My Crush Or My Love – SwaSan (Two Shot-Part 1)

Hey guys!! Remember me!!! I hope some may. This is sha!! Writer of FFY.. I know some may be waiting for my ff.. But this idea popped up in my mind,and I wasn’t able to stop myself from penning this.. let’s see how much you guys like this Two shot… This is my first ever short story. I was about to write one shot.. But it ended up with three shots.. And again I edited and made two shot.. Hope you like this piece of work..

A beautiful day with a hot sunrise. Birds chirping around, thus reminding about the fresh morning. A lady comes running into a room and opens the curtains welcoming the fresh sun rays. Someone squirms in the bed pulling the blanket over the head . The lady looks at the bed and shooks her head . She pulls off the blanket revealing a handsome young man. He wakes up rubbing his eyes and smiles sheepishly .

Lady: good morning..
Boy:(sleepy tone) good night mom..

The boy again sleeps flat on stomach. While the lady widens her eyes and shouts

Lady: Sanskar !!!

There was no response as he puts his pillow over his head and sleeps.. The lady goes near sanskar and takes out the pillow

Lady: Mr. Sanskar Sinha , if you have forgotten, it’s your first day of college..

Sanskar gets up immediately and widen his eyes ..

Sanskar: Mrs.Sonakshi Sinha , you should have told me first..

Sonakshi rolls her eyes

Sona: you are impossible sanskar.. It’s the fifth time I’m waking you..

Sanky grins and runs into the washroom.

Soan : (laughs) atleast take your towel..

He comes out again and takes the towel and runs again in the washroom..

After Shower, sanskar reaches breakfast table and there he greets his dad..
Sanky: morning dad..
Raj: morning Sanskar.
Sanky: mom, wats special(rubs his hand and sona serves his favorite aloo paratha)
Raj: sanskar, wat do think you are doing??
Sanky: of course eating dad!! (grins)
Raj: (serious) I’m not joking sanskar.. Be serious in your career..
Sanky:(mood off) dad, i have told you many times.. I will decide my career and I’m happy with watever I’m doing…. I dont want to handle your business.. I want to achieve something on my own..
Raj was about to shout but sona jumps in between and tells both of them to calm down.. Raj sighs seeing his stubbornness..

[Sonakshi Sinha : wife of Raj Sinha . A bubbly carefree mother and pampers sanskar alot , a bit strict as well
Raj sinha: a typical father who wants his son to handle his business but sanskar has other plans.]

Meanwhile a girl running here and there in her room making it a messy. A lady comes inside her room and shouts seeing it’s state..

Lady: swaraaaaaaaaaa!!!

Swara stands in her spot and turns around smiling sheepishly .

Lady: wats happening here??

Swara scratches her head..

Swara: mom, i cant find my bag (pouts)

Yeah the lady is Sharmishta aka mishti

Mishti: for a single bag, you have messed up your room.. swara it’s your first day of final year not your first year and still you aren’t able to find your bag?? You should have Arranged it yesterday!!
Swara: (frowns) mom, I dont know where I threw last year..
Mishti : wat abt the bag which you bought last week..
Swara:(hits her head) haan, tat too is Missing..
Mishti : (sighs) you won’t keep things in one place.. Oh god, when are you going to change.

Mishti starts cleaning the mess and still yelling at swara. Swara kisses her cheeks and run away to washroom .

Mishti : this is the only thing you know..(rolls her eyes) How to cheese people.. !!(arranging her clothes) For god sake swara, you are going to get married next year..

A lone tear escapes from swara’s eyes and she wipes it immediately..

Swara:(yells from washroom) I will disturb him in the same way mom..

Mishti gets swara’s bag from balcony , in the flower pot.

Mishti: haan, wat a good place to keep things.. (yells) swara, din’t u get any other place to keep your stuff..

Swara comes out of washroom wearing a loose top and legin ..

Swara:(runs and hugs mishti) you are my best mom.. Aww.. Thanks for finding my bag..
Mishti: swara,

Before she could yell

“mishti, atleast leave my princess today”

Swara: Haaa.. (hugs the person) I love you daadi
Dadi: (caresses her cheek) come down for breakfast..
Mishti : mom, you will spoil her one day..

Swara gets down after getting ready and looks cute and bubbly. At breakfast table swara nervously Greets her dad..
Swara:morning dad..
Shekar: good morning princess..
Swara smiles..
Shekar: so this year, you are completing your studies.. You have promised me, I’d you don’t do your exams well,then!!!!
Swara looks at dadi..
Dadi: Sheru, can’t keep quite while eating(shoots draggers at him)
Shekar keeps quite and swara sighs in relief but giggles on shekars pet name..

