OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 18)


Sona and Dev stared into each other when they were disturbed by Neha.
“Ops.. Sorry continue .. –”
“Nothing such–”
Both Dev and Sona looks down embarrassed.
Neha laughs.. And tells..
“Bhabhi… Mom is waiting for you…”
Saying so Neha leaves.

Sona and Dev look at each other and moves away… Dev kept staring at Sona as she was getting ready…
Sona was about to about to put her sindoor… but then stops.. She asks Dev to put it for her.. Everyday for the 6 months,she is with him.

Dev looks at her and hesitantly puts sindoor in her hair split.. As Sona closes her eyes.
Sona comes down the stairs and everyone sitting in the hall stare up at her… it looked as if a blue fairy was stepping out of the clouds and kept her delicate feet upon their home..

Sona greets everyone… And Ishwari takes her along with her.. To the kitchen…

She shows her where what stuffs are kept.. Sona asks about everyone’s health ..
And Ishwari tells her about those..and leaves.
Instrumental piano tune played in the background.

Sona starts her first rasoi. Avni stares at her from far. Sona prepares 3 different kinds of dishes as in starters, main and appetizers.. She also made sure it goes along with health.. Dev stood against the kitchen door and stared at her delicate tiny hands working so meticulously.

Everyone gets startled by the loud commotion outside along with constant banging of the door.
Mamaji opens the door and a bunch of reporters throng into their house…

“Mr. Dev Dixit..!!”
Dev looks out and comes towards them..
“The youngest business tycoon has got married secretly—”
“Excuse me… !!!” Dev screams. Sona drops her stuffs and peeps outside..

“Sir.. We have full details of your wedding…–”
“So you must have also seen how we were forced to–”
“Finally Dev accepted his—”
Dev gets angry and breaks a glass.. His hands start to bleed.
Sona runs to aid him… The reported ran towards her…
“Excuse me… whatever question you have will be ans–”
“Ma’am we wish you happy married life… You are great to accept such a personality after—-”
“Shut up… his past was his past… I am his present.. And we got married secretly that is a lie… If we would have married secretly probably i would not have been here… So that is a wrong information.. And for how i have got married ask the person who has sent you in here…” Sona says agitated ..

Mamaji tries to send the reporters away and throws their stuffs outside…

“This is how “the Dixit household is..”

A girl is seen entering the house..in blue jeans
And pink kurti… snaps at the reporter…

“How dare you talk such about my household??”

“Ma’am.. Even you were not introduced for the–”

“The wedding was circumstantial… learn the case then come to take details… leave now..”
And she and mamaji drags them all out and shuts the gate.

Another girl comes out of the car following her… In green silk frock with blue jeans.

Ishwari and Mamaji gets glad seeing them… While they runs and take their blessing.

Getting into their home they look for their bhabhi..

“We did not get to know each other.”
“Umm.. Yeah.. Actually it was all–”
“Relax bhabhi..”
“I am Nikita and this is Riya di”
“You would have already met Neha di right??”
“Yup” Sona says smiling..

Ishwari takes them back asking them to freshen up.. And allow Sona to cook.

Sona finishes her work.. And leaves the kitchen.
Someone is seen entering the kitchen and hides the moment Ishwari enters…

She lays the food on the table and arranges everything neatly.. Mamaji comes running…

“Yummm… the smell is soo good.. It’s making me hungry ..”
Sona smiles.. Radharani who followed him right behind.. Rolls her eyes… Avni stands away…

Everyone sits for having the food. Breakfast in a different manner presented by the oldest daughter in law…

Sona goes around serving the food in everyone’s plate.

And stands at a side.. While everyone puts a morsel to taste..


Dr. Ritwick was flipping through the channels and notices the breaking news regarding Dev and Sonas’ marriage… he gets enraged.. And starts to break things in anger…
“How dare he…???”

Asha, Bejoy ,Saurabh and Elena sits for having breakfast ..
Asha was tensed and worried…
“How would she be in there?? She did not even call??”
“Mashima… she would have been busy.. You see love love..” Elena says teasingly.. Saurabh pokes her.. And Elena stops smiling… yet could not control her thoughts…
Asha too smiles by seeing Elena’s expression.
Bejoy looks at them surprised..
“Can we start to eat..??” he enquires.
“Yes.. Papa… please pass me–”
“You are not getting all these.. For you I have brought special diet..” Bejoy says teasingly.
While Saurabh frowns..
Bejoy gets some stuff out of the grocery bag… It was a packet of soup and a box of oats..
“We won’t be able to get you married with this heath–”
“Please…” Asha says siding her son.
It was a beautiful family moment.

As everyone puts their first morsel… They gave some mixed expression.. Sonas’ heart raced faster..

