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You are the culprit (episode 1)


Hey guys your wait is is over please comment here is the 1st episode .

A woman is seen entering a house . That house is revealed to be Godnka msnsion and the woman is revealed to be durga .
Durga : Today I am going start a journey . This journey msybe difgicult but its interesting even if it can be dangerous .
A man comes there . That man is revealed to be shauraya .
Shauraya throws a wicked smile on Durga seeing her .
Shauraya : Hello beautiful lady , well how can I help you ?
Durga : Well can you please call Mr. Rajnath Goenka ?

Shauraya : Well he is not at home .
Durga : Oh , then I should leave .
Shauraya : Wait , what work do you have with Mr. Rajnath Goenka ?
Durga : Actually I had come here for an interview . I applied for job in Goenka Industry .
Shauraya : Oh , ok well you can wait for some time hes gonna be here in 10 – 15 minutes .
Durga : Okay .
Shauraya : Ah you didn’t introduce yourself .
Durga : Ah I am Durga Thakur .
Shauraya : I am Shauraya Goenka .
Saying this he forwards his hands .
Durga shakes hands with him .

Rajnath and Sakshi come there .
Rajnath : Ah you have come here for interview right ?
Durga : Absoulatelly Mr. Goenka .
Rajnath : So shall we start the interview ?
Durga : Absoulately .

After some time …
Rajnath : You can leave now , we will tell you the redults tomorrow Thank you .
Durga leaves .
Shauraya stares wickedly at her .
Sakshi : Shauraya don’t repeat the same history that you had created 5 years ago . For god’s sake please don’t .
Shauraya : Whst are you saying mom? What history ? Which 5 years ? What are you talking about ?
Sakshi lets out a sigh . Sakshi leaves .
The next day Durga gets a call from the office .

Durga : Hello .
Receptionist : Ms. Durga Thakur .
Durga : Yea speaking .
Receptionist : Congratulations , you have been selected for the job .
Durga : Thank you .
She disconnects the call .
She smiles saying now the game starts .

Precap : Durga enters Goenka Office .

Okay guys comment .

  1. It seems interesting… Pls be regular…

  2. yeh I think… it will be very interesting… let’s see.All the best akhana.

  3. Akhana

    Guys the next episode will gey published soon . Thsnk you for all your support .

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