OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 21)

hope you all enjoy the story…and i also hope that the twist is shocking… 🙂
I will be uploading a promo… Soon today…. Though written.. But yet.. It will somewhat answer your questions.. :p


The doctor comes out of the O.T.,and everyone rush towards him..
“How is–”
“I’m sorry–”
“What do you–”
“We tried our best to save her.. But she is in a condition known as brain death… she is basically dead… No use saving her…”
Asha faints… and Bejoy rushes to hold her and aids to her.. Dev falls on the floor… tears burst out of his eyes…
When he notices Sonas’ bag… he picks it up and finds her scrap book..He opens to read it… when a paper from between the yellow old pages falls at his feet.
He bends to pick it up.

The doctor is seen talking to someone..
“I have done what you have told me to.. Please leave my family now… they will take her body for cremation today…”
“No.. It has not affected her memory–”
“Yes.. No memory loss but–”
“I can’t afford to give her shocks.. It will worsen her cond—”
“Yes,partial memory–”
“See… it may cost her life–”
“Please do what you want to… but leave my family…”
“I will”
The doctor cries and writes Sonas’ death certificate. He then goes to the room and pushes an injection to Sona and covers her face with white cloth.

The entire family is shocked and upset.. Unable to bear the truth.
Dev slides the letter into his pocket..and puts her book into his bag and goes to have one last look at Sona.
The entire family was dressed in white… while everyone mourned for Sonas’ death. Dev,being Sonas’ husband..performs her last rites.. From putting fire to the pyre…to pouring her ashes into the river..
Everyone watches tearfully..
Dev finds a rock to sit upon. He looks into his pockets for the letter.. And begins to read it.. :

Dear Dev,

When we first met among the rusticity of the coffee place… I wanted our relation to be that old… I did not know you then… neither your name.. Nor your position nor your story… I did not even know if you would reciprocate… when i scolded at you for spilling coffee over my papers.. You got quiet. You looked cute. Your sorrows…that time even if I had not known.. I knew you were upset… Cold and lonely.. I wanted to be your support.. I started to love you.. I did not even know when… How .. Where i had fallen.. But I am glad I did… you were the best thing that had ever happened to me… an accident separated me from my parents… that same accident brought me close to my parents…though my life was not so sorrowful like yours…
Whatever it is.. But since our first meeting…I wished to grow old with you… and tell our grandchildren about our very different love story..
I wanted our love story to be as old as centuries and more to come…but “HAMARI RISHTA TOH SIRF 6 MAHINI KI HAI”
The faster i learn to accept the truth… the better..
Life plays dirty jokes on us… yet I promise whether or not you love me… I will always love you… Selflessly… protect you from every problems… even if that costs my life..
Dev… you are the best thing that happened to me… i can’t write anymore… “PURA PYAR TOH NATASHA KI LIYE HAI.. MAIN USKA HAQ NAHI MANGONGI….PAR… AT LEAST TUMHARA FRIENDSHIP TOH MAIN MANG SAKTA HOON… HAI NA??”
By the way… I always had a question.. Wasn’t that rustic couple table your reserved table for Natasha???
We got married accidentally.. I did not tell you… but you must know… someone had spiked your drinks…”

Dev notices that the letter was incomplete… he frantically looks for the next part of the letter… what was it that Sona wanted to tell him… he was restless… life had brought him back to the same point on the square.

Natasha had received the news of Sonas’ death… She was extremely happy as now Dev would definitely get destroyed…she sits happily on the floor…
“Today I am happy… in all this months.. This was the best thing…” she laughs victoriously.

