My Crush Or My Love – SwaSan (Two Shot-Part2)


Thanks for response in my first part.. Here comes the second part…!!

SwaSan goes to their respective homes . A small smile crept on their faces.. As soon as they reach home, they both jump in their beds and recalls their past life..


Swara and sanskar were neighbours from childhood. They play together, tease together and do lots of fun together. Swara was nothing without sanskar. She was so dependent on him.. But never shows it.. Sanskar is 5yrs elder than Swara. They use to pull eachothers leg alot. They used to be like enemies when it comes to any game. They don’t give up so soon.. It was sanskars habit to tease swara,he loves to tease her. This was one of the main reason of their separation…

It was when swara was 10yrs and sanskar was 15yrs..

Sanskar was chasing swara from her apartment to his apartment.. Swara was laughing hard and shouting

“Jerry Jerry Jerry.. ”

Sanky was chasing her in full on angry mode..

Sanky: stop Shona.. Don’t call me tat..
Swara: haha.. Jerry.. Hahahha. You are really a jerry..

Sanky atlas catch her wrist ..

Swara: ouch.. Ahh . Sanky shorry…
Sanky: wat were u saying..
Swara: jerry(burst out laughing)

Sanky starts tickling her..

Sanky : wat did u say..
Swara: hahaha.. Jerry.. Hahaha.. Ahh oh my gosh…(shouts) Aunty…

Sona comes running from Kitchen hearing swara’s scream..

Sona: sanskar, wat are you doing..

Swara runs and hides behind sona showing her tongue out..

Sanky: mom she is calling me Jerry..
Sona: Jerry??
Swara: haan Aunty.. Tom wala jerry.. hahahahahah…

Sona too laughs out loud..

Swara: I’m right na aunty.. ??
Sanky: mom, u too joined her.. (pouts) mom i told her to call me Cherry.. But she is calling Me Jerry.. (frowns)

Sona laughs..

Sona: Cherry kyu..??
Swara: some girl In his class told him tat he is like cherry(laughs) so he is asking me to call him Cherry.. Heheh.. Jerry Acha hai na aunty..
Sona: ya swara.. Jerry is better than Cherry..

The duo burst out laughing..
SwaSan came out of their thoughts and smile on those moments..

Swara(monologue):I really miss you sanskar. I just wish to go back to those days , where only you and me were there .. Damn these feelings.. Damn they would have never came.. I just wish, you could have never asked me that question.. Why is life so complicated..? But Wat you did today (she touches her lips) does that mean you too?? But that day you made it clear sanskar.. Wat happened now.. (a lone tear escapes through her eyes)


SwaSan bond increases as the the days passed. May be years passed.. It all changed when swara attained puberty. Sanskar started missing her in those days. They dint meet in those days. Atlas swarA was back and It was first time sanskar felt different on seeing swara.. She was beautiful.. He even admitted..

Sanky: arei Shona, wats the matter, you are looking beautiful.. (winks at her)
Swara: you mean, i was looking ugly before(she starts beating him)

Sanky laughs..

Sanky: arei no Shona.. (pulls her cheeks) you are always a devil..

She widens her eyes,again she start beating him.. He laughs and the duo started to fight again.. From that day swarA was being put under restrictions by her mom. Though their parents were not such typical minded but mishti was being possessive over swara as she was still innocent.

So mishti used to tell swara to keep a fair distance from boys. But swara was behaving same with sanskar. She felt protected around him.. It was usual habit of swara to Caresses sanskars hairs. She loves his hair alot. Where ever she see sanky near window, she pulls his hairs and runs away. Sometimes he beats her for doing it, sometimes complains to his mom..

Years passed but swara and sanskar dint change. Swara was 15 and sanskar was in his 20s. Sanskar started to bring his friends to his house.. One-day swara was going to school and saw sanky near his window.. It was her usual habit when ever she see him, her hands automatically goes to his hair. She tip toes and starts caressing his hairs. When he was abt to turn she pulls his hair and runs away laughing out loud.. This was noticed by sanskars frnd.

