OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 22)

Dev was being pulled mercilessly by the police forces towards the van and dragged inside. Ishwari, Asha and all look shocked.
The Inspector drags him inside the cell and throws him inside.
Natasha notices him and smirks..
“Hello Dev.. Sona also ditched you.. Did not she??” she says smiling villainously… raising her eyebrows..
Dev looks away with tears welling up in his cheeks..

The letter. It was the only thing he had of Sona. He took it out and stared at it… tearfully. Closing his eyes… he dashes against the wall.. Sitting on the floor.
He feels a hand.. Soft and smooth..delicate as a flower rubbing his tears off.. He opens his eyes.. To find Sona… smiling at him..
“Dev.. Please don’t cry.. If you cry than I will not get any peace….please..”
“Sona…please Don’t leave me.. After this many years.. I found a good friend–”
“Hush!” Sona says putting her fingers upon his lips..

“I want your love,Dev.. I want you… I want your everything.. Will you give me??” Sona says tearfully.
Dev walks towards her…He hugs and kisses her.. “I missed you a lot… Promise me.. You won’t leave me…”
“I won’t” both were hugging each other… tearfully.. Krpkab tune played in the background.

The jailer who was on duty notices Dev.. And bangs on the bars that segregated Dev from him.
“Mad or what?? Who are you talking to and–?”
Dev was startled… and screams.. “SONA!!!”

Ishwari sat outside the police station… waiting to get a chance to speak to Dev. But the inspector pushed her away.
“It is a sensitive case ma’am.. We cannot allow you to–”
“He is my son!–”
“We cannot help it…you can meet him only after the hearing tomorrow…”

Bejoy walks in with his lawyer friend.
“Hello, I am Mr.Roy, Devs’ lawyer.. I would like to meet him.. If you would.. I brought every legal documents too..–”
“Please follow..”

Dev sits inside in the dark cell of the prison.. He reminisces his first meeting with Sona.. How loud spoken she was.. Yet soo friendly.. He thought.

Mr.Roy enters the cell and the inspector leaves saying,
“You have just 5 minutes..”
“Dev… I am Mr.Roy”
Dev looks on.. “I did not–”
“ what had happened exactly??”
Dev tells him everything that had happened..
Mr.Roy exclaims.. That means.. Only one witness.. The guard..You are convicted.. And Ritwick is the culprit”
“Mr. Dev, tell me about your relationship with Sonakshi Bose”
“She was my wife.. She became so, accidentally..I mean..–”

“Yes… I married her to save her from getting married to a middle aged man..she was kidnapped previously..–”
“Was that documented in the police records??”
“Hmm.. So you actually never loved her..–”
“She was my friend.. My best friend…that is more important..”

The inspector interrupts saying.. “Mr. Roy.. Your 5 minutes are up..”And guides Mr. Roy out of the cell.

The entire family rushes to Mr.Roy as soon as he was in their vicinity. The inspector receives a call. And then instructs his team to take Dev into remand to know further from him as probably he was lying.

Next day, in the courtroom every one was present. Ishwari kept praying for Devs’ release.

Both sides lawyer walk in. Mr.Mathur was the lawyer fighting against Dev.. It is still not shown why the case is being fought.. But being a murder case.. It had to be known.. Who murdered her..

Mr. Mathur begins the case saying
“Your Honour, late Ms.Sonakshis’ family did not allow to take her body for post mortem.. But it is clearly evident that she was shoot.. This is the bullet that was recovered from her surgery..”
He hands over a packet containing blood stained bullet. And continues..
“I would like to send the bullet for a quick examination..”
“Permission granted” says the judge.
Dev who was standing in the box.. Suddenly he notices Sona.. Smiling at him..asking him to be relaxed.. He smiles at her…he was disturbed by the loud bang by the judge..and notices Sona gone..

Mr.Roy argued that all this does not prove Dev guilty…
Mr Mathur argued he has witness..and calls in Ritwick.. Dev glares at him..while Ritwick smirks.

“Morning! Your honour! Dev was never interested Sona.. He used behave roughly with her.. He even married her forcibly.. Though he had blamed Natasha to be the mastermind.. But it was his plan.. He even spoke to his lawyer friend to get their Divorce done”
The whole court starts to buzz around.. Ishwari , Asha and Bejoy look on shocked at the revelation. And Ritwick continues.. While Dev looked on.. With tears rolling off his cheeks…

“Mr.Batra…he is the one.. Who Dev had gone to talk about his divorce with Sona.If you don’t believe.. Then you can surely–”

Dev gets agitated at all this.. And starts shouting at Ritwick.. “Tell the court about what you did..–”

Judge shouts.. “Order!”
Dev angrily shuts his mouth as Ritwick stares at him.

“Thank you.. Mr. Ritwick! You may please leave. Your Honour from what Ritwick has said.. It is clearly evident that Sona and Dev just pretended to be one happy couple but in reality they were not… I would like to call the guard on duty at that time..”

