We were Cuddling that night – And then.. Rikara OS by Verna Part 2 Conclusion

Hey guys.. here goes Part 2..
Part 1
After dinner, Gauri went to their room straight, sit down on the floor and started learning. She is very confused and distraught over her upcoming exams. She felt like even she forgot what she already know. Her eyes were filled with little pearl drops. Om come to their room and locked door. He go and sit near her. He call her. Gauri did not look at him as he could see her tears. She sit still. Om hold her chin with his fingers and lift up. He saw her pain instead of tears in her eyes. He held that pearl drop that roll down her cheeks. She was about to say something with sorrowful broken voice, Omkara ji.. I.. I don’t want to.. he put finger on her lips and noded NO. Gauri Don’t understand and say, listen to me. Om say, not necessary and starts picking up all her books and notes. He arranged and put it on her study table to take rest. He make her stand up and take her to window. He make her look out the window and tell her to enjoy the view and feel the breeze. Gauri look at him confused. She say, Omkara ji.. what r u saying? I’m already tensed and stressed out.. now u r wasting my time.. I have many more lessons to learn.. I confused all those lessons and now I feel like I’m messed up.. now I forgot and messed all those lessons I read long ago. I’m really scared to face this exam Omkara ji.. I have no time to enjoy and feel like u say.. by this time I would have finished 2 chapters. Om was just admiring her worried face and scared eyes. She waves her hand in front of him and say, I’m leaving Omkara ji.. I’ll do all this after my exams and she start leaving. Om hold her wrist gently and say, I know u have many lessons to read. But today I need to talk to u. Gauri look at him confused.

Om hold her shoulder and takes her for a walk inside their room. Gauri is lost in him and just look at him. Om say, Gauri.. I know u r stressed out because of all exam pressure, test, new lessons and all.. even I can understand what and how u feel right now. U know, when we r too much worried for something then it’ll really turn messy even though if it perfect. U r doing the same. Like u said u have even forgot what u know earlier because of this over tension. I want u to feel relaxed right now.. u should not take too much tension in last minute Gauri.. it will kill ur peace of mind. So just relax now and he make her sit and rest on recliner. When she refused, He made her lean and relax on it by pressing her shoulder. Gauri have no idea what Om is up to. She look at him confused. He signs her to be quite and relax. He go and turn on music player and play light music, he lit some pleasant smelling candles in their room and turned off bright lights. Just dim lights were ON. He put eye drops in her eyes and ask her to close it for few secs. In that time he gently massaged her fingers and toes. She felt relaxed and get emotional for his care. Few secs later Gauri opened her eyes and felt emotional. Om hold her hands and she stood up. He twirl her by fingers and then hold her hands again. He say, how do u feel now? That moment her tear drop roll down her cheek, she nods yes. He suddenly hug her tight, caresses and pat. Gauri was shocked and flabbergasted by this. She gasp and her eyes widened. Her heart beat fasten. She try to speak a lot but only air is filled in her voice. She didn’t know whether to reciprocate him or not and struggle. Few secs later his hold was same.. even it was becoming strong and tighter time passing by.. When she found he is not ready to break hug she reciprocated and started enjoying that moment. They hug for about 10mins without uttering a word.. they even enjoyed this new silent language.
Gauri was feeling heaven in Om’s arm and feels like floating in air. Then slowly Om break their hug. He saw Gauri’s relaxed face. He felt good to see that innocent smile back in her face. He ask, how do u feel now? Gauri have no words to express how she feels and smile at him.. in fact she blush. He smile at her face turning pink and cup her face. He caresses her pink cheeks and rub with his thumbs. She hold his hands and they have eye lock ( O Saathiya duet version plays). Om make her sit down on bed. He too sit down and hold her hand. She felt some different feel by his touch. He say, Gauri.. I don’t know how to say this.. I have not spoken like this with anyone. Gauri look like question him and don’t have any idea. He say, Even our relationship did not develop to talk this, but, I feel this is needed for u like a treatment. Gauri say, Treatment? But Omkara ji.. I’m fine.. I don’t want to go to doctor for any treatment.. u pls understand it is just exam stress and I made it more complicated with my irresponsibility.. I can manage it.. pls Omkara ji.. also I’m scared of injection and keep talking to avoid going hospital. Om just can’t control his laugh and laugh at her. He say, Gauri.. Gauri.. relax.. I’m not going to take u to hospital.. we r not meeting any doctor ok.. just relax. Gauri say, then u said I have to go for treatment? He say, some treatment does not need doctors.. our heart is our doctor sometimes. Gauri say, I.don’t understand what u r saying Omkara ji. Om looks away and say, I don’t know how u’ll react and judge me when I say that.. actually.. Gauri.. ummm… ok before telling this I’ll tell a story that I learnt online. She nods.