Frnd: wat sanskar. ? Are you both a thing..
Sanky: stop it yaar.. She is just a kid. We love to tease eachother..
Frnd: haan, may be love eachother..

Sanky dint took it seriously and made fun of his words.. This happens daily. Swara pulling his hairs or sometimes caresses it. One day Sanky caught her hands from the window and smirks..

Swara: sorry Jerry.. I was just playing..
Sanky: uff, Shona.. Wats the thing with you and my hair.. ??
Swara: your hair.. Haha.. It’s so soffyy…
Sanky: soffy.???. Forgod sake Shona.. From where do you find such words..

Swara laughs and again puts her hands in his hair.. He remembers his frnd question.

Sanky: why are doing this all the time.. It’s irritating yaar.. Love karti ho kya Mujhse?? Do you love me???

Swara was stunned with his question.. She dint know wat she felt. Wat they were?? They tease eachother, fight with eachother,support eachother.. Were they frnds or enemies. Now the question is did she love him??

She ran from him. Sanskar dint know the turmoil going in her mind. He just teased her in his way. He was happy tat she will not touch his hair from now on..

Days passed sanskar was restless, he dint see swara from that day, she always excuses herself and runs away from Him. He was frustrated with her ignorance . Where as swara had some foreign feelings. It was first time her heart raced seeing someone. She thought if she stay away from him, this feelings will go away. But little did she know that, it made a strong impact on her.

Sanskar being totally avoided by swara, made his anger to peak level. It was first time swara pushed sanskar when he caught her wrist. He felt rejected. Her Shona pushed him for the first time. He dint know the damn feelings he build inside her. Somewhere he was the one to make her realise it.

The next day shekar was bound to transfer to another city. When swara came to know about it, she felt a pang in her chest. She wanted to confess her love to sanskar.. She dint know it was love or wat.. But she felt something for him. It deeply affected her when her father told to pack their stuff. Reality hit her tat she won’t be able to see sanskar anymore. She cried out and went to meet sanskar.

What she heard in the corrider , halted her steps.. Sanskar was yelling at his friend

” wat the hell.. I dont like her.. I dont care if she talks to me or not.. How dare she to push me.??. Oh well how can I forget, she is 15,still a kid yaar.. Huh, it’s better I will ignore her as well.”

That’s when she stepped back. His words kept ringing in her mind. She screamed out loud to stop those words but it never left.. Tears streaming down her face

“I dont like her”
“She is still a kid”
“it’s better I ignore her”

Those words kept haunting her..

Swara came out of her thoughts almost with puffy eyes showing that she have been crying recalling all those moments..

Swara:(monologue) you don’t like me sanskar.. You considered me as a kid.. But that time, i had foreign feelings towards you. It hurted me to know you will ignore me, that’s why I left.. I left from there.. Ran away from you. I hate to be ignored by you. When we shifted here, I thought you are just my crush but the feeling dint go.. The more I tried to forget you, the more I missed you.. You weren’t my crush.. You were my love.. Yes my love.. I love you sanskar.. And I still do…

She cried alot until she dozed off soon saying the last words aloud…

Where as sanskar reminses the worst nightmare.. The loss of his Shona.. He dint realise his feeling until he lost her. The old saying is absolutely true.. “People understand the importance of a person only when they leave you.”. Same happened with him..


When swara pushed sanskar, he was shocked would be an understatement but he was frustrated. He have been rejected by others, but his Shona never obliges. She always makes him feel special . First itself her ignorance was making him mad and now, this so called “stay away” thing is frustrating him to the hell..

The next day when his frnd came over,he took all his frustration on him.. He even spit out the reason for his frustration.. Thats when his friend smirked

“you like her !!don’t you..??? I can see the care sanskar.. You both are not

Sanskar cuts him off

” wat the hell.. I dont like her.. I dont care if she talks to me or not.. How dare she to push me.??. Oh well how can I forget, she is 15,still a kid yaar.. Huh, it’s better I will ignore her as well.”

