OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 16)

I never thought i would come all this way long though… Without you all it would not have been possible… Thanks a lot… For being there with and for me… Here it is…the :


Dev is seen shocked… He did not know how to take Sona out of this mess.. He did not know what to do… And why Sona agreed to marry.

Asha,Bejoy and Saurabh reach Delhi. Elena comes to the station and picks them up.
She suggests them to file a missing report and hence they go all the way to the police station.


Ishwari calls up Dev only to find his phone switched off. She gets worried thinking what would have happened as he never switches his phone off.


Meanwhile Sona is taken up on the wedding stage. Panditji is brought at gunpoint and made to read the mantras. Sona has tears rolling down her cheek.
As the wedding rounds begin Sona was reluctant to take rounds.
Their boss instructs the groom to lift her up and take the pheras. The groom was about to lift her,when Sona says
“I will…” tearfully… complying into getting married.
All that Sona thought was of her happy times with her parents and her promise to them.. She thought of Dev. And cried bitterly. She did not know how to face them.
As the wedding rounds complete.. And the groom puts mangalsutra around her neck and vermillion in the hair split.
Sona stands up to leave… But
Natasha laughs violently villainously… revealing her face to Sona.
Sona stares at her shocked.
“So. Mrs.Sonakshi Rawat,wife of Mr.Tanay Rawat…how did you like it??”
“How could you–”
“Dev… you came to comfort him–”
Just then the groom removes his sehra…
Sona and Natasha stands in shock…
“Dev???”Both said simultaneously.
“How did you like the twist Ms.Natasha Gujral???”
“You loved–”
“I love you… I loved you.. But Sona.. Why did you drag her in between??”
“Why do you bother??”
“She is my employee… I have some responsibility towards her…”

Natasha fumes… yelling “you started feeling for –”
“Shut up”
“Where is Mr.Rawat??”

“Let me tell” Dev says … victoriously… Sona was standing confused.. She did not know if she should be happy or sad…

Dev is seen entering through the back side.
And notices a middle aged guy man,probably 55 to 60 years old, getting dressed, then he notices Natasha.. He stands shocked seeing her.. The puppy had gone far away.. And he could not find the trail of where it went..
He leans closer to the window..

“Dr. Sonakshi… you are going to marry her.. I have already made your tickets…you may take her off and go far away in Canada… home and job.. Both… –”.
“Sonakshi?? How?? I mean how did she agree..does she know of this??? My age?? –”
“I told her everything… I showed her your photo too… And it was love at first sight–”
“Really??” He asks childishly.
“Any doubt??”

Dev thinks… this guy is soo old and mentally unstable.. And Natasha…. Sona..
He gets angry.
“I have to save Sona…” Dev thinks..
“It is just my responsibility nothing more.. No love nothing.. I will divorce her later..”
And he waits for Natasha to go…
As soon as Natasha leaves.. He enters tip top into the room… And grabs him from behind.. And ties his eyes and hands.. Then he ties him to a wall..

“Natasha Maam told me to do so… Incase if you–”.
“Mmm mmmm”
And he takes the sherwani kept there and wears it himself .. And puts Sehra over his face..

And walks to the mandap.

*******end of flashback*******

Natasha fumes at her plan failing miserably.
Sona did not know why Dev supported her..
The goons who were working under Natasha..was about to grab Sonas’ hands when Dev forbids..
A major fight begins between Dev and the goons.. And Dev gets severely injured.

Asha and Bejoy goes to write the Missing complaint.
Inspector was reluctant to take the case as yet 24 hrs did not cross.
Asha and Bejoy were upset.. And sat waiting at the police station.
All the while trying her number only to find it off.
Elena brings something for them to eat… But they don’t.

Police siren could be heard at far distance and Dev smiles.

