My Crush Mr Maheshwari…..Swasan [PART 3]

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Swara’s Pov
Did I loved the wrong person …he is not that as I hoped so.. I wanna slap myself …. but how can a drastic change can come … but what is he doing here.. Did he had any relation with ragini ….

Swara came in the senses with a patt on her shoulder
She was non other than shomi
Shomi: do you him
Swara: NO but who is he (saying lie)
Shomi: he is Ragini’s brother in law
Swara :oooo but he is so rude and arrogant
Shomi : yes because he got betrayal from his love….it is very long story …i will tell u afterwards
Swara: mom pls tell me now ..pls pls pls
Shomi :ok ok
4 years ago
He was used to sweet and gentle boy ….but one day he downloaded a game in which we can chat with other players… he met a girl charu … they started talking and fell in love ..
After a year they both got married but after that day his life got changed
Charu was a drunkard and slept with boys for fulfilling her lust …. everyday a new guy came and had s*x with her….she also enjoyed… soon she started misbehaving with family and started blackmailing sanskaar…. She got pregnant of unknown person….she aborted it but soon she again got married … then she asked 3 crores from sanskaar he didn’t gave so she filed FIR and police arrested sanskaar and she took 3 crores ru away and never found till now..
That’s it … sanskaar stopped trusting every girl …

Swara: (while crying ) SHE broke his heart
Shomi : yes ..ok now I am going ….

Swara was still crying …then suddenly she got up and searched sanskaar …she found sanskaar having alcohol..
Swara:stop it sanskaar
Sanky: ooo who are u to me ….
Swara: I am your brother’s wife’s sister
Sanky : ohh u want to fulfil lust ….want 3 crores… yes miss Swara want
Swara:splashes water on his face ….
Mr.alcoholic it is time for pheras

They all gathered near mandap
Pandit ji: Sindhur is missing
Ap:sanskaar pls bring that … It is kept in temple
Sanskaar nodded inn yes
Sanskaar bought that but was still in the control of alcohol….
He was not walking in senses and Swara immediately turned and all Sindhur got filled in her mark
Pandit ji : now u both have to marry
Swasan :no way
All family members looked at each other and smiled
Ap: pls send your other daughter with us as our bahu.
Shomi : why not
Swara: but mom
Shomi: NO… come with me u get ready

Shomi dresses her up

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  1. Deeksha

    God…. Loved the twist…. Continue soon…

    1. Moulirao07

      Thankss deeksh a.. ..

  2. Way kind of parents Swara has

  3. Twinklingjasmine

    Awesome twist..loved it..?

  4. Simi

    Twist ??

  5. Kakali

    I’m shocked with the behaviour of Swara’s parents..!! like seriously?
    anyway nice twist.!! whatever the reason is MY SwaSan have to be one..!! they are made for EO..!! loved it dear..!! post next one soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Moulirao07

      Yaa?? kakali and of course Swara and sanskaar will become swasan anyway

  6. Arshaanya

    How can swaraz parents agreed to marry her wid drunkard n not even ask for her ans… vry strange ????
    N sanky is divorcee ????

    1. Moulirao07

      There is also a twist

  7. Niku

    That’s ….out of world ….twist….Pls. pls. Update soon….

    1. Moulirao07

      Sure sure sure

  8. Raina

    *widening my eyes* what a twist!? but how can the family members talk like this, i am sorry, may be there is any other reason! but still i think its an injustice done to swara, sorry don’t take me wrong

    1. Moulirao07

      No I am not taking it wrong ….. I know I have lot of questions…. but after reading further… I will get satisfied

  9. Awesome ?

  10. Mica

    oh God!!!!! how easily Shomi said “why not!” for her daughter marriage, it’s her daughter marriage omg!!!!!!!!!! even when Swara has objection and sanskar is a drunkard now….

    1. Moulirao07

      Yaa dear so easily…. feeling bad for her???

  11. What was that?? ? How can they send her forcefully with a drunkard.. ? At least i didn’t expect that from shomi..
    Any way that was a nice part & shocking twist.

    1. Moulirao07

      Thank you…. shocked naa …. wait and have more shocks

  12. Superbbbb…
    Plz update nxt part soon

  13. Twist……. Nice……

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