“I am the culprit of my love” OS


Hey guyss once again sameera here with my fourth os it is a very emotional +revenge full story hope u all will like it
If u didn’t read my previous os
Here r the names
Even death can’t separate us
A weird feeling called love
Yaariyan tashan wali
A man is seen standing on a clif n blabbering something …………..MM??
I am the culprit of my love a boy is seen shouting
1 year ago

A beautiful couple is shown sleeping in each other embrace the girl wakes up n looks at her husband m says I am very lucky kunj that u r my husband she kisses on his cheeks I wish every girl gets a husband like u she goes to bathroom to get freshen up
The man get up n says u said right u r lucky to have me now see twinkle how I will take my revenge he smirks (so the couple is revealed to be twinj )
They both get up n went downstairs where usha n babee r waiting for them
Usha says u too got married last night n u r going now “maa I have work u know na said kunj smirking “mummy ji don’t worry we will come to meet u said twinkle smiling “ok as u too says usha n bids them bye

Kunj drives the car n twinkle ask him where R they going kunj says u will get to know baby
They reach a place only one house is seen there
No shops nothing isolated area

Kunj gets down from car n says see twinkle this is our lovely home “but it seems no other houses r there “I don’t want anyone to disturb us Twi says kunj n they both go into the house
Twinkle doesn’t see oil is spilled on floor she slips but kunj holds her in Nick of them n they leaves making her fall Ahhh she winces in pain n kunj laughs heavily”why did u do this kunj ”
Kunj grabs her by hair n says u r expecting me hold u never after what u did with me huh
“But I thought u have forgiven me kunj says twinkle trying to get up ” he makes her stand n pinned her to wall n says u have to pay for what u did with me see there r no houses till kilometer no shops nothing now it will be fun miss twinkle taneja or I should says Mrs twinkle sarna
He locks main gate n goes for some work
“I thought that he had forgiven me but no she cries recalling their marriage”
Fb shows

A hot girl is seen entering the college many boys r beind her n doesn’t even pay attention to them she turns n its twinkle she gies to her gang uv cherry sharad Maya were in her gang
They play bottle spinning game n its stops at twinkle uv ask her to say I love u to a boy who comes from gate next
She waits standing near the gate when she sees a boy entering he is very hot seems like he is the hottest guy ever twinkle moves towards him but he goes from there ignoring her
Uv n her gang members laugh on her
See twinkle kunj has gone ignoring u she gets angry n says twinkle taneja never loose
Uv : ok bet u have 1 month time to make him fall for u
Cherry : yeah bet
Twinkle : I’ll win this for sure
She tries taking to kunj they both became friends n twinkle actually started feeling for him
They both go on dates spend time with eo …
One day they both decided to confess their love

Twinkle was going to kunj house when uv n cherry comes there n talks to her
Well yaar hats off to u “U have made that sadu sarna fall for u “yep yaar hats off to u “u have won this bet says cherry n uv
kunj heard their convo n get shocked “I told u na that I will never loose says twinkle kunj feels ditched n leaves from there before twinkle could complete”I told u na I’ll never loose but guys I actually started loving him they cheer her n she goes in mid way leela comes n says Twi puttar have u met kunj “ma kunj here “yep he came here n I told him to go to your room “twinkle gets shocked n understand that kunj listened everything she tries calling kunj message kunj but he didn’t even reply
One day at some business party twinj parents meet n fixes their relation they ask kunj fir him answer kunj nodded yes n twinkle thinks that he has forgiven her they got married successful
Fb ends

I’ll try my best to prove that I love u truly kunj ”
Said twinkle “u r a fool to think that I’ll live u again says kunj from behind I had married u so that I can take my revenge he grabs her hair n takes her to their room n forces himself on her
He goes twinkle on with ropes while going to office n at night he force her it’s was become a daily schedule 1 year going twinkle daily bear his torture believing that one day he will change
But now it’s limit for her
She cries looking at their marriage pic n says I think that one day u will believe me but now I can’t bear she winces in pain n with much difficulty she breaks vase n takes it glass piece n cuts her writs

On the other side
Uv cherry comes to kunj office to meet him they three had a talk n uv tells him that due to bet twinkle actually falls for him what a love story he gets shocked knowing that twinkle did not do this intentionally he runs from there leaving uv n cherry he comes to his house n sees twinkle lying on floor n her wrist cut he gets shocked
N goes from there uv n cherry comes following kunj n sees twinkle n takes her to hospital …
Present situation
Kunj is sees standing on a cliff n blabbering
I AM THE CULPRIT OF MY LOVE” I don’t have right to live now she tired to commit suicide because of me “he takes out twinkle pic n says I am sorry to torture u but now u will able to leave peacefully

Twinkle was shown resting when suddenly she gets n a call n gets shocked she runs from there n reaches clif
Kunj was going to jump when twinkle holds him
She slaps him hard chatakk …..n he gets shocked what u r trying to do haa she shouts
I am you culprit I don’t have right to live now let me die twinkle plz let me die said kunj putting down his head “he gets slapped again chatakk
What u think haa u will die peacefully no I will not let u die u have made my life hell u have to bear punishment of my love till my last breathe
Said twinkle crying “twinkle replies kunj love
Yes dammit I love u I love u says twinkle “but I have done so much wrong with u said kunj
I’ll not be Able to forgive myself twinkle n he cries twinkle cuppinv his face kunj that was all misunderstanding now plz don’t leave me I’ll die without u said twinkle shh don’t talk about death he hugs her tightly n says I am sorry twinkle I love u soo much twinkle tightening the hug I love u too kunj ……….
Then it shows twinj happily living their life

“Love is weakest when there is misunderstanding than trust but love is strongest when we trust eo and sorting out misunderstandings””……
We should trust our love n doesn’t let any misunderstanding breaks us .. SAMEERA?
So guys did u like the story
Do comment
Thank u all members
Bye take care
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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional os….loved it….& msg was awesome…..sahi h pyar h toh trust bhi hona chahiye…..

  2. Sayeeda

    Sam…..Sam….yrrrr kya story thi …loved it …
    Sooo cute yrr ….amazing …awesome.. aur bhi tarref krna chahti ho par words nai hai mere pass ….
    Most beautiful OS ..

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Sameera it was lovely…..enjoyed reading it…..awesome

  4. Very nice msg.. beautiful emotional story….

  5. Angita

    Very emotional and fantastic

  6. Kruti

    Sameera this is just marvelous …..superb is loved it

  7. dreamer...arundhati

    Sam yaarwords r less to describe

  8. Kritika14

    Wow! hats off to you man. It was so well written. btw .. if you don’t mind … i would like you to read my ff called – the enticing little incident (twinj) 🙂

  9. Aamu

    muah loved it sam

  10. Baby

    omg amazing sameera yr luvd it srsly amazing

  11. SidMin

    Sameera loved it it was too emotional before the flash back I thought Kunj was wrong but the flash back told us why he was behaving in such a rude manner and the end when There was the cliff scene Twinkle slapped him and told him that she loved him was too good Loved it 🙂

  12. I luvd the title n more dan that the stry lineup…it wz very goood……

  13. twinjfan (tamanna)

    sameera it was just awesome…

  14. Awesome

  15. Saby

    Sam beautiful os….

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