OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 17) (Valentine’s day special)

Tried to add a bit of romance..:p


Asha, Bejoy, Saurabh, Elena and Ishwari was shocked.
Their eyes kept staring into the two.. Sona and Dev. Sona adorned in vermillion and Mangalsutra.. They did not know how to react..
Sona and Dev looked at each other..
Asha hesitantly asks them to get in and glares at Sona.
Sona and Dev enters and walks over to their respective parents.
“I did not expect this–”
“Ma.. It’s not like what you are thinking–”
Both Dev and Sona step in front and asks all of them to sit down… and patiently listen to what they have to say.

Sona and Dev helping each other from their respective lovers, then thei fight and how Sona got kidnapped..
********end of flashback*****

“Kidnapped???”Asha asks shockingly…
Sona looks down in tears… and says..
“I did not want to—”
“Yesterday when i called you… i found your phone switched off…. We came running to find out what it could be…—”
“Ma… I know you guys would get scared…and would worry… that–”
Asha hugs Sona saying..
“I have already stayed years without you .. I can’t bear another such–”
“Ma, calm down…”
Dev and Ishwari were surprised… “years of separation” they thought.

Sona makes Asha sit… And says…
Sona is seen getting down stairs.. When a group of masked man cover her mouth and drag her into a running car..
And as the car leaves… Dev runs down the stairs to look for her…
The next thing that Sona woke up to was finding herself in a dark room with a few ray of sunlight penetrating through the irregular holes that showed the carelessness of the builder…

As Sona sits up she found herself confined to a corner with chains around.. Where am I she thought.

She heard footsteps and voices faintly that gradually became louder… She realised that someone was coming closer her way.

She notices a tall faint figure.. Her eyes did not cooperate.. It was probably the drug effect… that the man had brought along…

Then she heard a voice,manly yet womanly.. Rough and hoarse… as it would sound if a person underwent a laryngeal surgery.

The voice : “Dr. Sonakshi could you hear me?? I am sure you can… you have brought here for a very special reason. The reason is Dev..”

“Dev??” Sona thought… As the voice continued..

“See.. I am his biggest rival and it’s not going to be cool if you are trying to take him out his depression.. Hence there is a beautiful proposal for you… that is get ready to marry… Mr.Rawat… Things will fall into place itself… and Dev would drown in his depression… And if you don’t… your dear family staying in Kolkata… would die.. See, we have all information… About where they live.. Where they work… etc etc. If you want i can tell you the details specifically… Do you want to know… ?? If yes then press the red button near you. And if you agree to marry.. Then press the green button. Will contact in a while you have 10 minutes to think.. Ofcourse I can’t give you all life to ponder on this.. Good bye..”

Sona did not know what to do… family was all she had… And Dev… he…he was her love.. She thought…
She prayed for Dev to look for her and rescue her… And she pressed the green button…

**********end of flashback**********

“But in the nick of time Dev reaches and we get married by chance or by accident..”
Sona replies.

Ishwari and Asha…look at each other..
And Ishwari says happily
“Sonakshi is also my Sona now.. She is not only daughter in law.. But my daughter..–”

“Ma!!–” Dev says cutting in but Ishwari looks at him smiling and says..
“What??!!” while Sona blushes..
Bejoy stares at Sona.. She was beaming with joy… but could not express it…

“Could I take my daughter with me.. Mrs.?”
“Asha..Asha Bejoy Bose.”
“Yes.. Could I, Mrs. Asha Bose??”
“I think… It will be better if we get them married with all rituals and functions…” said Bejoy.

Sona and Dev looked at each other… Dev thought to tell about taking divorce…but Sona signed him “NO”.

The day was quite tiresome for them all…and Ishwari insisted on taking Sona home.. For the time being at least.

Sona looks at Bejoy.. With lots of hope.. And he agrees.Sona smiles broadly.

They do her bidaai rasam, while Ishwari leaves in order to prepare for Sonas’ “grah pravesh” ceremony.

Sona was dressed beautifully once again by the hands of her mother.Asha pecks on her cheeks and wishes her to be happy always.
Dev and Sona leaves for home after the Rasam.

