crushes (sadda haq) Epi 5


Here u go 🙂

Randhir ‘s pov
my life was just full craziness… crazy frnds …crazy family … my dad he was my bst frnd more thn my dad … my mom who always teased me whnevr i shyly talk abt my marriage … my bro …he is settled in banglor…he is married now…enjoying life with his wife and cute baby girl …. so it was my turn now to get married …. bt at the age of 23 … i mean really ….???!!!!

i mean isnt it too fast… aah watevr …my mom starts looking girls tht in temple, weddings, evn in shopping malls… crazy mom
one day she just ask a girl directly whether married or not … i was jst “kill me “… how can she ask like tht.. due to embracement i jst drag here from there.. aftr tht incident i nvr went to temple with her..

somewht i managed to get admission in aided college tht too for mcom… there my frnds ufff such a wonderful gang …i feel soo lucky … as usual whn they came to my home my mom put this topic … they too starts teasing …. i was elder for them as i went for othr course aftr bcom …they all were 2 years younger so they called me bhayya… i loved it… and tht stupids planned a mission .. u know wht was its name….” bhayya’s marriage “…. y they want me to get married huuh … any way their stupidities are just funny haha..

due to continues topic of marriage i too started to think abt my girl … aaw my girl… it sounds good naa..!!! wht must be the qualities i need in her. i started to think it deeply …. some times i find my self smiling for noo reasons on thinking abt my girl & my own family!!! bt afraid of the responsibility … itz too important naa…any way i only have two more year to study aftr tht i will surely get married … uuff my mom …she nevr let me free ..
we will see whether i get a girl of my type or not ……

will continue in nxt episode …!!! hope u enjoy 🙂

with love ishu

Credit to: ishu1234

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  1. Amazing ff dear…nice writing skills u have….??luved it

    1. thankw soo much mah dr frnd 🙂 🙂

  2. Its so cute…n feeling so nice while reading this..
    i loved it..??

    1. thankew mah dr..btw happy birthday abhi… love u soo much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Nice ya.. real lifely touch can be see in ur story.. really nice ya

    1. thankew mah frnd 🙂

  4. It’s nice dear…….. love the moment he thought about his girl……

    1. thankew 🙂 🙂

  5. awesome ff ..i loved it

  6. thankw 🙂

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