cshraman fanfiction ( ek duje ke vaaste ) part-1


Hello guyss me Maria again here with an os of shraman 🙂
Hope u like it guyss 🙂
Lets start:
It is a beautful day —-
A beautiful girl ws sitting outside of a beautiful cafe on a table——-
She saw a beautiful flowr pot….. She goes near it n said to those flowrs…
Girl: hy beautiful flowers…..!! 🙂 u r soo beautiful.. u knw wat i want a job dats y i came here in dis city….. but i dont know whwre to find it….. she strts to go n sddenlyy saw a paper lying on d raod…..
—– it ws an artical of a job at a cafe——
—— she happily picks it up n goes to d address——
Their was a boy packing his stuffs—–
Girl entered in d cafe——–
G: hy i…..i..am Sumo… u published an….acticle
( yes guysss d girl is our beautiful Sumo)
boy: hmm ab nai job offer khatam…..
s: plzzzz 🙁 no plzzzzz i really need dis job
boy : luk my parents want me to get married to smeone else soo i am going to my parents sorry……
— he strts to go—-
—- Sumo holds his hand–
S: plzzzz…plzzz dont go help me na..
( boy comes close to her n pulls hr on a table)
Boy: than u have to act as u r my wife! 😉 agree..?? 😉
Girl hesitates—–
Girl: o….ok.
(n yes guyssss i forgot to tell u dat d boy is our handsome shravan)
—– now shraman live together in the de same house but in different rooms——
Sumo starts liking him—– 🙂 🙂 🙂
On day—-
He ws sleeping on d couch she comes to him n puts blanket on him——
He change his position n she runs upstairs—– 😀
Now 1 day shravan parents came— 😀
He wakes her up n make her meet wid his parents—-
His parents: we must say….. U r vry lucky to hav such a beautiful wife!! U r very beautiful Sumo!!!! May god keep u both togethrvlike dis always…..!!
( Sumo smiles sadly)
Next day all were waching a film an a romantic scene came…. 😉
(both feels awkward)
N after dat they sit togethr fr dinner ——
Shr signs suman to make him eat—– she does so—- 😀
dayss passes n both gets very frndly wid eachothr—–
(he teaches her how to bake different chocolates… 🙂
But 1 day his parents go back to their home…..
After his parents go—–
Shr: so….. u r free….. u can go if u want to…. n u have learnt many thngs…. 🙂 (he smiles sadly
—– she takes her ring off n gives him——
Sumo: here….thank u fr everythng…..ab mai wapis ja kr…..(he looks on)
She sadly says: yes i am going bck to my city aftr. some days….
She goes…..
Days passes :
he starts to miss her…..
He always thinks of her while sleeping,reading he also imagins her in dll kitchen ……. When she cooks or bakes….. 🙂 🙁
one days she packs sme chocolates fr her family whi remembers him——–
She misses him—
She was waithing at d road fr taxi—-her
Suddenly she saw Shr infront of her—–
Shr coms to hr—-
Shr also have chocolates in his hand— he gives her —-
Here i got dem fr u…..
Sumo luks at him…..
Sumo: thankxxx
Shr: hmm…. can i say something??
Sumo: sadly nods
Shr: i dont know wat just happened to me ??
I started missing u since the day u left——
(Sumo luks at him happily)
Sumo: really..???! 🙂 🙂
Shr: i also got smething fr u…..
(he takes out thier fake wedding ring)
Shr: can i say something??
Sumo is dam happy n nods—
Shr: i luv u— dis is our fake marriage ring but dis time i want to make it real! 🙂 🙂
Sumo: can i also say smething???
Shr: hmmm??
Sumo: i love u…. Happily— i loved u since d first day we met!!!
Shr is vry happy——
Shr: can i ask smething???
Sumo happily nods—-
Can i hug u?? He says 😀
(she happily hugs him)
they hug eachothr very tightly—- 😉
Aftr d hug he makes he make her wear ring……
N was about to kisss her…..
Sumo: oyyyyy no kiss before marriage!! 😀
Shr: ooooho !! they touch theitlr forheads wid eachothr—-
Sumo: i luv u….
Shr: i luv u toooo my luv……
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ❤❤
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ? —— THE END——-
so guysss how was it???
Do comment!!
Love u all!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Credit to: maria

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  1. Angel_pari

    it was awsomeeee….especially confession wala part ek dam cute like u …… U rockz yar as alwayz

    1. Thankssss alot angel diii !! M really glad u liked it 🙂 🙂 😀

  2. Shalini Naicker

    It was fantastic loved it yaar. Keep it up Maria.