Ishwari reaches home and hurries Neha to help her.. Radharani was puzzled and inquires about what was going on…

“Circumstances led to Devs’ marriage and I am happy to welcome the new member of our family .. Nice girl.. Sona.. She had–”

“Circumstances??? They work toget–”
“Please… bhabhi… you know–”
“Bhabhi.. But no respect,nobody–”
Mamaji pinches her… and stops her right away..
Avni is seen crying standing far away.

Sona opens her phone and notices it was just another 3 hours for the 14th of february.
“Valentine’s day” she thought. She looks at Dev who was driving merrily to his home.
An idea comes into Sonas’ mind.

As both reach Devs’ home, Sona was left astonished by the beautiful calmness and serenity the house had.. It brought peace just by the sight of it.

The whole family gathered outside to welcome the newly wedded couple.
“Such drama…. When this all are just going to be there for another 6 months only..” Dev thought.
“Loving family” thought Sona.
“I should not have brought Sona here…” thought Dev.
“Good that I am here.. It feels so lovely to be among such loving people..” thought Sona.

The grah pravesh ceremony went well… and Dev was extremely tired he wanted to sleep but Neha insisted on playing the “find the ring” game. Dev rolls his eyes and sits down.

Ishwari calls up someone… And tells them about Devs’ sudden circumstantial wedding.. So they got to come home soon…

Dev is seen lost playing.. While Sona finds the ring and smiles cheerfully.
After all of these… Dev just walks towards his room and was shocked…
It was decorated with roses…
He screams agitated..
“Sorry…vai… actually–” Neha says running..
“What sorry..?? You know I am al–”
“Bhabhi and you… first nig–”
“Shut up… clean the room.. Right way”
Sona comes from behind saying..
“Relax Dev..” and walks inside..
“It’s beautiful.. Did you do it ??”
Neha smiles… “yes bhabhi..”
“I did not get the time to introduce–”
“Sona… please… you don’t–”
“ Dev… –”
Dev glares at her..and Sona just swallows.
Neha enters in saying “bhabhi please wait.. I will–”
“No.. It’s ok.. I will clean up.. You take rest..”
Neha leaves..
Sona cleans up the room. And sits down. Dev just lays on the bed and drifts of to sleep peacefully.

Sona sits working on her laptop. She could not sleep. She kept staring at Dev while working.
Sona wanders around and reaches up to Nehas’ room..
She knocks on her door.. And Neha opens the door sleepily.
“Sorry to disturb… but i wanted to know something..”
“Haan.. Bhabhi…”
“Dev…he does not like roses??”
“That’s a long story bhabhi… please come in.

******* flashback*******

Gauri is seen dressed in red frock. Dev comes running to her… with a bunch of Roses..
Gauri takes them from him.. But in the process hurts her hand with the thorns…
Gauri starts to weep. She takes a paper and scribbles angrily…
“I hate roses.. They hurt…pretty yet ugly…” then she smiles… and writes… “buy me glodius.. Will you..?? Dev???”
Dev smiles at her innocence.

************end of flashback*****************

“Since then vai hates roses”
Sona was lost in thoughts…Neha jerks her hands “Bhabhi.. Are you listening..??”
“Hmm.. Huh… yeah…”
Saying so… Sona leaves..
She goes out of the house.. And after a few minutes returns smiling happily…
She gets into her room.. And notices Dev sleeping peacefully.
It was just 5 minutes to 12 o’clock.
She gets started by Devs’ loud alarm.
Dev sits up and notices Sona sitting on the couch… Lost in thoughts.
He walks up to her and apologises for bringing misery to her life..
Sona looks on.. And says..
“Dev would you come with me somewhere.. There is something I have to tell you…”
Dev looks at her surprised… “tell me..”
“No.. You come along please…”

Both of them walk stealthily out of the house..
And as Dev opens the front door…and puts his step on the floor mat outside…
Firecrackers burst… Revealing the words..


As the clock ticked at 12… dong dong!
Dev looks on shocked..
“Please sir.. Just 6 months.. I will forget everything and move on.. But this 6 months.. Please be happy… and normal for me.. I don’t–”
“Love is not just about being couples… as a friend—”
“Friendship and all this??”
Tears well up in Sonas’ eyes.. And she runs up the stairs.. She could not bear Dev screaming and shouting at her..
Dev notices lights outside and goes to switch it off… when he notices a beautifully decorated couple table in the garden… heart shaped red balloons with “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY” inscribed upon it in white.
Two coffee cups and a projector…
He pulls out his phone from his pocket … And notices a message that he received at 12 sharp.