“I hope they like it” she thought crossing her fingers. Dev smiles at her.. And signs her too relax…
“It tastes awesome..” he showed by his hands..

Sona smiles.. Her worries disappeared.

“Dev??” Ishwari Says..
“Haan ma!”
“What??” she says teasingly.
All laugh..

“Sona beta.. “ Ishwari calls…
As Sona steps in front…

“Bhabhi…do you work as a chef in God’s Heaven?? It tastes so out of the world… Amazing… The best food i ever ate in my life…” says Nikita..

“Really.. Sona.. It was very good.. And here is your Nek..”
Ishwari says putting beautiful intricate diamond bangles onto Sonas’ hands.
Sona sighs in relief.
Radharani’s eyes widen at the sight if the shining diamond.. And her jaws drop.
Mamaji closes her jaws.. While Radharani makes faces .

Avni was shocked by its taste…
She recalls entering into the kitchen and adding a spoonful of salts in all the dish.. Then how did. She wondered…she was angry at the failure of her plan.

Sona recalls entering into the kitchen and tasting her starter and main course and finds them to be very salty.. How did they get slaty she thinks.. And immediately cuts tomatoes and potatoes to lessen the salt and processes it for the better..
“Thank god… The sweet dish was kept well away from this disaster…” she thinks…

After the breakfast, Sona goes to her room all the while wondering how did the food become salty… she gets dressed to go to office.. While Dev too gets ready.

Both leaves home with Ishwaris’ blessings.
“You should have taken a week holiday”
“Nah…” both say simultaneously and laugh..

While driving..,
Dev says Sona..
“Wifey.. You got to do something every day for the six days you are with me… –”
“That is make black coffee for you..” says Sina smiling mysteriously..

Dev looks at her surprised… “How did you know??”
“Just one of those things.. You feel it… When another person is really close to your heart…
They don’t have to say.. You understand that… dil ki baat dil hi samajhte hain.. Mr. Patidev… aur do dilon ke baat pyar…”
Sona stops realizing she was saying too much.. Dev looks at her… and smiles…
“I understand.. Pyar vyar.. Mujhse nahi hoga…don’t build hopes please.. It is just a matter of 6 months and then we will be just friends..”

“That we are even now.. “ Sona says sadly..
Dev looks on..

They reach the office building.. And opens the door…
Rose petals fall on them… as all the employee congratulates them for their wedding though accidental.. They feed them cake and serves them drinks.

They tell them they kept a surprise for them both and takes them to the roof top..

As they both enter to see what surprise was kept in there.. The mischievous employees lock them there and leave.. Sona and Dev stare into each other… at the beautiful surprise kept for them…

Dev walks towards Sona with the flower crown and fixes it on her head… “Ms. Beautiful princess” he chuckles and he adornes Sona beautifully with flowers and carries her up towards the beautifully decorated swing and swings her.. Sona stares at him surprised…
While the song “sanam re” plays in the background.

They were both lost in each others eyes..it started to drizzle… and both runs into the shack prepared with love for them… the perfumed candles and rose petals… a beautifully decorated bed ..
Both get closer and deeper into each other…lost in love… two souls met…

It was nearly 2 PM. Sona wakes up… Reminiscing everything that happened between the two..
“Just a 6 month and relation…he does not like me.. Then…” she was extremely confused.
Dev wakes up finding himself in an inappropriate manner… his head banged.. He Could not remember anything much…
“Sona.. What is–”
“Dev…” she holds him.. While he was about to fall..she supports him and makes him walk up to the roof door.
She calls Tina and asks her to open the door..
Tina says “I am out for some emergency… I will call the security and tell him to..”

After sometime both get off the place and Sona drives Dev back home.
She slowly injects him and takes his blood… For testing if he was drugged..
She sends it to her friend for lab testing.
And waits patiently pacing up and down for the reports..
Ishwari makes Soup and brings it .
“Sona please feed him this… how is he now??”
“Better… Fever subsided ..”
Ishwari smiles and leaves saying.. “Take care.. It’s my life.. That’s with you”
Sona smiles…

Sona was shocked reading the blood reports.. She storms into the office building and asks “who spiked Devs’ drink??”
Everyone looks at her surprised..

Mr.Gujral walks into the Dixit mansion and greets Ishwari… he apologizes for what Natasha had done… And gifts a beautiful honeymoon package for Dev and Sona.. He wished to meet Sona.

Natasha in her cell is determined to make Dev suffer with Sona.. After her plans fail about their marriage exposure…“I will make him hate her… but he won’t be able to leave her either… Sona would not” she thinks… And laughs villainously. “I will keep trying till Dev dies out of depression”

Sona is seen promising to “Her Cupid Star”.. About loving Dev selflessly forever.. And also to protect him from all the dangers…

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