OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 7)


Ishwari is seen welcoming panditji.Panditji brings good news along with him saying that Mr.Gujral too approved of Dev babu!
Ishwari was extremely excited and happy. She asks panditji to come along and give shagun to Natasha Gujral.Panditji happily agrees.

Ishwari calls out “Bhabhi! Bhabhi!”
The woman sulking comes in front and says
“What problem?”
“Devs’ marriage–”
“You only decide everything in his life.. Why ask me??”
“Bhabi, you are elder, you know he loves Natasha.. You were happy about their relationship,weren’t you??”
“Did you ask me before taking decision of getting them hitched??”

“Please” saying so she leaves thinking in her mind the she always wanted her niece,Avni to get married to Dev.
Ishwari looks disappointed,Neha hugs her mom saying “leave it”
Preparing all the shagun thali, Ishwari,Neha, Baldev and Radharani(after a lot of pursuing) leaves along with pandit.

They arrive at Mr.Gujrals home. Mr. Gujral was surprised to see them.. And welcomes them pleasantly.

Both Ishwari and Mr. Gujral talks about various other stuff regarding business and then Ishwari suddenly says..
“Vaisab, I wanted to talk to you about other matters”
“Yeah sure!”
“Both Dev and Natasha have been in a relationship for quite a long time… it would be better to give their relation a name”
“Oh Ishwariji! Even I have been thinking the same”

“I have already spoken to panditji about all of these”
“That’s very nice of you!! Let me call Natasha”
“Yes! Where is she??”
Meanwhile Natasha have listened to all of this conversation while on the stairs… she runs up to her room frustrated and leaves through the back door very agitated.

Meanwhile at Devs’ office,Sonakshi was about to leave when Dev tells her about how he knew she had come for the interview…
Sonakshi was staring into his eyes… while Dev tells her
“it was all a part of his plan… the coffee and spoiling her dress.. Etc etc”
While walking around her..
Sonakshi snaps back saying “i know hence i was polite with him..otherwise too i would have been..at least he apologised and he didn’t bother me so much unlike you”
Dev glares at her.

Meanwhile Natasha is seen storming inside while Dev and Sonakshi stood staring into each other frustrated.
Their eye lock was disturbed by the way Natasha pulled open the door.
“Woah!! Did i disturb the new lovebirds???”
Dev hesitantly says “Natasha??”
“Surprised to see me???Even i was surprised seeing your mom with my dad and that shagun thali”

“See Natasha i have no idea what you talking about!”
Natasha comes over to him and slaps him hard. Sona was startled.
Natasha yells saying “Do you remember now???? How could you be such big despo?? You know what my monthly expenditure is around billions..you see this bracelet i am wearing.. Do you know its cost??? 7.5 billion. Only two pieces were made,one for the queen of England and the other was brought by me..your entire monthly income is somewhat around–”
“Natasha,please i know but—”

“Shut up!!!Dev!! You are a despo… i never loved you.. But you were always after me–”
“Please Natasha–”
“Ow.. That senti girl is here… you are ashamed??!!you would always suit with these middle class senti..tell your mom never to step in my home… you better tell her.. She is a heart patient,right?? Be careful what if i say something that–”
“Natasha! No–”
Saying so Natasha leaves.Sona was standing there like a rock.Dev turns up towards her and looks down.. Telling her “come tomorrow sharp at 9, and takes the necessary stuffs from Tina,my assistant”
“Yes sir” Sona leaves from the office all the while thinking about Dev.

As she reaches home,Sona sits by the window couch and stares out of the window… she was very upset and felt bad about him.. She thought he is so innocent! Could not even fight for himself?I wish i could lessen his pain.

Elena comes to find Sona worried and asks her..but Sona just stares outside.. Upset
Elena hugs her tightly and asks “guy problem!”
“Nah! Come to eat… i prepared food for you”
Saying so Sona goes to lay the table,while Elena stares at her from far.. She thinks you will not tell me what is bothering you… you are bad at lying Sona di.
Both had a quite dinner.
The security,at Devs’ office comes to him and asks “sir! it’s too late would you not go–”
“Please leave!i want to be alone! You can go home..leave the keys…i will lock it myself”He goes up and locks the door from inside and then sitting in his office room. He cries silently. While Sona is seen turning sides restlessly on the bed. While Ishwari was waiting at the hall for Dev and calling him repeatedly but in vain.

Sona comes to office early and finds Dev sleeping on the couch in his office. She caresses his sun kissed face lovingly and stares at him sleeping.


Guys please keep letting me know as to how much you are liking the story plot!

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  1. Dessertqueen

    Guys i know the epi was sort of short and slighlty haphazard…actually i was too busy with an exam… Your cooperation is solicited… You can surely share your opinion about the story… And as it based on a true story…please keep bearing…
    The series will not be soo long… Infact i was planning to end it sooner…but you can let me know if you guys want more of it… Or less of it… Thanks for your support,all the while!!!
    Love ya❤

  2. Great! And, do continue!!!

  3. Nice episode. Pls post soon

  4. Erina

    Awsum chap dear n I want more of it ???❤❤❤post asap …

  5. Superb…. It’s really awesome… And I’m awestruck by your writing style and storyline…. Marvellous…. And please don’t end it soon…. And its ok if it’s short….but next one should be long… ?….. And best of luck with your exams…. ?

  6. Superb episode dear.

  7. V.V.harshita

    Nice one plzs post soon

  8. Wow so nice
    I liked it so much
    Do keep posting doctor
    I m also a doc and I liked the plot very much
    But did Natasha ufff

    1. Dessertqueen

      ” Did natasha uff??? ” ??

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    Loved it!!!
    Pls post soon!!

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