Asha was sitting broke on the ground… her family and Devs’ family surrounding her.
Dev was determined to punish Ritwick…

“My Sona left me again… did you see Bejoy?? She left us again..when she was just 3 years old.. Remember…


Little Sona (Gauri) is seen happily playing in the town fair. She was extremely happy to be here.. Her parents watched her happily.. She was born as a blessing to the family… A special child… suddenly some people started opening fire.. The Riots.. It separated Sona from us.. We looked for her everywhere.. She could not speak properly… she did not hear.. But she could see… I was sure.. She would make her way to home.. But I was wrong.. I lost her…

After 13 years… when she was 16.. We found her..–
******end of flashback*******

“Gauri.. My Gauri…” Dev says loudly startling everyone..
“Aunty.. Do you know.. When she was lost.. That day.. We found her… I lost my dad…that day forever.. But I saved her.. We brought her home.. And took care of her.. I even got everything prepared for her cochlear implant and eye transplant…doctor said she could speak if her ears would get fine…that is why… I saved every penny to help her get her implant and transplant.Everytime enough money was collected.. I got her treated.. Little by little… I got her eyes treated first.. As I wanted her see me.. The doctor had told me..she was not a blind girl completely.. She could still manage to see.. But colourless.. And if I wanted,I could get a transplant done.. When I knew she could see little.. I was happy.. I taught her the sign language.. And put drops in her eyes.. So what ever may be the reason of her being blind.. The doctor never told me.. But I did not want it to hurt her..
One day…,


Gauri is seen taken to hospital for her surgery..
Dev rushes to inform the doctor about her arrival…
“ doctor please hurry… i want my friend to see me and hear me out..”
Saying so.. Dev rushes to pray… in a nearby temple.. Where the doctors go into perform surgery.
Ishwari was returning from work to see Gauri. Rest all waited at home..
As Dev finished his prayers.. He walked towards the hospital with a bunch of flowers.. When “BLAST”
It was a bomb that blast in the hospital… Dev frantically roams all about in the debris.. But no sign of human life..
A doctor who was alive.. Says.
“Bomb was kept near the O.T. inside the autoclave machine.. That poor child was brought up by another–”
“Sir.. Where is Gauri??”
“I’m sorry..child.. But the O.T. is completely dismantled..Two kids were having their operation today… Both—” the doctor cries.
Dev screams.. And cries.. Ishwari consoles him..

*********end of flashback*********

Asha exclaims… “I found Sona.. I did not know it was her.. But she knew how to speak.. She could hear me.. She was wearing the hospital uniform… with bandage all around..
She said she had an operation…

******** flashback *********
“Aunty… i was being taken somewhere.. I was moving.. I knew.. But i could not see clearly.. It was probably due to the medicine that they gave me…. There i heard chuckles of a little girl.. We spoke and played.. The girl suddenly became quiet.. And I too saw a faint figure.. We got quiet and hid underneath the bed…
Bad people. They were saying something roughly and left.. After that what happened I don’t remember.. I slept off.. I guess.. But i do remember.. The fire that broke out.”
She was scared… and cold.. I hugged her… And accepted her to my Sona..
************end of flashback********
It was only when she saw that photograph of her childhood.. She exclaimed that it was her photo…I was surprised.. Sona..but she always introduced herself as Gauri.. But we did not know why.. We thought probably it was her other family that named her so. I prayed for that family.. I am soo glad that it was your family—” Asha’s words were disturbed by the Inspector.

“Dev Dixit!”
“ yes”
“You are under arrest for Murdering Sonakshi”
“Excuse me” said the family inchorus.
“Dev would never do such..”
“Yes.. He is my son in law..–”
“He never loved your daughter.. He loved someone else..–”
“I know” says Asha.. “You don’t have to say anything.. But Dev could never–”
“Are you going to teach the law to me??”
Saying so.. The inspector drags Dev out.
Ritwick stood outside smirking at Devs’ arrest.

Dev is standing for trial. The guard was brought to the witness box. Dev looks on.

I know it’s a very shocking twist.. But is Sona actually dead?? Who is was it then in the pyre??? What will happen to Dev?? Would he get punished wrongly??? To know.. Keep reading…
Keep commenting and voting, thank you all..love you

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  1. Rakshita

    Marzia awesome!!! Heart touching. So much of suspense and revealation. I hope Devakshi meets soon!!!❣❣❣ U r going awesome. My heart is aching seeejng Sona Dev separating but I know u will surely have some great plot coming ahead in ur mind *winks* right???? I love u for this update. U write so well….. Splendid superb Awesomesauce great….Perfect….Emotional and heart brkng too!!!❣❣❣ Go ahead. We all love it!!! Keep it up!!!!???

