OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 14)


Neha gets Ishwaris’ missed call, and wipes her tears..
“Vai… you are so innocent”
“What?? You did not–”
“Mom went out because it seems certain things need to be cleared as the truth is out… I don’t know… What she was talking about… but she requested me not to let you out”
“Ow.. So Ms.Dramaqueen put up this fake drama to steal my attention??”
Neha nods smiling.
Dev leaves for his office, while Neha shouts..
“Mom always wants your best.”

Sona reaches office and sees everyone busy working.
“Did Dev sir come??”
“Not yet!”
She walks towards her cabin and sees someone sitting in there.

“Who is there??”
The man sitting turns his chair to face her.. It was Dr. Ritwick.
“Hii!!” he says tossing a ball in his hands.
Sona looks at him shocked.
“I told you.. See you soon.
Looks like you have not opened my gift”
“Please… Not interested in your rubbish”
He walks up to her closer and closer.
With each step he took closer.. Sona went a step backwards until she hits the wall behind.
Dr.Ritwick puts his hands on her sides blocking her way.
Dev is seen going up the stairs.
Dr.Ritwick leans closer towards Sona.. While Sona struggles to free herself out.
He comes closer to her ears and says…
“you look beautiful when you get angry… my glittering gold”
Sona looks onto his eyes disgusted… And tries to push him away… but he holds her hands tightly and keeps her against the wall firmly.

“Ms.Nutritionist” Dev called out.
Sona muffled as Ritwick pressed over her lips.
Tears rolled out. Dev pushes the door open and was shocked.
He hits Dr.Ritwick and pushes him away… both get into a fight.
Sona finally sets them apart,nearly putting them inch away from killing each other.
“Who is he??” says Dr.Ritwick.
“I am not answerable to you… I already said–”
“Remember I won’t let anybody come in–”
“Come in between..?? “ says Dev “what do you mean by come in between.. She is my best friend.. You are coming in between us.”
“Just friend”
“Love.” says Dev.
Sona stares at Dev not believing her ears. She stands awestruck. Her heart beats faster than ever. She knew it was only a pretence.. And he would say her so… But she really wished it were true.
“You don’t have to push me away… remember she were mangalsutra of my name..she will dorn sindoor of my name” Says Ritwick agitated. “I don’t care if you are friends or love birds… I will make her my wife.. No matter what”

Sona has tears rolling out.. He is so obsessed she thought. While Dev thought if he would not have misbehaved… I would not have had any problem.

Mr.Gujral lets Natasha in… but then he gets vermillion from the temple and divides the house carefully into two.
“Till the time you can’t find yourself a home to stay… You can stay here.. Also.. Find yourself a job too… Cause I had high expectations from you… But you broke them all… if Ishwariji would not have requested i would not have allowed you in for another single day.”
Natasha fumes in anger.

She goes to her room and gets determined to ruin Dev with her love.

She gets herself ready in an red short dress, matched with white posh bag and red lipstick… she curls the ends if her hairs and gives them a red to maroon temporary colour. She then wears a beautiful furry shawl and putting on a seductive perfume.. She walks out.
Mr. Gujral just looks on.

Sona just tries to be comfortable after all that had happened. Dev calls the security and strictly forbids him to not allow this man near his office next time.

“Are you alright?? I’m absolutely sorry for –”
“It’s alright… I know you did not mean it”
Dev smiles while Sona thinks .. “Wish it were true!”
Dev and Sona get busy working upon how they would put up their advertisement… posters and etc etc. All the while laughing and gossiping about many other stuffs.
Sona made sure that his mind does not get diverted to any other place other than the topics she spoke about.
Dev laughs out loud at the tiny jokes Sona makes..while Sona stares at him lovingly…watching his happiness brought peace to her eyes and self… While the song “kaun tujhe” played in the background.

Natasha storms inside like a 90s’ model into Devs’ office.. She expected to find Dev in his room. But instead she hears giggles and laughters from his office cabin. And walks deeped into his office and bangs on the door upon finding it locked..