This made his friend to smirk wide.. He had an urge to punch and take off the smirk from his face.. Instead he pushed him away and locked himself in his room for the rest of the day.. His mom tried to bring him out.. She knocked his door many time.. But he was so angry, he dint want anyone to invade his privacy.. But little did he know that he was digging his own trap.

The next morning he got ready to confront swara.. He don’t want this hide and seek game.. He will just get to know wats going on in her little brain. If he had to kidnap, he will not hesitate to do it.. He wanted to know wats bothering her.

When he stepped out of his house, he got the biggest shock of his life.. His nightmare turned true.. Yes, he had a dream yesterday tat swara was leaving him.. Now seeing her house locked, he felt a pang. He quickly rushed to her mother and enquired.

Just then , he felt shattered.. She actually left him.. He shouted at her mother without caring how rude he was but instead of getting angry his mother soothed him with sweet words.. It was when he cried.. He actually cried in front of her mother.. He cried as If he lost his precious doll.. A child crying for his doll , wanting it right now..


Sanskar comes out of his thoughts wiping of his tear..
Sanky :(monologue) I wont cry anymore Shona ..(wipes his tears) I got you now. I wont let you go this time …. I searched you evrywhere but I dint find you.. I wasn’t able to forget you shona, tats why I made myself busy with studies. Tat day evrything changed. I realised your worth tat day.. i can’t live without you Shona…Since I have found you , now there is no escape for you.. I dont know what made you to ignore me, I will find out and confess my feelings soon.. Yes I realised my feelings for you Shona.. The more I ignored my frnds comments, the more I felt vulnerable without you.. I love you Shona… I love you alot.. I will soon make you mine….

With a determined face, sanskar entered into the dreamland without nightmares,a smile never leaving his face..

The next day was quite awaited morning in sanskars life.. And swara was little nervous to face sanskar after yesterday’s incident.. Anyhow she managed to reach her class. Today was her lab.. Full-day in front of sanskar, she thought to bunk the class but she knew he will do something new to keep her close to him..

Piya and sanam were sorry for leaving her in the middle. But swara shooks them off with her smile. Sanskar entered in the lab, dressed in professional but still not less than Greek god.. Girls were ongling over him.. How much ever swarA tried to ignore sanskar.. But she hated girls ongling over him.

Even in childhood when sanskar asked her to call Cherry, she purposely changed his name.. Cause the name cherry was given by another girl, which she hated almost.. So in frustration she named him Jerry.. But she loved the name now..

Same goes with sanskar.. He hated the name in the beginning but as time passed he almost missed her voice.. He was now in love with the name.. It may be childish but he liked that name.. Jerry.. He whispered to himself.. How much ever he love that name, he still tease her to call him Cherry..

His train of thoughts were disturbed by the girls giggles.. He cleared his throat and the students continued with their experiments.. Some naughty idea popped up in his mind. He started to take rounds in the lab in order to check students experiments..

After checking some students he came to swara and smirked. She just concentrated on her experiment. He kept staring at her with a naughty smile.. She knew, he was planning something.. So she tried maximum to avoid him.. He purposely dropped pen near swara and acts as if to take it.. But Swara stops him and took the pen instead, so that he won’t do any naughty things under the table..

Sanky’s smirk grew more when she did that.. It made him happy that she still knew his habits of teasing her.. Once on her 12th birthday, Sanky hided under her bed to wish her at 12. But being bored of staying under the bed, he started to caresses her feet and tickled her. She felt it to be some ghost..but she was even scared when he jumped out from the bed..

Sanky chuckles recalling her face at tat time. Now he deliberately takes the pen from her hand caressing a little.. She shoots him dragger while he just smirks.. She tried to take her hand but he hold her hand for a while.. Swara looks at sanskar’s back and widens her eyes..


Sanky leaves her hand and turns around to find no one..

Swara smirks at him. Now sanskars happiness bound no limits.. Her Shona was back..

Sanky: meet me after the lab on the terrace.

Swara’s heartbeats pumped out from her chest. She don’t want to face him again.. How much ever strong , she may show to the world but sanskar was the one who will quickly know if she was disturbed or wat.. She silently shook her head in decline.

