OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 15)

To my dear readers… thanks for making me feel the necessity of writing…Writing was a passion.. And i don’t know how well are my grammar and language going… It had been 7 years since i wrote about stuffs creatively.. 🙂 please bear with me all the while..
Here is to my successful 15th episode… 🙂 Without you all it would have been completely impossible to write this further… I have been thinking to post my ff later giving breaks in between… as i would be busy with my exams… hope you all would understand… subjects are very tough at this point.. 🙂 Sorry for late updates… 🙁


Dev rushes behind Sona to stop her from going, But she was already going down the lift.
He rushes down through the stairs but does not find her down. He was panting and tired.
He looks sideways… And does not find any car either.
He repeatedly calls in Sonas’ number… But finds her phone ringing from behind.
He was anxious and worried.. He calls up Tina saying that he is leaving office for an emergency and to lock up his office before leaving.
Dev pulls out his car.. And decides to talk to anyone from Sonas’ family… so drives to her home.. But finds it locked..
He pastes a paper on the door stating
“If Sonakshi reaches home… tell her to call me.. And if she doesn’t then call in this number.. : +919496765567”

He drives out.. And looks through the road…meanwhile calling his friend..
“Sohrab… I need your help.”
“Yes, Dev tell me..”
“Dr.Ritwick.. Of the ministry… uh..huh.. Could you find out details of him..”
“Ministry?? Wait… let me check.. Calling you back in another 5 minutes”
Dev sighs sitting in the car.
“Why am i so bothered???” he thinks..
“That guy… his behaviour…that is the problem”
“I’m sure he took her somewhere..” he thinks.. Banging hard over the steering of his car.

Minutes later…his phone rings..
“Yes,Sohrab! Any news!!”
“Yup! He is from–”
“I don’t care where he comes from… Car details please”
“Yes,sure… MH01 DE 1433”
“Could you trace it out?? What about his phone number??”
“For tracing call John..number +919496745543
And Ritwicks’ number is +919486723333”
“Thanks a lot..”

He dials John.
“Hey John! Devrath Dixit here…Sohrab suggested to speak to you about tracing a car”
“Yes! How could I help you??”
“Could you please trace this car number MH01DE1433??”
“Yeah sure..will call back after tracing??”

Someone completely covered in black.. Wearing mask… Is seen dragging Sona out of a car.. And tying her up in a chair.
The person then texts a private number…

“Please call the planner.. And get the Mandap set up… I want this to be a beautiful memory for my beautiful bride..”

Asha wakes up sweating from her nap..as though she had seen a nightmare.. She frantically looks for her phone.. It was 3 PM. Afternoon. She thought. Sona might be asleep.. Yet Asha could not stop herself.

She dials up Sona.
“The person you are trying to–”
She cuts and dials again.. “The person–”.
She calls her about 50 times… But it was the same thing she heard… “The person you are trying to call is not reachable.. Please try again later…”

Asha could feel her heart twitching in pain. Chills ran down her spine.. Her lovable daughter worked day and night for them.

“I should not have let her gone to Delhi..”

She calls up Bejoy and Saurabh, and informs them.. Then she also calls up Elena… to inform her. Elena was shocked by the news.. And takes leave from her university to look for her doting older sister.

Asha,Bejoy and Saurabh leave for Delhi immediately.


Dev drives through the road when he gets a call.
“+919486712054?? Who is that??”
He receives the call..
“How long do you keep Sona at work.. Poor delicate girl–”
“Ritwick??” Dev says surprised..
Then agitatedly says.. “Where is Sona???”

“Dr.Ritwick.. What do you mean by where is Sona?? She works–”

“Why weren’t you waiting down for her?? You texted–”

“I did not text her… I had a meeting with the Health Minister..–”

“What..?? How…?? Who is it then??”

“What happened to my Sona?? My gold”

“Wait a minute… you address her as Gold.. Even the message stated “my gold”.”

“But I haven’t–”

“I don’t think there–”.

“I love her.. Damn it… Why would i even–”

Both sit in silence.. Wondering who could it be..

A planner comes and decorates a beautiful stage in the middle of the godown… it was freezing cold in there..

Sona slowly regains her consciousness.. And notices the stage… wedding bells and musics played far away… she could not understand what was happening.. Where the hell am I she thought… Her head banging and panting…
She notices a man walking towards her..faintly…
She was feeling heavy and drowsy…

A few people gather around and get her stand up to her feet… they put her behind curtains.. And get her dressed into a bride.


Dev was tensed and starts driving roughly .. He was angry.. And upset… he thought himself responsible.
He just prayed to God to help him find Sona..
When he notices something laying on the road.. He runs out of his car and gets happy seeing her shawl. He picks it up and gets an idea… He rushes back to his home and calls out to Roger..
His puppy.
He makes Roger sniff it well…and putting Roger in his car drives to where he had found the shawl.

Roger tries to jump out of car.
Dev stops the car and follows Roger through lanes.


Sona was beautifully dressed into a bride

And was taken towards the stage while Dev was seen running towards the godown, simultaneously.
As Sona steps into the wedding stage in a dizzy manner… hands and mouth tied. Yet she complied to marry..
Dev runs in shocked.

Sona is seen taking wedding rounds… the mysemterious man puts mangalsutra around her neck and Sindoor through her hair partition. Tears roll down Sonas’ eye..
Asha,Bejoy and Saurabh reach Delhi and is picked up by Elena.. And drives towards the police station.
Will Dev and Sona crosspaths again?? Or is it the end of their journey together??? What was Sonas’ compulsion to agree for marriage???

Please keep voting… and commenting… to know further 🙂 also let me know how much you are loving it… 🙂
Love you all…

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  1. Oh god, dont make sona marry anyone else than Dev. Its ur fan request. And it was a thrilling episode

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks… ❤ wait… And watch… Wbats goung to happen.. 🙂

  2. Rekhadhir

    Great episode ….

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      Thanks ❤❤❤?

  3. Priya12

    Di, ur writing is nice ur make the story interesting…and u ended it with suspense…ths is not fair di…and all the best 2 ur exams…cmg 2 the epi I loved it…I m just addicted 2 ur ff…

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you soo much dear!! ❤❤❤
      Suspense is the very essence that keeps people waiting eagerly… Its going to be revealed today.. 🙂 leep waiting for the next epi.. 🙂

  4. It’s best one ff, I have read till date… I always liked emotional and thrilling ff with humor/romance… And it’s one of them… I loved it so much… Such a thrilling and marvellous episode it was ???…. I’m now completely in love with your writing…
    Best wishes for you and for your exams
    Love ❤❤❤

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks a lot… Maleeha❤❤❤??

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  6. Rakshita

    Sorry for late reply. I was out so couldn’t reply. Awesome update. It’s getting better day by day and eagerly waiting for next episode!!!❣❣❣??✌✌??? U were amazing as always!!!

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thnks… I was waiting for your reply… Eagerly.. :p love❤❤❤

  7. Awesome

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