[Mishti Khanna: wife of Shekar Khanna ,a typical house wife and a strict mother.. Loves swara a lot but just behaves little strict so tat swara may not be spoiled due to over pampering-its her way of thinking
Dadi aka Shalini Khanna: mother of shekar khanna. Pampers swara alot. She is the one who can control both Shekar and Mishti.
Shekar Khanna: a little strict father, but keeps himself busy in business. Cares a lot about her daughters future. The main aim of shekar khanna is to set a secure future for her only daughter.. ]

[well evryone have been introduced wat about swarA and sanskar?? You will know it, as the story continues ]

As soon as swara steps into the college,Two girls comes screaming and running in her direction.


Swara closes her ears but the two girls hugs her tight such tat the trio falls down.. Some students laugh at their craziness.. While the trio burst out laughing.. Atlast they stand straight, stilll the two girls screaming their longs out..

Swara: oh my god, you guys are too much.. Wat happened now?? Did our result came(worries) oh my god. If I get low marks again, dad will throw me into the marriage hell..
Girl 1 : no swara, its more tat than??
Swara:haww.. Did Ms.Lata called me.. ??
Girl2: no swara.. (smiles sheepishly) it’s beyond that..
Swara:(irritated) whats the big thing above this .. No result, lata mam dint called me.. Oh my god, did vanita mam got her lab keys??
Girl1 & 2 : (shouts) nooo.. It’s still with us.. (laughs) she have decided to make new keys..
Swara: Haawwww…. Then our lab classes will start again..
Girl 2: may be.. But not so soon.. (winks at her)

The trio laughs evilly..

Swara: then wats the big deal..
Girl 1&2 : a new boy Is going to be in our class

The girls cheers…

Swara: uff.. sanam and piya… Stop it.. For just a guy, you guys took the whole college on your head.
sanam: no swara.. You will be mad seeing him..
Piya: haan, he is so hot.. Oh my god..
sanam: I just heard tat he will be coming to our class..

Piya screams..

Piya: then let’s move. Wat are we waiting for..

Swara rolls her eyes..

Swara: this is too much..
sanam: I bet, u will drool over him..
Swara: for god sake, Im engaged..
Piya: lol swara.. Hahaha…. Your parents have just fixed your alliance.. Your engagement is still pending..
sanam: haan kya pata, you will soon fall in love. (winks at her)
Swara: I may not be engaged by rituals but if my dad decides something, nothing gonna change..
Piya: everything will change Meri jaan.. Juts have a look at him. Waise he will be your future Jiju.. Well Im gonna call him hot jaan.. ??

sanam shoots draggers at Piya..

Swara makes an Yak expression..

sanam and piya pulls swara and takes her inside the class..

Everyone were seated in their respective place. Swara and Her friends greets other students in the class. A while after some chit chat, finally comes to their place… Piya and sanam starts their blabbering..

Piya: he is gonna sit beside me.. ??
sanam: oh hello, I told abt him first.. So Mr. Hotty belongs to me.?. ??
Piya: sanam, you are my sweet shissho na. So Plsshhhh let hot jaan sit with me..
sanam: no piya..
Swara:oh stop it guys.. (closes her ears) don’t fight for tat one idiot..
sanam: after seeing him, you are gonna fight along with us..
Swara:(grins) never in my dreams

The trio laughs at their own stupid behaviour.. Principal enters the class with a young man. All the students gets up and greets the principal. sanam and piya looks at the young man lovingly..

While Swara was unable to see him as principal and other students were blocking her view.. All the girls were ongling over him while the boys were jealous seeing him..

Principal : good morning students.. You may have your seat..

Evryone gets seated.. Swara looks at the girls who were talking abt the guy.. Piya and sanam whispers to swara..

sanam : so, did you see him??

Just then principal clears his throat hearing the girls drooling talks..

Principal : students meet Mr.Sanskar Sinha..

Hearing the name swara who was listening to her friend , snaps her head at sanskar’s direction and gets a biggest shock of her life..

Swara:(whispers) Jerry ….

Sanskar snaps his head , hear and there as if he heard someone calling him.. The principal continues..

Pricipal : A well known youngster who finished his doctorate at a very young age. A gold medalist for his recent discovery in San Francisco.. Students he is gonna be your Major Professor for this Academic year..

Hearing it, All the girls widens their eyes with their jaws drop . Where as all the boys sighs and chuckles seeing the girls.

Principle: Now I will take a leave, (at sanskar) Mr. Sinha you may take the lead..

Sanky: Thank you Mr. Sharma.

The principal nods and leaves the class..

Sanky: hello students. (seeing evryones faces,he chuckles) I’m not gonna eat you all. I have been through your phase, so it’s obvious you all may be nervous.. But I will be your friend rather than a professor.. I have been hear for the training after my continuos studies.

Suddenly A girl raises her hand.

Sanky: yes
Girl: sir whats your age??

