OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 13)


Sona receives the call.
“Hello! Ma!!”
“Where are you??? I was expecting your call. I was so anxious about you..Are you alright?? I hope I did not disturb you??”
“Ma… you never disturb me… It was raining outside..when I left office… Car broke down and–”
“Where are you now??”

“Ma.. You don’t have to worry…I am having a roof above my head.. And i am safe…–”
“Don’t dance in the rain…you always do that and catch cold”
“I won’t… you don’t worry.. How is papa??”
“He is good. Go home sooner… and take rest.. It is already 3 AM.. How will you manage??Good that I have called…”
“Ma… how do you always feel this??”
“When you come to my shoes… you would also feel that… (kisses)”
“Accha… Ma… Bye..”
“Bye.. Don’t wait here long.. Try To look for some vehicle and reach home…”
“Yeah…., Bye..don’t worry… you go to sleep..”
And Sona disconnects.

“Your mom loves you soo much right??”
“My bestie ..”
“So… you were saying about Natasha and Maternity center…”

// “ huh… yeah… I went all the way to Natasha… to enquire why she was here….
“To abort…sorry to murder our love…”

“Natasha… you can’t do this.. I promise… I will do multiple tasks…and still try to manage you…and fulfill your dreams… and give you–”
“Your promises have no value… i have no value… you do one thing… you want me soo much right…???”
Dev looks at her tearfully..
“Beg…beg in front of me.. To be yours… Let the whole world see…. How much you love me.. Go and beg my dad for that job…which Mr.Jatin has got. Of Course at your age.. You won’t get this post anywhere…plead… say Sorry..come on.. I can’t wait here the whole day…”
Dev kneels down to say sorry… When his friends who has overheard all of this… rushes and holds him…
“I swear on my nephew…that you are going to abort… That his father will be richer than you can imagine… not only in India will people know of him… but also worldwide…”
Saying so… My friend dragged me from there… while Natasha rolls her eyes and walks in with that guy … I kept looking back… trying to free myself and go back to Natasha.. But my friend grasped my hands even tighter..and took me away…

******flashback ends********
“Later my friend… speaks to his dad and brings me enough money to start a company… both of us start our business…I requested mom to be the head of my company… And in every month… I would pay little by little to my friend for the loan he had given me… though he did not want it back… but it would hurt my self respect… Hence I used to give it back to him… I made up my mind to be stronger anand earn enough for winning back Natasha… cause mom would be very upset if she knew…”
Sona sat lost in thoughts.
“I had fallen in love with a heartbroken man… he has lost all belief on love… Would he…–”

Both were distracted by a loud thud on the ground… they jumped up from their positions and rushed to see what had fallen…

They looked at each other shocked… On seeing Ishwari fallen on the floor outside…
“Ma!!” “Aunty???”
“How did she reach here??” Dev thought puzzled… he worried what if she had heard everything.
While Sona sprinkles water on Ishwaris’ face trying to wake her up…

Dev lifts his mother up while Sona rushes to get any car on the road.. She notices a car and the driver was asleep .. She knock and wakes him up… the driver drives the car inside till the hut. And Dev puts Ishwari in the back seat.
It was their car. He asks the driver to take this umbrella,handing over Ishawaris’ umbrella… and asks him to take his to a mechanic. While he would drive and go. The driver complies and Sona sits behind with Ishwari.

Dev was all the while worrying about what if his mother had heard everything… While Sona was constantly questioning him about her past medical histories.. Then Sona realises recently she had a heart attack and doctor told them she should be kept away from worry… she checks her pulse… And
“Dev…. Plz take to the hospital… her pulse is very low..”
Dev drives panicking.
He was now sure his mom had heard everything.

As they reach to the hospital.. The doctor pushes in Digoxin intravenously… And tells them to be careful about her health… he also tells that if she doesn’t get back her senses then they would have to admit her… but if she does… Then there would be nothing much to worry about

In about 30 minutes later…, Ishwari gets back consciousness… and calls out to Dev.
Dev rushes inside… Ishwari pulls him in a hug… And cries…
“I thought of you wrong… Forgive me… why didn’t you share this with me??”
“Mom… you don’t have to–”Dev says tearfully..
It was an emotional mother and son moment.. Sona looks on happily.
“I am going to speak it out to Mr.Gujral. He blamed my upbringing right??”
“Mom…please… forget it…”

As Ishwari gets fine… they leave the hospital… Dev drops Sona outside her home… And leaves for his home.

Sona falls on the bed.. And dozes off…disturbing Elena…Elena hugs Sona and sleeps peacefully.

