Cross Connection (Raglak OS)

Hi everyone. I’m back with another Raglak Os.

It was Saturday in Hogwarts College, and students were supposed to gather for the practice of annual function dance. Sanskar and Ragini were partner, and Laksh was partnered along with his pretend girlfriend Swara. Kavita was in charge of looking after all the accommodations for the dance. Little did, Ragini knew laksh would be also participating on the dance competition. He has specifically said yesterday she wondered he would not. Then why? Was her jealousy plan working?

Sanskar was waiting for Ragini at Hogwarts College.
sanskar (snorting)-You are late! And, if you want you’re ex-boyfriend jealous mission to start! Chaap! Chapp! Come on! They have already come Come Let’s go! And my lady plz do me the honor of offered his arms for Ragini to support.
Ragini- My Lady! How Cute! Laughing she clung to Sanskar’s arm.
Upon walking their way towards their destination, Ragini and Sanskar sighted Laksh and Swara. Swara was clinging to Laksh like a he was some eye candy. Ragini’s angered boiled, and she pressed hardly on Sanskar’s shoulders.
Laksh and Swara walked up like lost in their own world. Meanwhile, Laksh seeing Ragini’s hand around clung to Sanskar’s arms nearly boiled in jealousy, but managed to calm himself down.
Sanskar- Ragini! Could please pressing my arms and look at me like you are about chew me up
Ragini- Sorry!Sanskar! I got distracted (apologizing)
Sanskar stopped Ragini and released from his support.
Ragini (baffled- Why did we stop?
Sanskar- abe yaar! If you become distracted so easily. It will become difficult in our mission to make Laksh confess his love for u, and arise jealousy in him. (Hitting her forehead lightly)
Ragini- I am sorry! Sanskar! It’s just so difficult to see your own soul mate reject you and not tell you the truth. Sanskar! I fall for him more and more every day.

Sanskar’s throat burned at hearing that. Ragini might not reciprocate his love, but she was his friend, and he would play the necessary cupid to bring them together.
Laksh was a complex character, and he knew he had to dig deeper in to Laksh to arouse jealousy to extent he would end up confessing his undying love for Ragini. Sanskar knew Ragini’s happiness lied with laksh and he had come to respect that.
Sanskar (thinking)- Ok! We have to arouse so much envy on him that he will himself come to you and confess the truth. So, in order we have to get little cozy.
Ragini- Fine! But, it’s not one your flattery trick nah! It’s not getting you anywhere!
Sanskar- Madam! I know my boundaries
Ragini- Let’s go then.
Laksh was leaning against the door giving his attitude I don’t give shit to the world. As soon he saw Ragini, he jumped from his position and grabbed Swara and pretended to romance her.
Ragini sighting Swara and Laksh so close, she nearly lost her balance. But Sanskar supported her before she could fall.
Ragini! Did not eye Laksh and walked in to the rehearsal room.
Kavita instructed everyone to be gathered on the dance floor. And introduced the dance instructors. Ragini, Laksh, Sanskar, Swara and everyone lined up in the middle with their partner. Ragini chose a spot near Laksh and Swara.
Laksh spinned Swara around, and slid his arms through her waist. He praised Swara for her dancing skills which cause Ragini to jump, and she accidentally stepped on Sanskar’s shoes.
Sanskar- Awww! Ragini! Kya kar rahi ho.. Why are you stepping on me? Why are you venting your awful dancing skills on my shoes?
Ragini- I am sorry Sanskar!
Sanskar- It’s ok, and focus (furrowing his eyebrows and signaling her for her mission).
Sanskar twirled Ragini around, and slid her hand through her waist. Ragini pretended to play along with Sanskar and pretended to get cozier with Sanskar. Sanskar slowly brought Ragini closer to him, and when the dance instructed the dancers to freeze up for a second and look in to their partners eyes. Sanskar took the advantage, and pull Ragini towards him. Meanwhile , seeing Sanskar and Ragini getting more closer, and closer was trying to balance his anger, and was gritted his teeth.
Ragini! Laughed pretending that she was taken by Sanskar. Laksh excused himself from Swara grabbed Ragini forcefully. Laksh grabbed Ragini by the arms, and dragged her from the room. Sanskar was plain old amused, and check mix. The plan had worked. He eyed Swara and gave her a thumbs up. Phase one complete! Check Mix. Kavita smiled, and gave the nod of approval for Sanskar.

