OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 11)


Sona sits caressing Dev, when Dev suddenly wakes up…staring into Sona… Her eyes were welled up…He stands up immediately..
“So.. Sorr..sorry…”
Sona cups his faces… But he withdraws himself and turns away…
“What has happened to me??” he thought walking towards his mother’s cabin.

Natasha walks out… and pats Dev..
“Tsst tsst..I feel sorry for you,Dev!” she says walking away.
Dev rushes into the room and notices Ishwaris’ condition worsening.. He calls out for a Doctor..
While holding his mother’s hand firmly.
Ishwari gets irritated and pulls her hands away.
“Please..Dev..i never expected–”
“How can I not trust what i have seen?”

“Excuse me!” says the nurse.
Dev and Ishwari looks towards the nurse standing there.
“Mr. Dev, I need you to leave…it’s time for check up.”

Dev and Sona paces up and down the hospital corridor.. Waiting..
The doctor comes out after checking Ishwari and asks Dev to get the prescribed medicine.
“It was just that her pressure went high. Please do not put her in any stress or tension.”

Ishwari is discharged from the hospital the next day. Dev had been trying to speak to her..but she justs avoids him. Rather she sleeps off or pretends to sleep. Dev was upset by her behaviour. Sona brings breakfast for them,while Ishwari sits sulking with Dev. She sees Sona and mistakes her to be the nurse.
“Please tell everyone to leave. I am feeling sick”
“Sorry! breakfast!”
Dev holds Ishwaris’ hand while she was walking towards Sona.Ishwari jerks her hands away but Dev yet holds her tightly..
“Ma plz”
“What?? What do you want to hear??? After what you have done to Natasha–”
“Ma.. I haven’t done anything to Natasha!”
Ishwari turns towards Dev and was about to slap him when Sona runs in between and stops her.
Ishwari looks shocked by her behaviour and looks towards Dev saying:
“Is she the reason??”
“What??!” Dev says surprised.
“Aunty! Actually–”
Ishwari gives her stern looks indicating her to keep quiet.
“Ma, I don’t know what Natasha would have told you but–”
“I don’t want any explanation.I want to go home.please complete the formalities and come.”
Natasha was seen leaving smirking at what ever had happened.
Ishwari walks out. Sona looks on. Dev sits upsets sighing.
After all the formalities were done,Dev drives Ishwari home. Sona walks restlessly down the street. She was upset that Ishwari had misunderstood her relation with Dev.

It was a dark cold night.Dev sits on the porch.tears rolling down his cheeks. The past few days have been tough on him. He thought about Natasha and then about Gauri. Both of them were an integral part of his life. Yet none was with him.


Gauri is seen giggling and running… Dev was running behind her… suddenly she was about to fall.. But Dev holds her in the nick of time. They share an eyelock..
Gauri smiles and signs him “what would he do if she dies?”
“Don’t ever talk such” he signs back and kisses her gently on her forehead. They were more than just friends.

*****flashback end******

Dev feels a hand upon his shoulders… thereby gets back from his thoughts and looks up towards the person…
It was Avni.
“Can i sit??”
“Uh- huh..ok”
“You did not eat today?? Anything troubling you??”
Dev just looks away.Avni snaps her fingers in front of him.
“What is it?” he replied irritated.
“You did not eat–”
“Not hungry..any problem??”
“No.. I thought–”
“ Don’t trouble your tiny brain.” saying so Dev leaves from there.Avni stands up determined.
Radharani watches all these from her balcony and makes faces.

Next morning.. Dev leaves early for office. He did not know how to face his mom. She was thinking wrong of him.He did not know who to talk to.

Upon reaching office, he finds Sona already working happily with other employees. He smiles broadly and walks towards his cabin and looks surprised.
“Tina! Tina!”
“Did you–”
“Wow!! Sir! Your room–”
“You have not–”
“No. I did not even come–”
Sona walks towards Dev smiling.
“How did you like it??”
“Not nice!! I like keeping things unorganized..”
“That is why your life is… see… I just felt it was necessary.. And yes..–”
“I don’t care what you felt-”
“ I put notes everywhere..you won’t have difficulty in finding stuffs..yet if you are interested you can disorganise it again–”
“What is my life like??”
“Nothing…” she sulks away.
Dev makes a face.