Sanky chuckles

Sanky:(a breath taking smile) I’m 25.
Piya:(whispers to swara n sanam) hai Mai marjaava.. Our professor.. Oh god.. Then I will be full attentive in my class..

Sanky discuss some studies related information with the students.. Swara was hiding all the time whenever he turns In her direction.. Sanskar somehow takes a place in evryones heart with his carefree nature.

Sanky: oops, I forgot an important thing..
Students: (everyone) wat sir??
Sanky: your names(smiles)

Evryone smiled and starts introducing themselfs..

Swara was fidgeting with her hands being nervous. As the students tells their names her heart beat raises even more. After piya it was her turn. Sanskar snaps his head in her direction and same happens with swara. Their eyes met and she quickly averted her eyes,

Sanky:(whispers) shona..

Hearing the name which was a mere whisper she snaps her head in his direction, locking their eyes once again..

Piya and sanam giggles. They slowly shakes swara. Just then she realises the environment and calms herself..

Swara: myself SwarA.. Swara Khanna..
Sanky: (still in shock) nice to meet you Miss.Khanna..

The names continues but sanskar was lost in his own world.. Here nam-ya(sanam+piya) were squeezing swara..
sanam: swara, he answered you.. Oh my god.
Piya: his voice..hayyy Mai marjaava…
Swara: finished..

Nam-ya smiles sheepishly. Just then the bell rings and evryone leaves from the class for the next lecture.. But sanskar have been fighting himself in his mind .. When he comes to an conclusion, he saw swara’s place and finds it empty.. He bangs his fist on the table..

Sanky: I missed her again.. But this this time,I wont let u go shona…

Meanwhile swarA bunks her second lecture and sits in canteen in deep thoughts..

sanam: swara, wat happened?? You are disturbed..
Piya: haan, tat too after seeing Mr. Hot jaan. (giggles)
sanam: waise, u too fell for his hotness na.. (giggles again)
Piya: swara he is your Jiju..

sanam giggles..

Swara: guys pls..
Piya: waise, do you know him..

Swara keeps calm rubbing her temples..

Piya : you both were looking at eachother as if you knew oneanother..
Swara: piya, I dont know anyone. I’m just not feeling well..
sanam: haan, from the time you saw
Swara: stop it sanam..

nam-ya giggles..

Piya: OK OK… leave, we will have something..

The trio eats and spend most of the time in the canteen..

It was last hour of lecture which was indeed sanskars class. sanam and piya dint want to miss his class, so they decided to go their but they reach late.. Sanskar saw the trio and smirks..

Sanky: late on the first lesson..
nam-ya: sorry sir, we were stuck with other lectures..

Sanky nods and looks at swara..

Sanky :(raises his eyebrows) wat about you Miss.khanna??

Swara looks at him and his hair.

Swara: woh, I mean.. I was
sanam: sir, she was with us..
Sanky: I dont want you all to miss , any of my classes..
Piya: (smiles sheepishly) we will never miss your class sir..
Sanky: tats good..

The first day finally gets over, sanskar deliberately gives tough derivation to swa-nam-ya . When they weren’t able to solve, He ask them to stay after the class.
Piya : yaar, I thought he is so sweet but he is taking revenge on us..
sanam: haan piya, we came late na, tats why he is angry on us..
Piya : swara, from when did you became this much silent..
sanam: (touches swara’s forhead) are you fine swara.. I thought you might be angry on him till now.. Coz you never leave anyone who punish us..
Piya:i guess she is in love with him.. (swara hits her elbow) ouch.. I’m kidding.. we still dint forget Wat you did with vanita maam (giggles)
Swara: stop it guys.. I dint forget anything.. I know why he is doing this.. It’s his first day, tats why im leaving him..
sanam:(grins)awww…. tats like our swara..

Evryone leaves the class except nam-ya and swara..

Sanky: girls, don’t think I’m taking any revenge.. It’s just tat evryone came on time and learned the derivation which you dint.. I just thought to teach you all(looks at swarA)

Nam-ya widens their eyes, since he read their mind..

sanam: Aww.. So sweet of you sir.. Actually we really thought wrong about you..

Swara gives her stern look.

Sanky: (smiles) it’s OK..

While nam-ya grins.. Sanky explains the derivation in the most easiest form ..while swa-nam-ya understands it quickly.

[Swara khanna : A talkative, naughty and bubbly girl. Doing her bachelor’s degree in physics. Her father fixed her alliance with his business partners son. Her fiance is right now In New Zealand, they will be officially engaged once swara completes her studies..
Sanskar Sinha : naughty and a carefree person. Wants to achieve something on his own. Right now working on an experiment. Though he can make thousand people work under him but still he works under others as to spread knowledge. Searching for his shona from five years.
How do they both know eachothers will be revealed soon
Sanam and piya: both are sisters. swara’s best friends.. Partners in crime.. Open minded and carefree nature.]

