OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 19)

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EPISODE : 19 :-

Sona keeps the soup bowl on the bedside table, and calmly calls Dev, asking him sit upright in any comfortable manner. Dev complies weakly.
She takes a spoonful from the bowl of soup and slowly cools that spoonful and begins feeding him… Spoon by spoon.. He was dropping some…eating some.. Sona patiently mops his mouth and continues feeding…till the entire bowl gets over. Handing him a glass of water… he drinks with her support… And slowly slowly the drug effects began to leave his soul.. And he was getting better. Sona tucks him onto the bed. And rests herself over the couch… Constantly checking her emails for one from her friend regarding the blood reports. She dozes off all the while waiting.

A girls chuckles and laughter is heard. A baby girl is shown sitting on the ground with toys around. A girl is sitting next to her…playing with her… A silhouette is seen with a dagger…
“Come towards me… little fairy…” said a wicked voice… both of them stare in horror…
“ti Tit ti tit ti tit ti tit” sound is being heard… and
“Boom” blast… fire all around…


Sona wakes her suddenly..sweating…she was panting and scared.rubbing the sweat off her face.. She goes to the washroom and opens the tape… she stared in horror… it was blood that flowed through the tap..
She takes a step backwards… and holds her head.. Her head begins to spun and she falls hard on the floor… laying there cold and still.

After a few hours, she wakes up getting conscious.
“How the hell am I here??” she wondered and walked out..

The bright sunlight disturbed Devs’ peaceful sleep. Sona stood in front of him.. And watched the wrinkles on his forehead disappear.. Then she again allowed the light to fall upon his face… And saw him frown in sleep..

“He looks soo cute.. Sunkissed and frowning..” she murmurs.. And was about to turn away… when Dev holds her hand..

“What were you saying??”
He looks behind and notices the couch neat and tidy… her side of the bed was neat too.
“Did not you sleep last night??”
“I did… you know Dev… no.. Actually–”
“What?? Any problem??”
“No.. Forget it..”
“I can’t forget… Tell me… Else i won’t let you go”
“I always get a dream… after which I forget a few incidents…for a while—-”
Dev laughs out loud… “amnesia… In medical terms.. Some—”
“Dev… it is not funny…” Sona said sulking.
But Dev keeps smiling at her teasingly.. And Sona leaves angrily.. Disappearing into the washroom.

Sona was dressed beautifully in a maroon saree.. With simple white diamond necklace…she wears a beautiful light maroon lipstick to go on with her look. Dev peeps at her from the bed.
“Going somewhere??”
“Yes” Sona said her eyes twinkling..
Dev looked surprised.. “Where??”
“To meet my lover” Sona said teasingly..
“Uff.. Thank God… Atleast you got some sense…” Dev said joking..
Sonas’ eyes widen and she says.. “What??” then she throws a cushion over Dev.
Both run behind each other with cushions in their hands.. And fall on the bed pillow fighting.
They share a eyelock.. While the song “kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi” plays in the background.
“Sona!! Dev!!!” It was Ishwari.. Who walks over to their door.. Knocking.
Both get startled off their feet..and Sona moves towards the door.. But Dev hold her saree pallu.. Restricting her to move forward.
Sona turns to him… And he raises his eyebrows.. Sona through her eyes.. Shows the door..indicating Ishwaris’ presence.

“Coming ma!!” Dev screams. And looks at Sona questioning through his eyes “how was it?” Sona too answers through her eyes.. “Awesome” .. Both smile.. Sona tries to pull herself away… But Dev pulls her harder..
He imagines her to be Natasha… and pulls her closer to him… slowly kissing over her neck…
Sona stands unable to understand what was going on… “Dev??”
He moves away realising it was Sona..
“It’s absolutely ok”
Sonas’ computer ringed indicating that an email came..

“You keep notifications for emails too.. That to in your laptop…. God bless you Sona”Dev said..joking.

“God already blessed me…” Sona said her eyes twinkling. “Please go and get fresh..”

Sona restores back to her laptop and was sees the reports..but she could not clearly understand and hence decides to print it out to be able to see clearly. She sends a copy of it to her office email.
And goes to make black coffee of Dev and cappuccino for her..