Swara : why sir.??
Sanky: questioning me Miss. Khanna.. And again the word (gritting his teeth) sir..
Swara: (she spats) then wat should i call you, sanskar.. ??
Sanky: fiesty are you Miss. Khanna.. ??

Swara frowns..

Sanky: meet me by will or i will Make you meet me by hook or crook….

Swara’s jaws drop while sanskar winks and leaves with a smirk..

After lab hours, sanskar waited for swara almost for half an hour.. When she dint turn up, he ran his fingers through his hair..

Sanky: How can you forget sanskar, she is still your Shona.. Your stubborn Shona.. (he whispers to himself) My stubborn Shona.. (he smirks and makes a call.)

After exact five minutes swara came running into the terrace panting heavily..

Swara: wat the hell sanskar… Wat do you want?
Sanky: I want you..

She widens her eyes..

Swara: stop playing sanskar.. Pls.. Don’t complain to heads of department again.. Another complaint from any teacher will land me in problem.. My dad will definitely fix my marriage on the next day, when im expelled..

Sanskar dint knew this.. His breath hitched when he hears abt her marriage.. He was furious and next moment swara was pinned to the wall. Sankys eyes were red.

Sanky : wat the hell was it Shona.. You will not marry anyone..
Swara : stop controlling me sanskar.. You don’t have any right on me.. You can’t
Sanky: (cuts her off) stop right there shona.. I have evry right on you.. You were always my first priority.. And you know very well how much I car
Swara:(cuts him) enough sanskar.. You dont care for me.. Infact you don’t even like me.. I know, I heard it right through your mouth.. You just consider me as a kid.. I’m not a kid anymore sanskar.. This kid too have some feelings..
Sanky: that’s Wat I want to know Shona.. And wait, why the hell do you think I don’t care about you.. And who told,i don’t like you.. You don’t know how broken I was when you left me.. I searched you evrywhere.. I was devastated when you left me.. And you think I dint care about you..
Swara: stop acting as if you feel something sanskar.. I’m fed up of this.. I will be married next year . We were never friends not even enemies.. You din’t gave any name to our relation..
Sanky: coz I never thought you as my frnd nor as enemy.. You were one of the piece of my soul.. Wat name should I give Shona.. ?? I realised its meaning only when you left me.. I died at the moment Shona.. I merely died.. Thats when I realised, I will make you mine..

Yes Shona, I have always wanted you… I dont know wat was it that time.. Now I have realized I have always loved you.. And I always wanted you.. You were my crush and you were my love.. I love you Shona… I love you alot..And I promise you, I will never hurt you again.. Pls dont leave me again.. I will really di

Before he could complete she gave him a bone crushing hug..

Swara: I love you too sanskar.. I always loved you.. I dint realise my feeling Untill you questioned me.. I started ignoring you to get rid of these feelings.. When I got to know abt my dads transfer, I thought to confess my feelings but I heard you yelling at your frnd..

Sanskar broke th hug and cupped her face

Sanky: you know wat Shona, tat day I was really angry on you.. I have always been with you and u have never pushed me away from you.. But tat day I was broken so I started to yell to get rid of those strange feelings.. I got a nightmare too.. When I got up next day, i found u , no where.. This made me mad Shona.. I cried.. Do you know, swarA khanna, made me cry for the first time in my life..
Swara : (wiping his tears) you are crying now… (hugs him again) im sorry sanskar.. I promise, I will not leave you ever.. You are my crush and you are my love..

They hugged eachother passionately.. It was an long passionate hug . They finally confessed their love.. Both dint want eachother to leave. They cherish this moment ..Sanskar broke the hug and lifted swara in air and spinned her around..

Sanky: Shona, you made me the happiest man alive… I love you Shona.. I love you loads.

Swara laughed after so many years.. She use to smile and laugh before but those dint reach her eyes. She opened her arms in the air and shouted..

Swara : I love you too sanskar…

They both forgot that they were still in the college terrace.. A student and a professor confession was one of the wonder.. World may take this relationship in wrong way but this is why they say people should not judge the book by its cover. If anyone saw swasan in this state, they will surely expelled them for this kind of thing.. But their relationship was pious. They were the lost lovers who found their love after decades.