Finally they learned the derivation.. The whole time sanskars eyes were on swara. SwaSan looks at eachother.

Sanky: so girls, did u find it difficult..
Piya: no sir. I’m gonna pass this year with flying colours..

Sanky chuckles..

Sanky: I hope so..
Sanam: yes sir..
Sanky: so Miss. Khanna, wat abt you..
Swara: Thanku sir.. It was quite easy..
Sanky:(smiles) my pleasure..
Piya: OK sir, we will leave..
Sanky: haan, u may leave..

Sanskar signs in defeat as he dint got a chance to talk with swara,.. He collects his notes with a frown on his face..

Meanwhile Sanam’s phone rings..

Sanam: piya, (screams) dad came along with driver today..

Piya widens her eyes..

Sanam: swara we will leave now.. Dad was screaming in my phone..
Swara: relax guys, chalo we will Leave..

Sankys smirks hearing it.. Piya and sanam runs out while swara follows them. But she was pulled inside the class again and pinned behind the door.. She widens her eyes and gulps..

Swara : sir, (stammers) leave me..
Sanky: (lifts his eyebrow) sir????
Swara: leave me..

She struggles to get free of his hold but sanskar pins her hand above her head and keeps his leg in between her legs to stop her moves..

Sanky:(with so many emotions) shona !!

Swara closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She missed this name.. She missed this voice.. She missed everything
Swara: (whispers) Jerry …

Sanky smiles on hearing his name after a long time,he kisses her forhead . He leaves her hands and cupps her face. While She open her eyes and their eyes met.

Meanwhile nam-ya finds swara missing but they run to the car, when their phone rings again..

Here sanskar caresses swara’s cheek with his thumb.

Sanky: Shona.. !!

Swara’s hands automatically reaches his hair. She touches it but pulls away immediately when sanskar smiles..

Swara: sir, leave me.. I have to go..
Sanky: no Shona.. I wont.. And to hell with this sir.. Stop calling me that.. And now tell me, why the the hell you left me..
Swara: I dont want to answer anything.. Sir, I have to go now (she tries to go)

Sanskar gets furious and pushes her on the wall. Swara closes her eyes seeing his state.

Sanky: I told you not to call me sir.. And I don’t think you are my Shona.. My Shona never keeps quite. You have changed alot..
Swara: haan, i have changed.. I’m now that Shona anymore.. I will not listen to you.. (a lone tear escapes from her eye)Why are you not leaving me.. ??
Sanky: (smiles faintly) tats like my Shona. You are answering me back(cups her face and wipes her tears) I Missed you so much Shona..

He kisses her forhead. Swara widens her eyes..

Sanky: why did go without informing me..(teases and pulls her cheeks) God, you are so cute now(kisses her cheeks) I missed you alot.. Do you know

Swara couldn’t take it anymore,

Swara: Pls, I wanna go home.. Pls sir..
Sanky: you have to be punished for not listening me. I warned you already not to call me sir .. Now it’s not my fault
Swara:pls s.ssi

He kissed her.. She tried to push him but he pulls her by wrapping his hand around her waist. He was being aggressive first but soon cools down when swara’s hand reached his hair. That was the effect she had on him.

She melts under him while he kissed her gently showing his love , care and how much he missed her these five years.. It’s been five years since they saw eachother . But there was not a single day, they dint think of eachother..

He slowly parts away…. Both of them breathing heavily.. Her hands still entangled in his hairs.

Sanky: I missed you shona(caresses her lips)
Swara: I missed you too Jerry..(hugs him)

She hugs him tightly hiding herself in his chest and weeps slowly.. He smiles and hugs her back with equal strength, may be more than that.

Sanky:(teases) it’s Cherry..

She smiles in his crook and widens her eyes when the reality hits her.. She parts away quickly and runs from there..

Sanky smiles seeing her.. He was happy that finally she hugged him which means her Shona was back.. So there was a little hope that she still like him. May be more than that.. Now he have got her in his life and will never let her go..
Tadaaaaaaa!!! How was this part…???
Oh my gosh….
Sanskar!!!! Who expected sanskar as student??(put up your hands) ??
How is sanskar as professor ?isn’t it cool.. ??
Will swasan be united or will swarA marry her fiance..??
How will sanskar react knowing abt swara’s marriage..??
Wats their past??
Do they have future together??
Opps so many questions.. Answers in next part.. ?
And guys don’t think me wrong for this student professor relationship.. I’m their pov, their destiny made their relation so they are not at fault.. In next part you will really love it after knowing their past..
And do you want me to post the next part..?? I will do only if you all are OK with it!!!
Waiting for your response… And do comment and let me know abt your views..

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