The crush love story of RagLak – 1

It is the infinity happiness when your crush was already loving you.
What happens when a your crush becomes your life partner.
What if your passion turns as your life.

This is the story of a girl who falls in love with her crush and that crush was already in love with her……


“Laksh… woohoo…! Lakshya Lakshya..” a girl is shouting outside theater.

“Ragini be quite. All are looking at us.” A girl is stopping her.

“I have to see the first day first show movie of my favorite hero..! I want tickets at any cost” Ragini says.

Her friend comes with tickets from queue. She was panting.

“Ragini,.. If my brother was not there we couldn’t have get tickets.”she says.

“Let’s go..” Ragini drags her friends in. Along with the crowd Ragini also cheers and shouts, throws the papers.
When Lakshya appeared on screen Ragini shouts and gives him flying kiss.

She whistles for the fighting scenes. After 2 and half hours the movie ends.

“Oh no. It was too short. But that heroin how dare she, she touched my hero many times. Thank god, there are no kissing scenes” Ragini is reviewing the movie. Her friends are laughing.

After getting to home, Ragini comes into her room. Her room is completely filled with hero Lakshya’s pics posters. Her coffee cup, her pen stand, even cover on her books his face is filled everywhere. Ragini sleeps remembering all the movie sequences of Lakshya.

In some movie shooting place…

Lakshya is acting in some scene. Around that spot all people have gathered. Lakshya finishes his take and sits in his chair. All people are cheering, “Laksh..Laksh”

Lakshya looks at them. This following is common to him. He smiles and waves his hand. All people shout even more louder,

“Aaaaaaa… Lakshya boss has waved hand to me..!!” Ragini excites. Who just came to see shooting with her friends.

“He waved hand to all. Not just to you.” Her friends say.

Laksh was waving his hand and then his eyes fall on Ragini. He stares at her.
“She is..” Laksh about to say something.
He takes camera focuses on Ragini and takes picture.

Ragini keeps her hands on her cheek, “my hero is taking my picture..” she says with dreamy eyes.

“He is not taking your picture. Everyone together.” Her friends comment.

Lakshya focuses camera on her eyes, which are looking in complete love at him. He keeps camera aside and starts walking towards her,

“He is coming in our direction.” Ragini jumps in excitement.

“Aahh, if his breath touches, that’s enough.” Ragini says again.

Lakshya comes directly towards Ragini which astonishes her. So many people forward hands to touch his hand, but Lakshya comes towards Ragini and gives his hand to her. Only to her,

Ragini stuns and stares him with big eyes. Her friends too amaze. Her friends shake her then she comes to world. Then she touches his hand.

The hand which she thought which she would never touch, but touched now. Lakshya presents a smile. As director called Lakshya goes back and he again turns back to look her. Ragini still stunned and keeps looking.

“Rocking star touched me” Ragini falls back her friends hold her. She goes away along with her friends when he too went away.
Lakshya was still looking at Ragini from the mirror in car still disappeared. A smirk appears on his lips.

Precap: Is Laksh in love with Ragini??

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