    1. Thanksss alot shalini dear!!! 🙂

  3. Ahh!! Helooooo guyssssss 😀 i wnt to tell u smthing dis is nt the name of my os i clearly write it ” fate brings us together a sharaman fanfiction” n u can see urself what did TU do with it god……… Lgta hai khushi n lovely Di ke vaad now its my turn 🙁
    Furthur dey also didnt post mt ff part 7 it has been 27 hours i sent a message to dem so sorry guyys it didnt posted on tym i will write it again….. 🙁

  4. It was cute.. Short and cute.. Write more os.. Amazing one.. Waiting for more

    1. Thankss alot nikki….. 🙂 definately write next 1 soon…. glad u like dis 1 🙂 🙂

  5. Simple..and sweet..yaar..☺☺
    Is sey zyadha kya describe maroon my..??

    1. Hahahah thank u sooooo much so na Di 😀 😀

  6. Sweet n simple…waiting for more

    1. Thanxxxx a lot shiny 🙂

  7. Bhoomi

    Superb os…. Write more os plz…..

    1. Thank u sooo much bhoomi Di !! will definately post nxt 1 🙂

  8. short but beautiful

    1. Thankxxx dear 🙂

  9. Lado_mishi

    Wow Maria….. I must say u have a great imagining power yr….keep it up and do keep posting such nice OS and yes don’t take tension tu will upload ur ff soon nhi toh hum sab milke inki watt lga denge???
    What say??

    1. Hahahahha thanks alot lado 😀 u guyss liked my os so much ab toh ek or likhna hi padega!! 😀
      yr ladooo finally 2nd time post karhi diyaaaa hahahahha or jahan tk wattt lgane ki baat hai dobara kia toh zarooor lagain gai mil kr sb!! 😀

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Its just fab n too good keep it up dear lovely os

  11. Thank u soooooo much fatarajo 🙂

  12. LovelyLady

    really ye Tu al sabko irrtate kerte rhte h……. inka na hm sab GABBAR SINGH rkh dete h………wt say????????
    cmng to the story…… it was damn gooooooooddddddddddd

    1. Thankxxx alot lovely dii !! 🙂
      han sai kaha ap ne aj se in ka naam gabbar singh 😀 hahahahah

    2. LovelyLady

      * TU wale..

  13. LovelyLady

    guys i m realyyyyyy sry to all of u i cnt cmmnt over everybody’s ffs. i m stuck sm whr……. bt guys swear i m readng every ones ffs whn ever i get tym. hope u wll understn n figv me………….. i m wrtng next prt of
    Toether Forever…… i wll send it vry soon bt really donno whnn wll it be published………….. hope u wll love it……..

  14. Khushi

    Ohhh Maria….u r so good yr….tum itne ache romantic scenes kaise likh leti ho yr…mujhse toh nhi hota….main toh bilkul unromantic person hun…anyways loved it yr….plz aise hi OS post karti rha karo….they are so good

    1. Hahahhahaha khushi ye kya keh dia mujh se ziada unromantic person tumhe dunyaaa mai nai mile gaa!!! 😀 mai apne school mai alone n happy kehlati hoon 😉 😀 hahahhaha lekin bs shraman is d frst ever couple in ke liay romance jaag uthtaaa hai 😀

    2. N thankxxxxx alot fr commenting khushi…… Ab toh ek or post krna hi pade ga 😀

    3. LovelyLady

      are khushi yaar real life me pyar wyar kro apne hi sare romance ki cheeje sikh jaogi… 😉

      i m sry agar mere majak se bura lga ho…. mujhe lga ki mai tumhare sath msti kr skti hu islye maine likha…..

    4. Sumo

      really mujhe v sare happy single khte h.. unromantic to nai hu.. pr real life experience nill h.. ???

  15. Dont worry lovely dii ……..! We can understand……
    🙂 n hope it will post soon 🙂 will definately love it!!

  16. Sumo

    oh ho .. our beautiful maria.. wat a beautiful story… wid beautiful sumo n beautiful na na .. handsome Shravan… n beautiful dialogues… ??? I must say u write beautifully.. ???

    1. Hahahaha thankxx alot Sumo dii fr beautiful comment!!. 😀

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