Next morning,Ishwari is seen getting ready. Neha greets and asks her…
“Mom…where are you going so early in the morning??”
“There are certain stuffs that need to be cleared.Truth has got unfolded…”
Neha looks puzzled… “what truth??”
“Nothing much.. Don’t inform Dev about this…”
“But… Ma… I will –”
“No..stay here… And make sure Dev does not know of this… I will come back sooner.”
Saying so,Ishwari leaves.

Dev wakes up and looks for his mom.. Not having found her at home… He gets tensed and starts to call her repeatedly.
Ishwari keeps rejecting his calls.
Dev gets ready hurriedly. His love for Natasha was overpowering so much that he did not want his mom to insult her.. For he would not tolerate that..but Ishwari could not tolerate her son’s insult.

Neha notices Dev rushing out of home and calls Ishwari to inform her.. Then she rushes out and holds his hands before he could sit in the car..
“Vai..” She says crying.
“There is this guy… –”
“Who?? What happened?? Tell me.. Is anyone bothering–”
Neha hugs him and cries..
Dev looks worried.

Meanwhile Sona wakes up and sees that it was already 9 AM. She jumps out of bed and rushes to the washroom, when she hears the calling bell rings.
She opens the door but does not find anyone there. She was about to shut the door when she notices a bouquet of red roses and a beautiful gift packet outside.
She picks it up…
And sees a card stuck to it..

“To my precious gold…. I am sure Sona means gold in Bengali… :p accept this beautiful gift from my side.. When i first saw you , that light over you face.. You were glowing like gold… perfect name for you… You have taken my breath away with that look… See you soon…”

She looks puzzled and thinks…who is it?? When she remembers about Dr. Ritwick. She raises her eyebrows and lets out a long sigh.

“If Dev would not have stolen my heart… Probably I would have given you a chance…”
She packs the gifts inside a big cover. And gets ready fast.. She was already late for her office.

She wears a beautiful aqua blue top with jeans and leaves hurriedly to her office along with that bag. On the way… she spots a homeless girl and gives the gift away to her.
She also picks out roses and gives them one by one to 50 old parents dwelling in the old age home.
Quickly comforting them,she leaves for her office.

Dev was worried about his sister, and sits down to talk to her. While Ishwari reaches Gujral mansion. She storms inside and shouts angrily for Mr.Gujral.
Mr.Gujral who was having his breakfast then was shocked by her sudden anger.. And comes to the hall..

“I have told you already–”
“Vaisab… I respected your feelings. You said my Dev was bad.. You questioned my upbringing.. You said a fatherless child would be like this… But i must say… a motherless daughter would be like that… like your daughter, Natasha…i gave her love of a daughter.. My son loved and cared for her… –”
“Excuse me–?”
“Please let me speak today…i was reluctant in letting them go for a live in relation…-”
“Your son never took–”

“He tried.. He worked day and night..to earn enough money to fulfill your daughter’s wishes.. To match her standard with her friends..but what did Natasha do??? She left him—”
“Why didn’t you know of that???”
“She never told me… she said ..–”
“Yes… she told me that my son harassed her s*xually…when it was she who used to—”
Ishwari breaks down crying.
Mr.Gujral was shocked. He screams… “Natasha!!! Natasha!!!”
Natasha hurries down and stops on seeing Ishwari there.
Mr.Gujral pulls her down..and slaps her.
“I gave you everything you wanted.. I trusted you blindly… But—”
Natasha was shocked..
“Papa… how could you even b–”

“Enough… I know Dev..but when you cried…i felt maybe i misjudged him .. But –”
“Enough papa… you can’t blame me… He could not earn–”
Mr.Gujral slaps her hard again..
“Money?? Is money everything??? You played…”
“Papa!” Natasha screams. “I was raised like a princess.. And he treated me like a servant–”
“Natasha,Dev always treated you best.. He made sure–”
Natasha gets agitated and pushes Ishwari saying
“You old woman… don’t come in between–”
Mr.Gujral holds Natasha by her hands and drags her out of the house..
“From today on.. This house has no place for an ill mannered person like you”
He shuts the door on her face.Natasha pleads to open the door.
“Ishwariji please forgive me.. I never thought–”
“Vaisab.. She is your daughter… throwing her out of the house will give no solution… let her in”
“You are a woman of gold heart… how could you–”
Ishwari just smiles… And leaves.. Saying
“let her in”
“I promise,Ishwariji.. I will find Dev the best girl in the world..”

A frustrated Natasha bangs on Devs’ office room. Dev opens the door surprised to see Natasha there.Sona who was also in Devs’ room rolls her eyes seeing Natasha..
Natasha was about to slap Dev when Sona comes in between and holds her hands saying
“Don’t even think–”
“Who the hell are you???”
“Why can’t Dev move on in his life..like how you did??”
Dev looks at Sona surprised.

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