My Crush Mr Maheshwari…..Swasan [PART 2]

Hiii peeps
Swara Pov
In Flight
Why do we have to lose everything that we have always been holding onto, after everything that we’ve been through together..?

I kept thinking that this loneliness, this sadness, this.. emptiness would be gone if I kept you by my side. But now, I realize that even though something is near you.. they feel.. distant. Was it because I was forcing them to continue staying by my side? Was it because.. because you don’t feel the way I wanted you too. Was it because.. was it because I was too selfish to realize what you truly felt? Was it because.. I was always focusing on my feelings, that I didn’t even have the time to consider what YOU felt? Or was it because.. you saw right through me..?

I thought that this love was our destiny. I thought that you would always stay by my side because.. I felt something connect between us when we first met.. All I ever wanted for us to be happy, but I guess things wasn’t like the way it was before..

I just wanted to say.. that even after all we’ve been through, you thought me something special. Even though our love didn’t last, I truly realized how it felt like to have a true love… The last thing I ever received from you was your last smile… and the first and last letter you gave to me..

His Letter
Dear Swara I know that we are FRNDS since last three months and I hardly stop myself to msg u soo I am blocking u as my gf Charu didn’t liked our frndship and she is getting angry … we also chatted on this game and fell for each other
So I am blocking u bubye forever


The hardest part of being broken is moving on with your life though you’re miserable inside. the excruciating pain will be a torture for each and every passing day. it’s hard to live like your normal self again, because all you could think about is the pain of losing someone you dearlylove….and most painful is…losing him because of somebody else. no soothing words could compensate the pains……every chatting moment without him is a constant reminder that he’s no longer yours…


It was Ragini’s wedding Swara missed all functions but she was at wedding …. everyone were like thank goodness she came Swara came and welcomed her when ragu saw her she ran jumped ans hugged her tightly and started crying as they are meeting after couple of years …. sharmishtha was too in tears seeing sisterly love and shekhar went near them and hugged them….. the complete seen was so emotional…..

Shomi : get ready Shona baarat would be coming …
Swara :Yes mom
She left
After some time she came looking no doubt gorgeous ..
And that moment the baarat ROCKED the baadi

When Swara was busy meeting relatives … Swara saw a mischievous man…
Swara to herself : I have seen that guy somewhere but where
Note : only his back is shown
And than he turned ..

Swara:SHOUTED: Sanskaaarrrrrrrrrr…..
You game waala sanskaar …
Note : sanskaar sent his pic on their convo
Sanskaar: ohh hello I am that only but you sl*t pls go get life … I am not that sweet sanskaar now .. I am an arrogant one… who hate girls becuz all the girls are characterlesss ….

Swara was hell shocked and was guilty that she crushed on this Damn man????????

How is the concept guys

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