Ishwari finds her in the kitchen.
“Sona.. I was looking for you.. Yesterday.. Muh dikhai rasam did not take place.. Cause you both were away for quite some time…and then when you returned… He was sick.. So I decided to keep it today evening.. Will that be fine??”
“Ma.. Is that something to ask?? You may keep function whenever you wish to..” soba said smiling happily.
“Please keep my Dev happy”Ishwari said with tears in her eyes.
Sona rubs her tears… “ma…You don’t have to-” and hugs Ishwari.

Sona prepares the coffee.. And places it on the Dev.. Sipping through her one.. She gets herself ready for office. She goes to her car… and drives off.

Dev comes out completely fresh…and smiles seeing the coffee cup. He walks out of his room and from the balcony calls out “Sona!”
“Maam left.. Just some minutes ago.” said one servant..
Dev goes back into his room…and picks his coffee cup only to find a slip stuck to it..
“Pyara PatiDev?
Aj office aane ki koi jarurat nahi.. Main sab sambhal lungi..aap aaram kijiye..
Dher sara pyar se… apki patni…??”
He laughs…and sips into his coffee..

Sona gets into her cabin and immediately logs into her email and prints the reports out.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gujral comes to the Dixit mansion.. He has a casual talk with Ishwari and then apologises for the inconvenience caused in their life because of his daughter.
Ishwari smiles and says.. “Vaisab..it’s ok.. Because of Natasha.. I got such a doting..loving daughter in law.. Even though i have not known her.. It seems as though our souls knew each other.”
Mr. Gujral was extremely happy about Dev and says.. “I wish to see your daughter in law… i have brought along with me a beautiful gift for the two… where is Dev and his wife??”
“Vaisab.. I have kept a function today evening… If you could–”
“No.. Ishwariji.. I would have.. But I am leaving for Singapore.. I don’t know when will I be back.. Hence.. –”
“Singapore?? Suddenly..?? That too without–”
“You know.. All these issues.. I..” Mr.Gujral sighs.. “I really wished to see them both together… I pray that they remain together forever happily ever after…what is her name??”
Ishwari smiles hearing these… “Sona.. Sonakshi Bose..the nutritionist”
“Hmm.. Here is my gift… A honeymoon package to – Switzerland, Paris (France) , Spain, Prague (Czech Republic) and Germany…they can go either one place at a time.. Or 5 places over a month… or over a few months.. As in 2 places in one travel… as they wish…”

“Wow..” Nikki exclaimed from behind…
Avni who has listened to all this was determined to ruin their honeymoon.

Sona was shocked reading the reports and storms outside towards the employees work room.
“Who spiked Devs’ drink??”
Everyone looks at her surprised.. As Sona repeats her question more angrily..
“Ma’am…no one–”
“His reports clearly shows the presence of Datura– the travelers poison also a love philter”
Everyone looks shocked…
“No one has ever brought Datura–”
“He was fine all the way.. Until we go to the roof top–”
“Ma’am..we swear… we have no idea–”
She leaves angrily… when one of the employee suggest her to check the cctv footage.

Natasha sat upset in her cell .. She was fuming in anger. “They will be close yet very far… i swear… I will make Dev fall for Sona and then.. i will make him against her… he would hate her..but won’t be able to leave her… i will try until he dies out of depression.. I suffered enough..”
Her lawyer had come to talk about her case with the inspector and bails her out.

Sona retorts back to her room and calls the security control room to send her a copy of yesterday’s cctv footage of their office only.
She sits back and pulls out her diary.. Not actually a diary..kind of a scrap book..
It had a beautiful pocket… In which it contained a Cupid Star (A star with Cupid sitting in it- made of silver and white stones).. It was locket…

She had a vague… and unclear memory running through her mind as she noticed the cupid star…
A hand held it out to her.. And she took it.. As if it indicated a separation… Strange thoughts..
She thought.

She receives an email of the cctv footage… she was shocked seeing someone pouring some stuffs into a few glasses and urging Dev to take one among those glasses. But she could not understand the face.

She pulls out the Cupid star and prays for Dev that he never facefaces any troubles… she promises her Cupid to never hurt Dev in any way.. To love him selflessly.. She also promises to never let any danger befall him…
She closes her eyes… tears fall off her eyes.. As she silently prays.


Ritwick grabs Sona and pushes her into his car.. Forcing himself upon her…meanwhile Dev comes to her rescue…and fights with Ritwick. An agitated Ritwick pulls out a gun… and shoots… blood smeared over his car..

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