  2. Plzz post the next episode soon as possible plzz desperately waiting for the next episode . Awesome episode dear

  3. Oh god. Arresting Dev. Cant wait to know wt happens next. Pls post soon.

  4. nice ab dev ko sona hi bachayegi

  5. you really make my day . reading ur ff is becoming a new habit nd please post soooooonnnnnnn

  6. Shruti710

    I did not understood the flashback
    If anybody could help me??!!
    But….marzia di you nailed it
    Post soon your promo also and next part too

    1. Dessertqueen

      Sona was lost during the riots.. And was separated from her family.. Only to be found by dev .. Flashback is mainly about the fact that Sona is Gauri.. Gauri is a name given to her by Dev…
      Sona was born deaf and she could not speak.. As she could not hear… Ddue to riots.. She hurt her eyes… That disabled clr vision.. But she could see some stuffs.. Hence Dev treated her slowly slowly.. Yet for a better vision.. Je got her eye transplant done.. And as she was deaf.. He got her for cochlear implant.. But after her surgery.. He never saw her.. Due to the blast.. In the hospital.. But sona managed to escape… Before.. And was found by Asha.. 🙂

      1. Shruti710

        Thanks a bunch marzia di
        Now I understand it
        All thanks to you

  7. Richa144

    Very sad… Please post soon

  8. I’m damn curious now…. And you’re nailing it day by day…. I’m totally smitten on your ff and writing skills…. Even that intelligent brain of yours that thought of such an superb idea…. Marvellous story…. I’m intrigued to the core….
    I doubt it’s rhitwick behind sona fake death and dev being arrested…. And maybe in pyre there’s any other girl… But one thing for which I’m confused…. Is rhitwick more stronger in his contacts than dev…. Bcoz both are businessmen…but I found dev character a little weak…. Please don’t mind my words but I’m just confused…. And I hope next episodes may clear my confusions….
    Loads of love,

    1. Dessertqueen

      Ritwick works in the ministry so.. Definitely he is having bigher contacts.. And Natasha Left Dev for his less income.. Even though he is a bussiness man… He has not yet reached that height.. He is just that much successful as much as the time he worked… All by his own hardwork.. So he has lesser contacts… Yet it is to be known if Ritwick is behind this or not.. 🙂

      There is a twist ahead… Keep reading… Love❤❤❤

    2. Nice epi marzia di. and Maleeha di i am very angry with u. aap apna ff post kyu nahi kar rahi hai? i will never talk to u.

  9. Oh god too much questions are arrising plzzz post soon???

  10. V.V.harshita

    Omg!! I hate this Rithwick…..he is jst an idiot….anyways it was really fab!! Plzs post soon???

  11. Priya12

    Omg di, idk..how ur writing?..ur writing and ur imagination, creativity was awesomeee..
    Dev reading letter in sona’s diary…omg..I luved it
    And the flash back ,.gauri is sona…what an idea yaar…I shuld praise ur brain …such a a brilliant brain…haa
    I m just craving 4 ur ff..addicted 2 ur ff…I luved ur ff a lot..ur ff has unique story line…luved it a lottt…,
    I think sona is not dead nd rithwick will be that blo*dy …I don’t wanna see dev being arrested…
    I don’t wanna see devakshi separated..pls unite them di..
    Pls post nxt epi asap,…I m eagerly waiting 4 it…damn excited

  12. My goodness! How can you possibly be so imaginative? Your imagination skills are really very commendable! Your creativity is absolutely amazing! I legit love it!❣️The way youve put up these turns and twists shows the absolutely witty mind you posses! You’ve literally changed everything, and I simply can’t wait to see what happens next!! I swear I am literally addicted to this story! Please so post the next one at the soonest!!!

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