OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 6)


Sona is seen walking around the busy town and asking for the office address.Meanwhile Dev looks for his phone and finds it switched off.
He switches on his phone and messages flood onto his mobile screen. He just clears all notifications and goes on to his facebook,noticing a new message request.
He opens the messenger app, and sees new message request from “Lost Princess Sona”
He raises his eyebrows seeing the name.
And accepts the request and reads the message..
“Sorry for all the things I yelled on your face 17 days earlier in your favourite coffee shop… I have been their for the past 16 days since then… just to apologise… But may be my yellings fall hard on you that you stopped visiting your 8 year old favourite coffee place…extremely sorry…
Dr. Sonakshi Bose ??”
“Dr.Sonakshi?? 17days? Uh huh…that loud spoken girl…how did she get my name and 8 years?? Who gave her this info?? That waiter! She and apologise? I wonder how her patients tolerate her..imbecile and childish woman!”He thought. “What a girl..what a day to start with..uff”he murmured as the car rolled over in front of his office.
He gets down his car while the security rushes up to hold an umbrella above him.He smiles and walks up the stairs.
A little later, Sona too reaches his office, she was surprised yet nervous to see many other interviewee sitting there.

Asha was seen pacing up and down impatiently.She could no longer wait and hence calls Sona up.
Everyone looks up towards Sona as her loud ringtone starts playing.
She bites her tongue and receives the phone.. Saying “I just came for interview…pray for me… bye..will call later”
She disconnects her call.
Asha lets out a sigh and disappears into the kitchen,while sona switches her phone off.
Dev who was sitting in the office room has heard the ringtone and reminisces about the girl he met in the coffee shop and her apology.He knew she must have come… And he sits irritated.
One by one all the interviewee enters the office room..and leaves disappointed.Dev was having determined face…as though he had some motive… as if he was waiting for someone.Finally Devs’ assistant calls outto Sona as it was her turn to face the board.

Sona walks up to the door..knocking softly and said “May I come in??” as softly and gently as she could.
Dev was startled to hear her speak…and as she walks in… Sina notices that her interviewer(Dev) had turned himself towards the wall to avoid her. He presses on a bell and orders for a cup of coffee.

The peon,Mr. Sharma,walks in with the cup of coffee… And by mistake drops it onto Sona.
Sona looked irritated but then looked towards the chair turning towards the wall.. She smiled.. And while Mr. Sharma was apologising for spoiling her dress and her interview preps…
She pats him calmly saying “it’s ok, it happens”
Dev was shocked by her response and reminisces how the other girl had screamed onto his face…
He yet was determined to make her apologise face to face to him.
So he makes a call and sits talking to his assistant.. Then his mom.. While Sona sat patiently..
She tried to speak to him.. While he just showed his hands..(meaning bas!)
She sits quietly… It was almost 2 hours..she thought..
As soon as he keeps the phone after talking with his mom, she says “Excuse me,Sir” quiet loudly…startling him..
Dev smirks and turns to face her… and says
“Miss loud spoken girl… first try to be yourself then come to be an advisor…you may leave”
Sona dejected with his behaviour.. Says
“I would not have apologised if I had not seen sorrow and loneliness…. A kind of innocence in you..I apologised because i felt you may b were very disturbed… But you know what people like you deserve to be alone.. Cause you have already made all presumptions about others in your head way before.. What should others say? Yet, I apologise sincerely..take care..bye”
“What did the waiter tell you?? 8 years something??”
“Sorry..I am already late.. I had an interview else where… But you have made me wait this long that I have missed that one. And yes the waiter did not say much as i was not interested in hearing anything”
Saying so Sona starts to leave.
But Dev rushes up to her and slams the door preventing her from going out..
He says.. “You have been hired.Tomorrow sharp 9,I want you here”
Sona stared at him as the song Soch na sake plays in the background.

A big mansion is shown,Ishwari is seen having a cup of tea calling “Neha!”
A beautiful young girl cladded in a yellow dress is seen walking down the stairs across the room saying “yes,Ma”
“Panditji would be coming to discuss about Dev and Natashas’ marriage.Please prepare some snacks for him. He would be coming anytime around. I just want him to be happy.”
“Sure,ma! Even i want him to be happy always”
“Listen don’t tell your brother! I want it to be a surprise.I will talk to Mr.Gujral tomorrow once panditji confirms everything.”
Neha smiles. A woman is seen sulking standing far away.

Natasha slaps Dev in front of Sona insulting him to be a despo..and seeing Sona, Natasha yells that he would suit well with these middle class senti.

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