Laksh came to Ragini and took hold of her.
Ragini- Laksh! You are hurting me! Please let me go! (Ragini begged laksh to release her for grip.)
Laksh took Ragini to the locker room, and released her from his grips. He locked the locker room. Since no one was on campus today beside the students participating on the annual dance function. He made sure no was there before locking the door. He inched and approach towards Ragini. Ragini dumb founded and taken at the moment moved back by small steps until she landed herself against a locker.
Laksh came closer to her, and pined his one his hand against the locker wall.
Laksh- What the hell were doing getting cozying with Sanskar? (Hissing, and hitting the locker)
Ragini closed her eyes, and at the sound of Lakshhitting the locker. She knew the plan had worked, and she now has to gather courage to demand answers. She slowly open her eyelids.
Ragini- I could ask the same question to you? Why were you getting cozying with Swara?
Laksh- Because she is my girlfriend and I have the right to do so. And that idiot (hinting Sanskar) he is not your B.F. and the guy for you (he scolded Ragini,and grabbed Ragini’s arms tightly and released her from his grips)
Ragini- First Sanskar is not idiot he is my boyfriend since yesterday! So, like you I have the right to do if you will excuse let me , I have get to him, and finish off the thing I started because a stranger interfered with my affairs, and I do not know who you are.(walking away)
Laksh grabbed Ragini hand, and thruster her against the locker.
Laksh – You listen to me now! He is not boyfriend, and I am not no stranger. I am your soul mate, and he is just your friend. You just see him as a friend nothing more, and I can tell. You are doing to do this envy me! And, I am saying you are gonna break off with him
Ragini bit her lips and she pounded in excitement hearing what Laksh has just said. She calmed herself down.
Ragini- I don’t care laksh! It’s too late, and I love him more than as a friend. Sorry! But I don’t love you anymore.(snickering)
Laksh- You are lying! I can see the love for me in your eyes, and I can read you Ragini! Don’t forget that we are soul mates.(hissing)
Ragini- Then Why Laksh do you avoid me? Why do u refuse to admit your care, and your love? Laksh! I can see the same pining of emptiness and loneliness without me. I can read crystal clear Sanskar too! I know you care for me, and you love me more than yourself. Then Laksh! If you love me, Why are you doing this? Why can’t you admit we are made for each other? And, your self-admitted we are soul mates, and then why do you go on dating other girl, and hurt me(Ragini walled up the tears, and broke down in front of him). Why Laksh! Why?

Laksh slowly picked Ragini’s up, and Ragini engulfed in his arms.
Laksh- Shssh! Love! Please! Stop crying! I cannot see you cry! I do care a lot about you.
Ragini upon hearing embraced Laksh more tightly than ever. Laksh slowly released her from the hug, and cupped Ragini’s face and wiped her tears.
Ragini pushed him away and started hitting him lightly with moist eyes
” Bahut bure ho tum…I hate you Laksh
*I love you too * Laksh said with wink and hugged her
He then kissed her forehead, her cheeks and came closer to kiss her lips. Ragini closed her eyes. Suddenly, he jerked her and yelled.
Laksh: no! Ragini it’s wrong.
Ragini: but why? Don’t you love me?
Laksh: yes I do but all this after marriage.
She blushed after hearing MARRIAGE.
Laksh: so shall we go outside now?
Ragini: Ya sure!
They came back to rehearsals’ hall and Kavita announced.
kavita: so now we get our couples back. Raglak &Swasan
so how was that. Hope you enjoyed.

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