After what seem like eternity, sanskar finally put swara on her feet.. Both smiling whole heartedly.. She started to beat him recalling soemthing..

Sanky: hey Shona!! Wat happened.. Ouch…
Swara: you idiot.. You stole my first kiss forcefully…

Sanky smiles at her Childish behavior..

Sanky:(pulls her cheeks) Shona, you are still my kiddo.. I really love you a lot… (hugs her again)
Swara: (pushes him) oh hello Mr. Jerry, don’t cheese me.. I hate you now..
Sanky:hahah..shona, ok no cheating, I wont force you now.. Ok.. Come on, now kiss me.. (smiles naughtily)
Swara: shameless Jerry..
Sanky: it’s Cherry ( winks at her)
Swara: I hate Cherry.. I only love Jerry.. So now you decide Wat you want to be..??
Sanky: OK baby,(wraps his hands around her neck) I dont have any problem with Jerry.. As long as my tom(kisses her nose) chases me.. (winks at her)
Swara:(jaw drop) hawwww.. Sanskar, you made me in dilemma.. Should I be angry on you for calling me tom or should I be happy that I will be chasing you all round.. (pouts)
Sanky( smiles) : I love both the reasons Shona..

She hits his chest and tip toes and pecks his lips..

Swara: I love you..

Sanskar widens his eyes for her daring act..

Sanky: this is wrong Ms. Khanna… You should not seduce your professor..

Swara jaws drop..

Swara: oh professor.. (Kisses him again) ok sir… (winks at him and runs away.)
Sanky: Shona, dont call me sir.. (stamps his foot) you will be punished Now..

They both enjoy teasing eachother. This was not their end.. It was just their beginning..

Two years later!!!

Swara’s pov:
Oh my god!! Tomorrow is Jerry’s Birthday.. Thank god he is sleeping now.. Or else, he disturbs me whole nights.. Whoa you may be wondering wat happened in these two years, alot things happened.. Me and sanskar ran away.. Sounds silly righy But it’s true..

After our confession me and sanskar almost enjoyed in college.. Being a student and a professor is always fun.. Hahaha.. When nobody’s around Sanskar always stole kisses during classes ,yeah he is shameless.. His name may be sanskar, but he does all Asanskari works..

Don’t you think a professor should maintain distance from student.. (giggles) but he never does.. Whenver I tease him calling sir, he punishes me(pouts) but he and his punishments.. You won’t believe his punishments ends up with some sort of shameless thing..

Once piya caught us kissing..god that was so embarrassing.. ?.. I almost hitted sanskar for doing tat… She even fainted on the spot.. Later I explained our so called neighbour story and she again fainted.. She almost screamed her lungs out when she got to know about our relationship ..

Piya was all blabbering,” I knew, I knew… Something was going on between you two.”. But I was little relaxed after sharing this with my bff.. Sanam’s reaction was almost same but she was really happy for me.. They sometime tease us but were shocked seeing a new side of sanskar outside the college..

Though me and sanskar may be in relationship but he was professional when it comes to his profession.. He never treats me specially in class.. For him, all the students are same.. He never does partiality.. That’s the special thing about my sanskar..

Haan you all may be wondering wat abt my marriage?? That’s the reason we ran away.. I know running away is not a solution but when your family asks you to run away, wat you wil do?? Funny right..

Actually wat happened was, as soon as I finished my studies, my so called fiance came to India… Thanks to my Jerry, He recognised him as Jagan Pandey..

Yewwww the name jagan is somewat yewwww right.. I too felt that.. But what I got to know was, jagan and sanskar completed their masters in same college.. He even told me ,he is a short temper.. I was like ? ?he have accidentally Killed his girlfriend during college days..??

His father being a well known business man, cleared the case as a suicide.. Poor girl.. Now will I be his prey.???. Not In this world sanskar will leave me in the hands of psycho. Sanskar came to my parents and asked my hand.. But my father being over protective abt my future denied seeing sanskars profession..

