup of coffee to start her day when she notices someone sleeping in Devs’ office room.
She goes inside to find Dev sleeping there.. Innocent and lonely… she watches him sleep lovingly and caresses his sun kissed face..she pulls off his hairs from his forehead and bends closer to him, while he moves suddenly, startling her. She pulls the curtain to avoid the sunlight to disturb him and goes on to prepare 2 cups of coffee..

Over the paper cup , she puts up a beautiful emoji…behind which she writes
“keep smiling and be strong 🙂 ~Sona”
She cover the coffee cup and leaves it on his table.
The strong smell of the coffee wakes Dev up..
He looks up at the watch..shocked… and goes into the washroom to get fresh.
Natashas’ words still banged in his ears.. He was agitated… he sits on his chair and stares at the coffee cup… “black coffee..” he could tell it by its smell… sipping onto the coffee..he was lost into its tastes..

Sona watched him lovingly and happy. He notices the Emoji and the message.
He smiles. He jots down something on a paper..and rings bell for Sona.
Sona enters into his cabin while he hands over to her few files regarding various health supplements and slim products they were planning.. He asks her to prepare a beautiful presentation too… If she had any ideas to share..
Sona keeps staring into him…while Dev knocks on the table to bring her out of imagination.
“Yes sir!”

“What did i say??” he asks raising his eyebrows.
“Uh…to prepare slide show with my own ideas”
Sona leaves the room.
Dev decides to go home and talk to his mom personally.
While Mr.Gujral is seen entering the Dixit mansion angrily.

Mr.Gujral shouts on Ishwari and she suffers a heart attack.. Dev enters just them and sees Ishwari about to faint and screams “Ma!”

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