“Dearest hubby..
I know we married due to circumstances… but for me it was real.. Even if it is just for 6 months…promise me.. This will not affect our friendship… friendship is far away.. And we got married a day before valentine’s… hence.. Wishing my best friend…a happy valentine’s..

Being your friend first… i wish you find in me a better valentine… Though i know.. You love Natasha.. And she is your valentine.. I really hope she values your love.. And turns good for the better…

I also hope you celebrate the next valentine with her.. But as this valentine you are with me…
Could i just wish that you celebrate this valentine with me… just as a friend…

Lovingly Sona..”

Dev gets upset and thinks.. She understands me soo much.. yet i always…

He dials her number.. But she does not receive… he texts her..

“Dearest wifey…?
Your hubby
Is sorry…
Please forgive him
And come down as he is waiting to see what’s in there.. The surprise…
Otherwise you can punish him by making him wait in the cold..

Your loving hubby ?”

Sona smiles reading the messages.. And comes down…
Dev holds her hands… fingers into fingers..

And walks towards the shack, ever so beautifully decorated.
Sona pours hot coffee into the cups…
And plays the projector..

It was beautiful video about how they met and their journey so far… It comprised of beautiful handsome pictures of Dev and love messages.. It contained everything that Sona had felt for Dev. Sona had put up a medley of “kabil hoon” and “kaun tujhe”… the songs blending into each other creating a magical romantic moment for the two..

Sona wished to dance and asked Dev… both danced beautifully as krpkab tune played in the background..

“Wanted to tell you something” Dev said..
“Hmm tell ..”
“You looked like a goddess…when you were dressed as a bride…. Your hubby would be very lucky .. And so am I…”
Sonas’ eyes widened in excitement.
“And thanks for this wonderful night”
Sona smiles as Dev stares at her..
Mr.Gujral was worried as Natasha has not returned home.
He goes to the police station to file a complaint when he learns about her arrest.
He was shocked .. And thought how could she fall so low.. He leaves disgusted without meeting her.

Next morning… Sona is sleeping on the bed and Dev on the couch. The sun’s rays fall upon Sona disturbing her sleep. She wakes up and notices Dev curled up and cold.. She covers him well with his blanket.. And freshens up.
She wears a beautiful pink long kurta with pearl works and white straight pants.
She was drying her hairs.. When Dev wakes up and stares at her in the mirror..
Sona looks at him and signs.. “What?”
Dev smiles and goes to freshen up.

Ishwari knocks on the door… And Sona opens the door greeting her.
She cups her face.. And asks..
“Did you sleep well??”
“Yes.. Ma!!”
Ishwari hands over to her a beautiful royal blue saree and says…
“Get ready fast… It’s your first rasoi here…”
Sona smiles.. And starts to change.. She was just in her blouse and skirt when Dev gets out of the washroom.. Both look at each other embarrassed.
“Turn that way… Please…”
“No” says Dev teasingly..
Sona turns and Dev too..
She starts grumbling about how she always failed to wear saree.. And puts her saree somehow..
As both turn to face each other… Dev bursts into laughter.. Seeing her…
Sona notices how she had actually worn hee saree in the mirror.. And sits down tired and sighing..
“I don’t know…–”
“May I help??”
Sona stares into Dev..as he helps her wear saree with the song “Ishq mubarak” playing in the background…

Sona is adorned beautifully by Dev… he brings her a crown made with flowers and places it above her head… And swings her in a decorated swing. Sona is lost into Dev… while the song… “Sanam Re” plays in the background…
Both stare into each other.. Getting closer..


So, guys please let me know how much you have liked the video… I really wished i could have showed the projector video to you all.. But it’s next to impossible.. 🙁 as i have no idea how to upload a video in between the writings..
PLEASE PLEASE DO RESPOND…esp. The silent reader… AND LET ME KNOW.. HOW MUCH YOU ARE LIKING IT… the more response…the more episodes…. 🙂

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