OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 23) (part 2) Season 2 : SEPARATED BY LOVE

Part 2:


A little girl is seen running around the house. Jolly and happy. She runs into the kitchen and hugs a woman from behind. The woman gets startled and bends towards the girl.. As the girls blows bubbles on her face. Laughing cheerfully.
The woman and the girl rubs noses together.. And the girl runs out. The woman was revealed to be Sona.
“Soha!!” she calls out as the peeps inside the kitchen.
“Breakfast” Sona says pointing at the table.

Ritwick comes and Soha runs towards him..
Sona gets irked. And looks away. Ritwick looks at her sadly. In 3 years without Dev.. Even then she has not learnt to love me.. Or respect me.. Neither does she listens to me.
He helds Sonas’ hands and kisses her a goodbye.
Soha closes her eyes chuckling.. While Sona stares at Ritwick angrily.
Soha leaves from the kitchen..
“It was not necessary.. Don’t even think –”

Sona shouts angrily upon Ritwick pointing her finger at him.
Ritwick holds her fingers.. And says..
“For these 3 years, Dev–”
“Don’t even take his name by your dirty mouth–”
“Why are getting angry, darling??I told you–”
Ritwick shows her the door.. Soha stood there..her eyes as wide as ever.
Sona keeps quiet and leaves with Soha.
Ritwick sadly sits on the bench.

“I don’t know about you Sona.. But I promised Dev I would take care of you, tum uski Amanat ho..jo mere paas rehgayi”
Ritwick thinks with tears rolling out. He has kept in him a huge secret.. He could neither tell anyone.. Nor would anyone understand him.

Ishwari is seen in plain white saree.. Sitting lifeless on the bed. Radharani who had become sympathetic towards her,in these years.. Comes with a bowl of soup..
“Have a bowl of soup.. That Doctor and Avni is treating Dev.. He would be fine soon. Why take tension?? If you fall sick.. What will I answer Dev??”
Asha is seen in the kitchen cooking. She too prepares all of Ishwaris’ favorite. And calls her to taste some of her favourite Bengali dishes that Ishwari used to enjoy.. But she was numb. Both Radharani and Asha looks at each other.
“Ishwariji.. Get ready.. We will meet Dev and come. I will complain to him that–”
“No, he will get worried.. I will eat..” says Ishwari.. Taking the bowl of soup from Radharani.. She eats them hastily. Then she holds Ashas’ hands and tells her..
“You were talking about meeting Dev.. Let’s go”

Back in Washington, Sona is seen getting dressed. She leaves Soha with a nanny and drives to her office.She was the owner of Soha group of industries. She goes into her office, Tisha, her assistant greets her and tells.
“Ma’am you have a meeting with the Indian based collateral companies…”
“Yes.. I will be there in some time..please make them seated in the conference room”

Sona walks into the conference room as all the company representatives greet her. She wishes to know the 5 companies who were a part of the collateral companies.

The first man says..“Orchid group of industries”
The second man says.. “Chatterjee and Sons”
The third man says.. “Dixit group of industries”

Sona was shocked. It brought in her memories with Dev. Her past. Tears welled up.

The fourth man says.. “Bhanushali group of industries”
While the fifth man says.. “Square group limited”
Sona smiles weakly. She was lost in thoughts as the presentation went one after one.
The only thing that mattered was Dev.
As the meeting gets over.
She walks over to the man representing Dixit group..
“Who is the head of your group?”
But before the man could say anything, Sona gets a call and looks on shocked…
“Excuse me..” she says and rushes out.

Back in India,
Ishwari and Asha sees Dev..shabbily walking with barriers around his legs, tired and childishly laughing..as he heard the number “4621”
He was no longer Dev.. He was “4621”.Ishwari cries at his plight. While Asha holds her.

The doctor notices them both and walks over..
“Congratulations, Ishwariji.. He has signs of improvement.. He is now responding to us.. I am sure if he is kept under constant notice and care… his condition will get better and he will soon recover in around 1 to 2 months.”
Ishwari and Asha looks on happily,thanking God for helping him cure Dev.

Sona meanwhile tries to contact the Dixit group of Industries.. But in Vain.
Ritwick notices her worry and asks if he could help. But Sona looks away..
“You separated me from him–”
“See.. How long–”
“I don’t want to hear anything–”

Months pass by, but Sona could not contact anybody.. It was always a dead call.. As if the universe was conspiring against her.
Ritwick decides to surprise his lady love.. And brings her a ticket to India. Sona looks at him. The song “Ae dil hai Mushkil” plays in the background as Ritwick tells Sona some stuffs.. Tears roll of her eyes.. And she hugs him.
“Thank you Ritwick..”
She packs her stuffs and leaves with Soha to India.

Dev was seen sitting in his office. His room had Sonas’ photos hung all around.. Her written letter too was framed in the wall… He worshiped Sona for she had given her everything for his betterment. He pulls out a letter from his pocket…On the top it read “To Dev.. From Ritwick”

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