The same tall building is seen. Mr.Suboudh is seen walking hurriedly into an office room. Dr.Ritwick sat facing the wall and reminiscing Sona and his encounter.
“What is it?”
“Dr.Sonakshi Bose!!”
“Sona?? You wanted her details…”
He jumps out of chair excitedly.
“Dr.Sonakshi?? Sona…my Sona…” he says holding Suboudh euphorically.
“Sir.. Umm.. Yes.. She just joined the Dixit group of industries as the health advisor.”
“Dixit group… Is it??”
“Good… More to seeing her..then…”
“But sir–”
“Suboudh.. Get any building opposite to theirs.. And make sure my room should get a clear view into Sonas’ room”.He smiles broadly.
Suboudh looks on.

Asha is seen praying for her daughter’s happiness. Bejoy puts his hands on her shoulder.
Asha breaks down crying.
“ I don’t like it when she goes far away..”
“..when she was a kid we had lost her once… You had no penny to look for her…–”
“Asha… Leave it… now we got her and have her near us.. With us..Whoever took care of her…..may God bless those people..–”
“I know she does not–”
“Pray for her happiness”
“I don’t want her to remember either…–”
They hug each other.
Sona was busy making presentation and was tired.Dev watches her silently. He gets coffee for them both and knocks upon her door.
She looks up towards him and was surprised seeing him with coffee for two.
“He is so difficult to understand.. One time he is angry…one time he seems to care.. I don’t know..” Sona thought as Dev and she sat and spoke about random stuffs…

In the night, Dev decides to drop Sona to her apartment..when his car breaks down.so they walk down the road laughing and talking… when suddenly Dev sits down on the roadside bench upset and starts to weep.Sona sits beside him and puts her hand over his, trying to comfort him.


Sorry guys… I was sort of busy…
But thanks for your support and comments..and voting… It keeps the writer in me alive.. And imthat us only thing that makes me feel like to write even during busy times… Please keep commenting… And voting… 🙂 love you all!!

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  1. Hello. nice epi. i do not comment always but love it. and i am guessing one thing that gauri and sona are yhe same girl. i am only guessing. plz do not mind..

    1. Dessertqueen

      Hahaha… 🙂

    2. Dessertqueen

      I dnt mind… N yes… It is… 🙂

  2. It’s superb and Your writing skills are also fabulous… I’m in love with it…. Eagerly waiting to read what dev has done to Natasha…. That she is destroying his life….??? And is and gauri the same as asha said…??? is ishwari positive or negative….?? And There’s so much to know more….
    Love ❤❤❤

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks!!!! The big twist still awaits… 🙂 keep reading… 🙂 love ya❤❤❤

  3. Rakshita

    Marzia….its awesome. I juuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssstttttttt sooooooooo muuuccccchhhhhhhhhhh loved it!!!!???????????????????????????Awesome……. Waiting eagerly for next….please upload fast!!!!!!!????

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thanks honey!!! ❤

  4. Awesome episode dear

  5. Wonderful!!!!!

  6. Yaar ur ff is extremely good but please addd some pinch of romance in it . Ias a viewer of Devakshi like their chemistry a lot and want to see extreme romance amid them . I know it is not easily possible as they r not married then get them in drunken state or something else . But plzzzzzzzzzzz some romance

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thnks❤ sure … Romance is on the way….

  7. Priya12

    Di, superbbb and ur way of writing was nice.. there r many mysterys in ur story…not yet revealed…and I m squeezing my brain..and thinking what happens nxt…so, pls don’t give stress 2 my brain by posting it soonnn…and I luved it yaarr…u nailed it…post soon di …

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thnk u…. I was sick hence i m late to upload the episode 12… N revealation is on the way…. 🙂

  8. Awesome epiaode gal loved it but what exactly did nat said ?
    Anyways son a is there to save dev
    Loved the storyline its nice
    Plz post next episode soon

  9. Erina

    Again hilarious epi sweety ????????i loved it to d core of my ?….
    Post soon…..

    1. Dessertqueen

      Thank you!!! ?❤

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    Amazing episode!!!! Loved it!

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