OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 23) (part 1)


The constable brings in a plate of food for Dev, and notices him again standing in a weird position. He bangs on the bars with his stick. And points towards the food. But Dev was reluctant to eat. He was being taken into remand.
Dev keeps saying what he had been saying. And screams for Sona. He was going insane. The police in charge injects him something right behind his neck.. While Dev keeps screaming. He floundered back into his cell,another constable supporting him. He was bleeding.
As he closed his eyes, tears pour down through the corner of his eyes.


A few masked men is seen taking a coffin into a van. Another man(his back shown) is seen paying them money. The men leave. As the other man gets into the van driving away.(his face not shown yet).


The court session resumes, the next day.
Mr.Mathur is seen entering. All of Dev and Sonas’ family is sitting in the room. As Dev was being brought. Tears rolls down their eyes seeing his pathetic condition. His vision blurred due to the effect of the medicine. He was agitated.
Mr. Roy too enters the court.
Mr. Mathur starts the session.
“Your honour, yesterday Mr.Ritwick spoke about some Mr.Batra.I would like to interrogate Mr.Batra..”
“Permission granted”
Mr.Batra walks into the witness box. And says
“Your Honour, Dev is my childhood. He got married by accident.. I mean.. Only to save Sona. And both wanted to take divorce as it was not out of choice. Sona too had a responsibility towards her family as Dev too had. And hence before informing their family.. They spoke to me.. But as the law says…they had to stay together for 6 months before they could go in for a divorce.”
“Thanks, Mr.Batra.. But how do you know that the story Dev told you was true??”
Mr.Batra looks on. “He never lies.”
“Thank you.. You may leave.”
Mr. Mathur then says.. “Your honour as you can see they wanted Divorce… But may be Sona started to feel for Dev and hence–”
“Your Honour–” chirps in Mr.Roy.
“It’s clearly evident from what Mr.Batra said that both Dev and Sona respected each other and would not have killed her possibly”
“All the witness had hinted that Dev alone killed–”
“Mr. Mathur.. Court needs proof..–”
“Your honour.. The gun that I had given for examination.. It was found out that it was registered under Devs’ name”

A commotion begins in the court about Dev owning a gun. Whole court stares at Dev as the judge shouts.. “Order! Order!”

Mr.Roy looks on at the Bose family as the judge was about to give the verdict.

Asha stands up tearfully. She knows Sona loved Dev. Whether he killed her or not.. Did not matter but what mattered was she loved him. If he would be hurt than Sona too would be hurt.

Hence, she looks at Dev and then at the judge..
“Your honour.. Could I say something to Dev??”
The judge nods.
“You are forgiven…I forgive you.. I don’t know what is the truth.. But I know as you protected her before.. You would never harm her.
Please.. Your honour.. Leave him. It’s a case against my daughter.. And I don’t want him to be punished.”

The judge gives his final verdict.
“Keeping every witness and proofs in mind and also the request by the deceased person’s mother.. Dev is found guilty but instead of the normal punishment of being hanged to death or life imprisonment.. He would be in rehabilitation until he gets of his grief… this is only because his blood reports showed presence of anti depressants.”

As the court session ends, Dev is taken to a deep dark room for rehabilitation. He staggered around the room, reminiscing Sona.
Ritwick is seen walking towards Devs’ room.

“Dev, I had no option.. But I was forced to do this.. I promise—”

But Dev faints. Ritwick calls for the doctor.
“Please.. He is in a very fragile state of mind.. It is best if none meets him.”

Ritwick leaves sadly.

A man is seen pulling the coffin open. Sona was seen lying inside. The man injects something into her veins, caressing her face.

He puts her on a stretcher and pulls it towards another car. It was driven towards the airport.

The airport officials hurries her into a jet. The man too climbs in.

Ritwick is seen being pulled by another group of men,blindfolded towards the jet.

The leap promo.

**** this is the part 1 of todays episode*****
Hope you all enjoyed it.. Part 2 will bring in the leap.
Please drop in your views about the episode. Thanks 🙂

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