The Crown; The Grand Introduction


What if you were to be swept away to a future dystopian world 50 years later? In the Year 2056 World War 5 has just come to an end. The world has been divided into smaller sections. What once used to be the Great United States has now been split into 5 smaller countries. Poverty and hunger conquers it’s way through barren lands. Once mighty countries now suffer recession and huge crisis. Currency has dropped greatly and the richest of richest struggle to keep up their demeanor. Now imagine… To keep the country running he government sets up a castes. The rich; the mediocre and the poor. Each caste is to be graded by an alphabet. A* being the richest and F- being the poorest. The system is just like our report card. A* means the best, A- means good, B+ means satisfactory etc.

In a world that struggles to come back on it’s feet. In a world where riots spread like fire. In a world where people protest under the new system. In a world where the chance of a new war arises. There is a small country called Atria which once used to be part of the United States. Atria rises as the world’s new dominating country. It’s power greater than the world has ever seen. Conditions here are better than any other place but the system is still accused. Riots are still building up and poverty and hunger rule over the lower castes. At this stage the handsome, young prince of Atria is eligible to be married. To divert the public’s mind away from the war the king has announced “The Regal Heiress”! A show which will be broadcasted live all over the world as the prince chooses his wife from 35 young eligible woman chosen at random from Atria..

Get ready to embrace a world of princes and princesses, love and war, dreams and nightmares, drama and neglect, politics and comedy… Who will win the princes heart? Who will become the next reigning queen? Ho will the county overcome it’s problems? Join the prince and 35 young women on an unforgettable journey. The new and marvelous; a story you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams! A tale with such compelling twists you will have to stop to think!
A story to change your opinion about everything.
One prince. One crown, 35 girls. Its a competition of a lifetime!
Join me as I introduce to you the new fiction
‘The Crown’

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  1. Simplesweety1

    What An Introduction! Finally! I Got Something Good To Read Rather Than Reading Serial Based Dramatic FF’s! Eagerly Waiting For The 1st Episode! Update Soon!

  2. Mindblowing 🙂

  3. Sweetie

    Loved it Shanaya.. 🙂

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