My Crush Mr Maheshwari…..Swasan [PART 4]

Hiii peeps let’s start
Shomi took Shona to mandap and stepped back.
Swara was crying and sanskaar was giving a Damn angry look …
Pandit ji chanted mantras …. Sanskaar filled Sindhur and tied mangalsutra
Pandit ji asked them to get up for pheras …
1st phera: I promise u Swara i will never give u happiness
2nd phera: I will not do anything for u as husband or frnd
3rd phera:I will snatch your dignity and virginity …
4th phera:so, I promise your life would be hell
5th phera: I promise u sanskaar I will do my duties of being a perfect wife
6th phera: I will never give u sadness
7th phera: I will make ur life heaven

At backyard
Shomi: anapoorna jii pls pay my amount
Ap: SURE… and thanks for your daughters … they will be my next playgirls
Shomi : but I want 3crores
Ap : SURE…. and gives a suitcase
Both shakes hand
……( u all imagine of raglak scenes)
At sanskaar’s room
Swara’s Pov
I don’t know what would be his next step but I have to fulfil his all desires ….
Sanskaar’s pov
Now look Swara…. u will pay for every moment now …

Swara’s Pov
I am ready for everything

Sanskaar’s pov
Now I am just coming

Sanskaar entered the room with angry look and immediately moved towards Swara…
Swara stood up..
Sanskaar hurriedly sticked her to the wall and made his lips get locked with swara’s lips .. and he wildly kissed her Swara started crying sanskaar was hungrily and lustfully kissing her …
He finally got separated from her due to lack of oxygen
He pushed her on bed …and undid her clothes and jewellery forcefully making her hurt ..
He undid her bra and started pressing her boobs and sucking them hard … Swara was bit enjoying it and started moaning in excitement
Then he travelled down to her clit and started rubbing it …. Swara was experiencing unbearable enjoyment and soon he placed his tongue on her clit
Soon she started breathing heavily…. she shivered and climaxed…without wasting time sanskaar was in her and started thrusting… and swaraaa was crying and begging soon … they both climaxed…
And sanskaar sleept and Swara was still crying

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  1. Adishu

    hey bhagwan r they mothers….what the hell were they talking….

  2. Good

  3. Kakali

    Shomi, Yuckkk..!! How a mother she is ? Disgusting..!!
    The 3rd pherra was like i will slap Sanskar hard..!! chii..!!
    He said he would Snatch her virginity n dignity,he did it gosh n Swara enjoyed being forced by him..!! Omggg quite impossible to think about it..!! Continue soon.!! Thnk u..

  4. Nice………But ap n shomi.disgusting……..

  5. It’s looking like u e running your story

  6. Mica

    oh God!!!!! please give a warning for mature content dear!! many minor visit this site…
    see ? you spoiled innocent me.. huaaaa.. now i’m not innocent anymore…

  7. Yaar …..Swara keyse enjoy kar sakta hey??,?
    plz ye clear karna….
    Pata nehi age kya hoga….
    Plzzz cntnu…

  8. hate sanky..

  9. AnuAnn

    Something missing in this story

  10. Deeksha

    Dear… Pls give a bit summary in two lines next time…. Pls…. I am having a bit confusion about swara and Sanskaar feelings…..!!!!!!

    Anyway it was awesome episode dear…!!!!!

  11. God… What type of mothers are they? ? Disgusting.. And sanskaar is a rapist. ? i have a doubt, how can swara enjoy while being forced by him?
    Nice part. But make sanskaar positive.

  12. Niku

    I thought in last chp their is a 360 degree turn …..but now I realize that was a 180 degree….n in this chp. What u did called 360 degree….I hate their mothers….

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