OVER A CUP OF COFFEE (episode 10)


Dev closes the door as everyone walks out. He silently walks up towards his mom. Ishwari turns her face away from him.

Dev holds her hands saying “Ma”
But Ishwari pulls away…tears roll down her cheek…
“I don’t like your numbness… scold me… beat me but please don’t be quiet”
“What is it that you have hidden from me??”
“Ma..” he lets out a sigh…
“I did not want to hurt you… I did not know you would talk about marriage….–”
“8 years,Dev??”
“I love Natasha…i don’t know what to tell you..–”
“I know you love love Natasha…but then… –”
“Plz forget what Mr.Gujral said… do u think your son is like what Mr.Gujral thinks??”
“I don’t care what the world thinks… just your thoughts matter…–”
“Dev, ever since your dad passed away, people called you unlucky… because they tagged you as the reason behind your dad’s death… i know it was an accident…. Even you felt yourself guilty…do you remember that day:”


A little boy is seen sitting in the back seat of the car with two little girls..
Ishwari is seen carrying a baby on her lap. A man,her husband ,Mr.Dixit,their father, is driving the car…
The Boy notices an ice cream shop and says
“Papa!! Icecream!!”
Mr.Dixit smiles and sides his car near the ice cream stall.
He gets down the car and orders for 4 ice creams..Ishwari tells “order 5… won’t u have one??” he laughs and says “why?? Won’t you share with me??”
Both were lost into each other’s eyes…
Their romantic moment was broken by the little boy screaming…”move!move!”
Mr. Dixit looks towards the road and sees a little girl in the middle of the road.
He runs to save her… when a drunk driver crashes with him.
Ishwari screams and rushes out of the car..towards her hubby.. He was trying to tell her something..
Everyone crowd around and calls the girl “apshagun” but the little boy who did not understand the weight of the situation…though scared of all the blood smeared over his dad…clinged on the little girls hands.. he looks into the girl’s eyes… she had lovely blue eyes…that stared blank at him… he took some time to realise that she was blind,deaf and thereby could not answer his question she just made noises…
He held her hands even tighter and made her his friend..while she winces in pain..
Ishwari looks at the girl, she hides her pain and helplessly looks at the other men carrying her husband away from her… as though her soul drifted away… and took along all the love… But she did not forget what her husband last told her… “adopt her”.
He was that nice human… a man of golden heart!
People tagged Dev as an “ill luck” because of his extra attachment towards the girl…, as after all he was one to drive his dad’s attention towards her…and thereby his death.
Her son clinged onto the tiny hands of that girl. He had named her Gauri.. Somehow Gauri was always stuck on to his mind… he learned about Gauri in his class literature… And she was exactly the same Gauri as described.

After around 4months of her husband’s death, Ishwari lead a very simple lifestyle. She had adopted Gauri… And sent her off to a special school for the disabled.
She did not like her much.. Because she reminded her of her husband’s death… but she could not help loving her because of the innocence of her face.

Around 13 years,passed by…Gauri was hydrophobic..but yet Dev was brave and wanted Gauri to overcome her fears… He taught her to live life and enjoy… he taught her the colours of life… despite being blind..
Dev started collecting money for eye transplantation and cochlear implant for Gauri.
He had already been trying to train her to speak….while she learnt very slowly…little by little to speak… Dev had learnt sign language and taught her too… but it was only because she was deaf…(Bahut pyar karte hain tumko sanam played in the background)

///////////**********flashback ends************//////////

As they were disturbed by the nurse, Dev moves aside..
He still remembers Gauri..flashes of his childhood played in his minded…

He sees Sona standing outside.He walks up to her and tells her to go..but she insists to stay reasoning that she has nobody, no responsibility here… But his aunt,uncle and sister is too tired.. He also seems tired… and she is a doctor… It ultimately becomes her responsibility to be with her patients.
Dev mocks her saying…
“then stay at the hospital…why take trouble coming to office??…no patients are in there”
Sona sulks.
Dev tells Baldev to leave with Neha and Radharani as they are tired and he would look after Ishwari to which they comply.
Dev was about to go..when Natasha arrives.
Seeing her…he gets emotional yet frustrated.
“Why did you come here???”
“Relax Dev… just visiting the sick.”
“Get lost from here!!” Dev says angrily.
Natasha pushes him so hard that he falls on the ground and his forehead bleed.
She was about to go into the room where Ishwari was kept when Sona holds her hand.
“You blo*dy middle class!!! How dare you touch me??”
Saying so she slaps Sona heard… she tears a bit of her clothing and dismantles her looks.. And runs into the room crying “Ishwari aunty!”

Dev stares at her saying things into his mom’s ears… and tries to enter only to find it locked. Ishwari just gives him stern looks and he sees her condition deteriorating…

He did not know what Natasha was saying.. But he knew whatever she spoke was against him. Whatever she was saying was worsening his mother’s condition…he breaks down into tears, as his mother was the only woman he cared for at the moment.Sona walks up towards him to support him as he was about to fall down crying…
Life has betrayed him soo much and he needed support… Sona hugged him tighter as Dev hugged her.. She asks him
“What happened??”
He continues to talk in a muffled voice.
Spna was left clueless.. As to what had happened… But she knew it had something to do with Natasha.
Sona loved Dev and she could not bear him crying and hence removes him from hugs and requests him not to cry… she carefully does his aid… while he sleeps off crying over her lap.
Sona kisses him gently upon his forehead.. Determined to never let tears flow down his cheeks ever again.

Ishwari about to slap Dev when Sona comes in between and stops her.Ishwari gets more agitated and shouts on Dev “is she the reason behind all these???”Sona stares at her clueless…and says “aunty–” but Ishwari stops her from saying anything right there.
Natasha is seen smirking looking through the glass.

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