What’s wrong in his profession.. My dad being dad, started his so called protective future lecture.. What I feel is, if you want your future to be perfect you don’t need money or anything, just a caring partner with a good heart is required..

First time I stood against my dads decision.. He almost opposed for it.. Later my dadis one order made my dad to shut his mouth.. But he dint give up.. He still opposed sanskars and my relation.. Then sanskar revealed abt that psychos doings..

Dad had same expression like mine.. ?Hehe.. Then wat, dad dint believe sanskar.. He thought sanskar is doing this to get me.. But my sweet dadi belived him. Dad arranged a quick marriage with that phycho.. But my dadi made me run away ?. And tats how we married…

I thought sanskars family will accept us.. As far as I know sona aunty loves me alot.. She still does.. When we went to sanskars house with garlands, both uncle and aunty were angry.. But sona aunty was happy seeing me.. But his dad dint accept me.. Then wat ??? sanskar left the house along with me.. Now we both are leaving seperately ..

But our family , especially our dads(shekar khanna and raj sinha) accepted me and sanskar, when they got the know I’m pregnant..Oh ya I forgot to say (ouch) this baby na.. Always kicks me.. I’m six months pregnant now.. Sanskar never left my side.. My dad also got to know jagans real face.. My dad and papa(Sanskar’s dad) always think business person only has Betrer future.. but my sanskar proved professional life can also make a man successful..

I forgot another important thing.. Sanskar finally succeeded in his invention.. He have been doing research on solar energy for power consumption. And he received an award for his discovery.. Gosh, he was so happy at tat time.. He Almost forgot I’m pregnant and started to spin me around.. It’s his old habit of spinning me whenver he is happy.. Now we are a happy family.. Though our parents accepted us but sanskar preferred to stay seperately.. We only visit then during weekends.. I’m so happy to get my family back.. Opps it’s gonna be twelve… Bye diary…

Pov ends..

Swara slowly tip toes and hovers over sanskar who was sleeping peacefully.. She sits on his stomach which makes sanskar to open his eyes wide. She leaned over him and pecked his lips..

“”happy birthday Jerry.. “”

Sanky: awwwww Shona (pulls her cheeks) I love you…
Swara:(smiles) I love you too…

He pulls her bedside him and hugs her sideways while swara’s hand automatically reached Sanskar’s hair and she starts caressing it..

Sanky: Shona… (kisses her cheeks) thank you for making me the happiest man alive.. (nuzzles his head in her neck) You are the best thing happened in my life.. (caresses her belly) I love you both..
Swara:(smiles) no.. You are my sweetest thing ever happened in my life. I still can’t believe, I actually got you sanskar.

Sanskar smiles and kissed her.. This kiss was not any urgent kissed they shared, not any kisses which were passionate enough.. This kiss was something which both shared promising eachother to be with , in evry step of life..

This kiss was to , remind that they both are actually together after so many problems.. They are together forever !!!!!… Almost they lost the hope of meeting eachother… But destiny always plans perfect..

If someone is meant to be , they are meant together… Their life was blessed.. Their parents accepted them.. And now they will have their own family.. Both were happy together..

“Their childhood crush turned into Teenage love which then turned into their true love.. ”

That’s what they say true love always win. They both were eachothers crush and eachothers love.. Yesterday and evryday. Today and forever..

Yeah finally… How was the part..?? I hope you enjoyed.. Sorry if not.. I tried my best.. It’s my first try..
I just wanted to convey some msg through it.. Every father just think to settle his daughters life.. But i want every father to have a deep thought abt her future.. Just money doesn’t give her best future..” The best future is where you get a best soul mate.. ” everyone should respect every profession…

Hehe.. I just can’t belive that I have started giving msgs in my chapters.. But guys i don’t know why, but I just share my thoughts as soon as it strike my mind..

Waise,i want all of you to comment on my views as well as my two shot.. I know this ts was my random thought. But I hope it was somthing different. . . I hope you like my story as well.. Silent readers, give your views as well…

And abt FFY readers.. Guys a big badaaa wala sorryy.. Hehe.. I will surely start writing it soon.. Till then enjoy my two shot…

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