Dev calling Inspector and asks him to come to that godown.
*****end of flashback****

Natasha yells her men to leave… but the police arrives and arrests them away..
Natasha glares at Dev and Sona..
“I will take the revenge of my insult” while the police drag her all the way..
Sona cares for Dev.. As he was bleeding. She runs to get first aid box…that she always carries… while Dev watches her concern.
Dev walks towards Sona.
“I’m sorr–”.
“You don’t have to be”
“I will speak to my lawyer right away come.”
Sona looks sadly towards him as he holds her hands and brings her out.
“If I would not have-”
“Dev..say Dev”
“Hmm…nothing happened because of you–”
“I scolded..–”
Sona makes Dev sit and tends to his wounds while Dev watched her lovingly.
The mere silent between the two was so soothing and comforting.
As they sit inside the car, Sona stares into Dev while he drives.
He notices and asks
“What??” raising his eyebrows.
“Can I make a call??”
He takes out his phone and realises it was dead.
“Needs charge”
Sona sits upset.
They reach the lawyer’s home. He was Mr.Batra,Devs’ childhood friend.
Dev silently asks for a phone and charges his one, then gives the phone to Sona.
She smiles.
Sona dials up Ashas’ number.
Asha receives the call..
Asha breaks down crying… “where are you Sona?? I have be–”
“Ma… I will be back home by another 2 hrs.. Can I call you later??”
Asha,Bejoy ,Saurabh and Elena hug each other.
And drives home after speaking to the inspector.
Dev and Sona sit with Mr.Batra.
And decide on the divorce procedure..
But Mr. Batra says..
“Court will not give you divorce now.. You will have to be married for at least 6 months to prove you are not compatible.”
Both look at each other.
Sona thinks what to do..she did not know if she should be happy to be Mrs.Sonakshi Dixit or should she be upset about her broken promise.
She knew her family would understand… But Devs’?
She was having many questions in her heart.
While Dev puts his hands upon her shoulder and smiles.
His smile took all the worry out of Sonas’ mind… She felt peace…

Dev suggests to take her to a shop to buy her new clothes but Sona insists on telling their families first.
But Dev was adamant about shopping first.
He buys her a beautiful shimmering silver and maroon suit.
And asks her to change.
As Sona walks out… dev keeps staring on yo her.
Sona raises her eyebrows in question..
Dev shows her that she looked beautiful..
Sona smiles.. While Dev stares at her.

Someone goes to meet Natasha in her cell.
She says something that is muted and smiles villainously.


Dev drives towards Sonas’ home. And calls up Ishwari to reach up to Sonas’ home.
Ishwari was puzzled yet she leaves to reach.

In the car, Dev steals glances from Sona..
“She is beautiful… But I don’t love her.. I don’t want her to come into my messy life and get drowned in sadness… I want her to be happy”He thought.

“I wish this 6 months would be like forever… wish time would stop .. Or he would start to reciprocate” Sona thinks.
As they reach Sonas’ home.
Dev notices Ishwaris’ car outside. The Bose family was surprised with the new visitor who introduced herself to be Mrs.Ishwari Dixit.
“My son called and told me to come here??”
When the doorbell rings.
Asha rushes to open the door and a plate that she was holding falls from her hand.
Bejoy, Saurabh, Elena and Ishwari rush towards the door and is equally shocked.

Asha and Ishwari cone to face each other. They did not know what to say or do.
“Sona is not only my daughter in law.. But my daughter… you don’t have to worry… I am happy that they married by accident… at least i got a suitable–”
“Mom” Dev says holding Ishwaris’ hands.
Sona blushes.
Ishwari says… “can I take my daughter in law away with me, Mrs. ?”
“Asha..Asha Bose”
“Yes..Mrs.Bose..could I–”
“Mrs.Dixit.. I thought.. To get the children married properly don’t–” Bejoy says cutting in between, looking at Sonas’ happy face. He never saw his daughter so happy before.

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    1. Rakshita

      Hey marzia…!! Come on… It’s not in any way haphazard. You are rocking it with Devakshi marriage. And I was so scared who the hell would Sona be married to!!! But u nailed it….. It was another awesome episode…… Of Ur series….. And we all understand that you have to study so don’t worry. Btw I agree with heshine you are making us addicted to your ff. You are an awesome writer. Im happy that Ishwari has accepted her as daughter in law as well as daughter. I don’t want Ishu crap here…. So it’s the best part….!!! I loved it
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  2. Another thrilling and superb episode… You nailed it again…. I’m so elated to see that DevAkshi are married… And everything is falling in place… Except Natasha plans….. Everything is yet so beautiful and marvellous
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