Both Dev and Sona get startled.. They wonder who could it be.
Dev opens the door… Surprised to see Natasha.. Sona rolls her eyes seeing her…

Natasha notices Dev and fumes in anger.. She thinks… He trapped me.. Made my dad go against me and here…he is enjoying with another girl… she was sooo angry…
That she was about to slap him.
When Sona runs in between.. And holds her hands tightly.
“Don’t even dare to–”
“Who the hell are you???”
“why can’t Dev move on in his life…. Like how you did??”
Natasha looks frustrated.. While Dev looks at Sona surprised.
Sona proudly holds Devs’ hands, fingers into fingers tightly and tells Natasha..
“You were his past… but I’m his present”
Natasha glares at Dev.
Dev was about to say something when Sona pulls him back… and whispers into his ears…
“You saved me.. Let me save you…”
“But i–”
“Don’t say that.. She does not respect you… let her realise her mistake…–”
“No..you know aunty is sick.. For her sake.. Please…–”.
Dev looks on helplessly.
Natasha cries saying “i thought–”
Sona cuts her saying “You are too late..”
And drags her out… and shuts the door on her face.

Dev gets angry upon Sona..
“You are just my friend.. You don’t have any right to decide—”
“Okay.. Henceforth you don’t interfere in mine…” Sona says tearfully…
“I don’t like anyone…–”
She justs leaves crying.
While Dev sits upset.
Sona rubs her eyes and picks her stuffs from her room.. To leave.. She realises her phone was still in Dev’s room.
She goes to get her phone.

While Dev notices Sonas’ phone buzzing.
He checks to see a message from an unknown number.
“I know Dev and you have nothing going on. Waiting down… for you… My gold”

Dev gets agitated.. He did not know why he felt agitated… But he clarified himself saying he has no feelings for Sona.. Hence he need not bother.. Meanwhile Sona enters and finds her phone in Devs’ hands..she snatches it.. And leaves.. Without saying anything..

Sona finds herself unconscious in a godown. Tied up.. A marriage stage was put up in the middle. A man is seen walking towards her..
While Dev is seen frantically looking for Sona, as she was not receiving his call.. And also did not reach her home yesterday.. Will Dev be able to rescue Sona???Whose conspiracy is it to get Sona kidnapped??

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    Episode was sort of short.. But I was kind of busy with the exams coming forward… Please do comment and pray for me.. 🙂

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  2. Awesome episode dear.

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  3. Rakshita

    OMG…. Awesome episode marzia…..I loved it….I just damn loved it. That rithwick…. I just hate him!!! Anyways…. The next episode will be awesome. I am having the feeling of seeing this episode as real track. U rocked it!!!❣❣❣ Amazing impressive sensational miraculous astonishing fantabulous fabulous marvelous splendid superb Awesomesauce….!!! My vocabulary comes to an end but not the feeling I m writing all this with. Love u for such gr8 14 episodes!!!! I loved till my core . .!! I think it’s that villainous Rithwick who’s forcing her to marry….. Amazing !!!??❣❣❣❣❣❣ Can u say something else……To my BESTIE!!! 😉 ?????

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    awesome episode……

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  5. This was fantastic! The way both Dev and Sona were defending each other explained their love and care for each other! Please post the next one soon!!

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  7. Superbly amazing…. Words are failing to explain the awesomeness of your ff… As rhitwick will be there behind sona kidnap… And I’m hell scared… What if dev didn’t reached there on time…??? Anyways, it was fabulous
    Love ❤❤❤

    1. Dessertqueen

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    Hey di…!! This was awesome…!! It was awesome to see sona being fa dev…!!but this bakwas dev …..was not looking sona’s love in her concern….!!!?ough…! But this epi was awesome…!! Mr. Gujral has proved the best…!! Wow…! Ishwari was amazing..! And Neha…??wow…!!???i love it writing so much di….!! Wonderful…!! Would like to read the next so soon…!! So pls post the soon…!! Pls di…!

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