OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 20)

Knock. Knock. Sona was disturbed from her thoughts and prayers.. She quickly puts the Cupid Star into the pocket and pushes her scrap book inside her bag.
“Come in…”

It was a lady. Middle aged. She was dressed very eloquently,as though she were some princess.
“Dr. Sonakshi?!”
“Uh… yes.. Do I–”
“I am Valerie Harper..from the UK,” Sona nods listening to Valerie as she continued… “Marketing and Sales Manager of the Harper Industries. My dad was supposed to have a meeting with Mr.Dev… but what an irony…where my dad could not come, there… Instead of Mr.Dev.. It is you…” Valerie says laughing.
Sona was lost looking out of the window… it was drizzling outside… The morning lights that peeped through the cloudy sky made a vibrant rainbow across the window against the rain drops that settled down. Such a breathtaking scene… thought Sona…
Valerie knocks on the table… startling Sona of her feet..
“Excuse me… sorry… I was–”
“The rain drops and the colours… they are distracting… –”
“Sharp. Very sharp…” Sona commented.
“Pleasure to meet you..”
“Same here”
“So… when could I meet Mr.Dev??”
“Is it about anything important??”
“Ow.. Actually he is not doing well.. Lemme check… if he is feeling better… then you can surely have your meeting today…”
“Thank you”
Sona smiles. She takes her bag and walks down.

Dev was laying in his bed. Suddenly he felt restless.. Rain usually soothed him then why today… he thought.. He paced… sat… Roamed about.. And..Finally decided to call Sona.
“You are talking as though–”
“What are you doing??”
“Coming home”
“Do one thing.. Let’s have dinner outside…–”
“Outside?? Where??”
“I am coming–”
“You had a meeting with Mr.Harper–”
“You knew she was coming–”
Tit tit tit… Line went dead.
Sona sighes as she enters into the lift.Dev tried calling Sona back…but in vain… he became more restless.
Dev sits in his car and drives off towards the office. He did not know why he was so restless. He did not know why he called Sona out of his restlessness. And now when she does not receive his call… his tension is increasing..
“What relation do we share??” he thought.

Sona gets out of the lift and walks down the stairs towards the basement.. The rain was getting heavier…Dev drives hastily towards the office.. It was not so far from his home yet it seemed too far.

Sona merrily walks towards her car in the basement…humming on to the very popular “Agar tum mil jao”
A silhouette is seen behind her… following each of her step.
Despite the heavy rain.. Sona felt as though.. she heard some footsteps drawing closer to her and hence she stops.. Slowly she turns behind scared of what might lay ahead of her.
Her files drop down when she notices an enraged blood eyed Ritwick standing slightly far away… She thinks she was hallucinating…and rubs her eyes… Yet he stood there.. She starts to walk faster.. But Ritwick chirps saying…
“Why get scared darling??” and walks closer to her… Sona walks backwards and hits her car.. She turns and opens her car door… when Ritwick pushes her upon the seat… and falls upon her kissing her inhumanely and forcibly.. Sona screams for help… but Ritwick presses her mouth. Tears roll out of her eyes. Ritwick holds her hands tightly and as Sona resisted her sleeves tear off… while Ritwick eyes her hungrily… “what a smooth skin!!” he says touching her hands..trying to feel it sensually.
While Sona screams “Help!!”

Meanwhile, Dev is seen waiting in front of the office building waiting for Sona. It was almost 5 minutes.The raindrops settle over the glass preventing the view.
“She said she was getting off the lift…did she leave already??”
He opens his umbrella and goes to enquire with the guard.
“Maam had gotten off the building.. Long time ago—”

It was then Dev hears faint cries of Sona asking for help.He rushes down to the basement and sees someone forcing himself upon his Sona. He gets furious and rushes towards the man…
He pulls him by his arms…
“You bl***y… how dare you touch my wife??”
“Yes” Dev says adamant and shows the sindoor and mangalsutra that Sona wore.
“Have a child then say…–”
Dev gets enraged…”you don’t have to te–”
“That is because you love Natasha–”
“Don’t drag her in between”
The arguments ensues a huge fight between the two.
Sona tries to calm them down and bring the situation under control…when Ritwick takes a gun out of his pocket… And shoots…

Blood smears over the walls and the car… as Dev stares in horror..and screams… “Sona!!” as she was about to fall on the floor and holds her.… Ritwick falls frozen on the floor.. Blood oozing out of his head. The bullet had gone through Sonas’ head.. And it was blood all around.. Dev reminisces
°°°°°°° how he noticed Sona had hit Ritwick on his back with a rod that was fallen there.. But he had already shoot by then…and then she comes running to save Dev and takes the bullet on her…°°°°°°°°
tears roll down on his cheeks and he carries Sona into her car..and drives it away… he covers her with his coat.. Ritwick who was half conscious manages to cripple towards his car and aid to his wounds.
Ritwick was furious at Dev and he would not be satisfied till he gets his Sona.

Dev rushes Sona to the hospital and screams for a doctor.They rush Sona to the operation theater. A Police team comes for enquires..
“How are you related to Mrs.Sonakshi?”
“So,Mr.Dev.. -”
“I had gone to office to pick her up… for an outing..but when I reached there…
Dev waiting in the car.. And enquiring with the guard and then hearing Sonas’ scream and how he found Ritwick trying to r*** Sona,then while protesting it lead to fight when Ritwick took his gun out and fired.. Sona in order to save him hits Ritwick on his back that he falls down hitting his head with the wall… bleeding.. And the bullet crosses through Sona as she stood in front trying to save him.
**************end of flashback************

The inspector records Devs’ statement and leaves. Dev informs all of Sonakshis’ family and his family about the incident and they come running.
“Aunty..I am sorry I could no–”
“No,Dev… don’t say–”
Both breaks down hugging. Whole family prays waiting outside the O.T..
After around two hours of operation the surgeon comes out with his team…
Everyone gathers around the doctor.

Dev sits crying holding Sonakshis’ bag..and finds her diary..he opens to read it…when a paper falls of it..
“Dear Dev,…” it began.

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