(Before starting to write that online story.. I want to clear u guys its true and who knows same person who wrote that article online may or may not read this.. if u read so.. pls read my story fully before bashing me)
Om say, Gauri.. u know Japan? She nods yes. He continue, Japan is a well developed nations but it is also well known for many different and unusual cafes and restaurants. For.e.g. Monster cafe, ninja restaurants, robot restaurant, vampire cafe etc. All these are themed cafes. Same way there is a cuddle cafe in Tokyo, Japan. There, they allow their customers to cuddle with beautiful girl or boy when they pay. Pay varies according to duration of their stay. They can cuddle from 20 mins to 7 hrs. They will.. She close her ears and ask, what? chi.. this is not good Omkara ji.. y do u read such bad stories online. Internet chachi have many useful things.. learn to read some good things and she try move from bed. He hold her and say, listen to me Gauri. She say, Omkara ji.. this is not good type of hotel.. they get money and do THAT kind of.. chi chi.. I don’t want to talk about it. Om say, listen to me first. I was about to talk regarding this Gauri. She was awestruck by his reply. She immediately say, Omkara ji.. we r not that much close to take next step in our relationship.. I’m not going to.. he puts finger on her lips and say, keep quiet. U r imagining and talking a lot. First listen fully what I say. U know why I told u this story? She confuses yes and no. He say, cuddling is not that u imagine.. its not about consummate our wedding.. its just like hugging.. like we did before sometimes. Its just like hugging and sleeping with ur lover or spouse. I said that for ur stress relief treatment. Now Gauri is completely drowned in confusion by his talks. She say, Omkara ji.. what do u mean? How can hugging be a treatment? See I’m already confused with my studies and now u r adding more fuel to that. Om hold his head and say, Oh god.. U pagli chiraiya.. still don’t u understand? I mean to say that hugging the person u love the most.. maybe ur mom, dad, ur friend, lover or spouse will make us feel relaxed and feel good. Its also one of the tradition for greeting people in western countries like we join hands or do hand shake. There is also scientific reasons to hug our beloved ones.. because it releases Oxytocin hormones.. I mean.. its also called feel good hormones.. it will make us feel good. They pay to cuddle and get good feel about them. So I thought to do same with u.. as a good friend of u. But I’m not compelling u to do this. I just wanted to do this as ur stress burster. It’s up to u. Om wait for her reply.