“Permission granted”

Dev looks on hopefully as the guard walks towards the witness box..
“Sir!! I have no idea about anything..but Dev and Sona did not share a good relation.. Many time Sona left office angrily..–”
Dev stared at him shocked..
“Ae.. Didn’t you hear Sona cry for help.. –”
Judge frustratedly tells Dev
“You are having a murder case charged against you.m yet you stand over here.. And speak to people like this??”

Dev was enraged..but sits down silently.
Mr. Roy argues that Dev and Sona did not have a strong bonding that would lead to marriage.. It was a part of Devs’ humanity.. That he married to protect her..
Mr.Mathur argues that whether Dev would do this for all other girls..
Mr. Roy stares at Dev. As the court gets adjourned, Roy scolds Dev for hiding this divorce matter from him.. The guard,their only witness also is now against them..
He speaks to the family and says.. If Asha wishes.. She could speak to the judge and decrease his punishment.. As it is not filed by the Bose family, at the most they could decrease his punishment..
Saying so Roy leaves.
Dev was being taken by the police as Ishwari falls on the ground..”Ma!!” Dev screams.. Hw wanted to run towards his mom.. But the police forces grabbed him tightly.. While he tried to free himself..

Dev was brought into the lock up.. He sat there depressed..

“Dev!!” he hears Sona..
He looks around.. “Please come back Sona.. You made live life again…”
And reminisces his times spent with Sona.. Slowly Dev gets flashback of what had happened during his drunken state and realies.. That they had consummated their wedding..

He looks around worried..
“What happened…??”
He looks around hearing Sona..
“Come and stand in front of Sona.. I want to feel peace.. By putting my head over your lap..”
Sona is heard chuckling..

“The proverb goes right.. When you lose something,you understand it’s value”
Sona is seen in a beautiful red saree…Dev looks into her eyes… Both staring into each other.. Lost in love..

Asha saying “you have been…..” as the whole court stares at her..Dev looks on hopefully..


Sorry for the late update… my exams are all back to back.please keep commenting and voting… i will definitely reply to all.. After my exams are done with… Love..❤

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  1. Awesome episode dear but plzz unite devakshi again plzz

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank u…yes.. Surely… 🙂

  2. Richa144

    Please unite them soon

    1. Dessertqueen

      They will .. Sooner and it will be… stronger… 🙂

  3. niceee epi. but i am angry with u. aapne devakshi ko alag kaar diya. show me bhi alag, yaha bhi alag dab jaga alag. aur aapne mujhe rula diya

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks.. But Dev too needs to love Sona.. Right??? So this was a necessity.. 🙂

  4. gzzzzzzbbbbbbb isss rithwick ki band bjni chaiye…….
    hey wait where is sonakshi?

    1. Dessertqueen

      For the time being.. It is shown Sonakshi is dead.. For the world… She will be comimg nack for the season 2… With more love.. And more romance… Dev too needs love Sona.. That us why this separation was much needed.. Thanks..

  5. Nice!

  6. V.V.harshita

    Awsome one….post soon dear

  7. Beyond fabulous…. I’m loving each word of it… You write really amazing…. I want so much of this ff… Bestest ff ever read… Heavenly….???…. It’s extremely different and most importantly so fantastic….. I’m out of words to explain its beauty and your writings…
    Love Maleeha ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Dessertqueen

      Love u too Maleeha… Thank u soo much!!! 🙂

  8. I’m commenting here for the first time.. And that too so late.. But really have to appreciate you for this awesome post dear doctor..

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Hey plzz reveal the truth in one go and reunite devakshi❤❤

      1. Dessertqueen

        The truth will be revealed slowly.. And DevAkshi will be united… Every love has a test..as the quotes goes.. “The couples that are meant to be are the ones that who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart…and come out even stronger.”.. Keep reading…❤

  10. Shruti710

    Nice episode but where is sonakshi as in your promo Sona is alive
    Then where is she??

    Iss rithwick Ki to
    Band Baja Dena iski to

  11. Priya12

    Sad 4 dev….after reading ur ff…I can remember one famous line…
    “U dnt know my value now,
    After I went, u will understand my value”…this really suites 4 dev now …he didn’t understand the value of sona then…now , he is searching atleast a glimpse of sona…I m cmg 2 the epi…
    U wrote awesomeee…splendid. …u showed dev’s pain, his love clearly…I luved it..
    Allnthe best 4 ur exams di…take cars of ur health..as ur a doctor I don’t wanna say ….
    Post nxt epi asap….

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  13. Riti1107

    Fabulous!!!!!The best Devakshi ff !!! I liked Ritwik’s character in the show but here I feel like court jaaye bhad me abhi mai hi Ritwik ka gala daba dun … but that is ur achievement as a writer!! Keep the splendid work up !!! Hoping for a soon nd strong reunion

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