Gauri gets thinking and finally nods with shy. First they were awkward to start, they struggle a lot to find their comfortable cuddling position.. finally they settled. That was really pleasant and relaxing night for Rikara. In fact they were not able to sleep because of this new found happiness and closeness between them. Om just caressed her like a pet and pecked kiss on her forehead at times. Gauri felt embarrassed and difficult in beginning.. but later felt comfortable with his care then she too reciprocate. They remember all those days and moments since they first met in Bareilly. Sometimes they even silently giggled by thinking their funny moments. They didn’t speak any word, they were just lost in their own dream land and thoughts. They fell alseep at some point. Next morning, Alarm rings and Gauri was first one to wake up. She turned off alarm and realized that she is in her Pati’s arms who is still cuddling her. It was the best morning in her life. She felt like there was no weigh on her head and felt like a feather. She blush remembering their last night talks and silly stunts. She saw Om sleeping peacefully and looks so innocent while sleeping. She just wanted to kiss his forehead and lean forward, it was disturbed by a knock on the door. It was Shivay who called Gauri for mathematics class. Gauri then remembered that she have to go for classes and prepare for exams. She say, 5mins Bade Bhaiya..Shivay say, Ok and come fast.. he leaves to study room. Gauri turn to see him and just pecked quick kiss on his forehead and went to refresh. She wonder how she forgot all those stress within a night. She pray to god and feel like her mind is very clear like bright sky.. she have no confusion and stress about exams. With same fresh mind she attended her mathematics class from Shivay and what a surprise.. she was able to understand and solve problems much better than ever. Even Shivay was surprised to see Gauri solving problems like swift. After class, Gauri preparing tea for Omkara and get thinking how her stressful life turned to blissful life within few hours. She say, its all ur magic Omkara ji.. Ur art alone don’t have magic.. u urself is a magic and work it out on others too. She was overwhelmed and happy. She took tea to him and when he woke up, she greet him with tight hug and happily share how she felt after his magical treatment. Om too said it was new feel and how he feel after that. Then they have happy morning chai. They were cuddling that night.. and then it became routine till her exam ends ( even after that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ). Between that time there were lots of emotions, feelings that developed between them and becoming closer day by day. Then their relationship also went to next step. There started their happy life journey.

How was that guys.. ok I know it was not like u expected.. but just think.. how can my Om behave like cheapde all of the sudden. It takes some time right. Also it takes some time for me too, to give intense romantic scenes.. because I have to know and learn a lot from my Romance guru Shraddha and Radhika Sharma πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Ok now I wanted to share y I wrote such creepy story for my Rikara. When I was scrolling through my fb newsfeeds I saw a eye catchy article about Tokyo’s cuddling cafe written by someone. When I read that article I found it strange.. yeah.. bcuz it was not our culture and being a south Indian chiraiya I found it’s none of my business and avoided.. but in this complicated confusing life we don’t know who will inspire us to do something good (I feel gud abt this FF because for first time I have tried my Romance side in writing) sometimes life will make a very big impact from least expected things. So same happened to me.. When I read that article and then those spoilers.. my Rikara obsessed mind did some chemical reactions and gave this story as a result πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› So without second thought I shared this with u guys. Here I would like to thank that person who wrote article about cuddling cafe. And now its ur time to bash me with ur Words, eggs, tomatoes.. even slipper (only new one.. tat too free size, new design slipper) r welcomed.. come on guys pls bash me with ur comments.. I never mind if its good or bad but I want to know whether I can write romance part hereafter or not.. only by ur comments I can know that.. take care my drs.. love all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  15. Awesome.I don’t have words to describe this.?????It’s beyond anyone’s imagination.I loved it from core.????

    U r a fab writer Verna dii.This is called made for each other couple like our Rikara.?????
    And previous episode was damn nice.Obro brothers and Obro bahus convo was too gud.
    Keep writing dear.???And definitely we r not gonna throw eggs,tomatoes and Chamelis on u.

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      Thank u Sangee.. even I don’t know that I can write romance part.. ur words means a lot for me dr

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    Wow wow Di, ur first attempt was itself ekdum khidkitod……. My his u r so good in writing romantic stuff, not bad, online girl…
    Extremely sorry for being late my dear Di, & I’m sad that this one finished fast?

    Anyways eagerly waiting for more beautiful rikara stuff & ur weekend shots?

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Romance guru πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ it’s my pleasure to get such positive cmnts from my guru πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ll try to give my best in upcoming writings πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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