Criticized (Ragsan os)

Hey dearies…i don’t know howz this os.. bt still read it for me…?

Let’s begin..

There was a raid in a hotel… Many has covered their face after don’t those bad work….

A lady police comes dragging a girl
Girl: meine kuch nahi kiya hai… Meine kuch Galath kaam nahi kiya hai
Lady police: ha ha ab tu hame mat sikha ki kya sahi hai aur kya galath…aur mein tere jaisi ladkiyon ko bohoth acche tarah se jaanti hoon..pakde jaane ke baad sab yehi bolte hai…
She pulls her towards the police van…

Media has covered them…

Bt she was taken to the van…
And the girl is revealed to be RAGINI

Rag: why r u ppl not listening to me! I didn’t do anything wrong…

Bt anyone was not listening to her
So she sits stiff…. As she was not getting wat she hv to do…

Here in the police station…
A man comes there…
He bails out someone….
Police:the famous defence lawyer SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…has to come here just because of his brother…
San:ahaan..i m not coming just like that..he has been arrested at night for skipping police i let him to be punished..and now his punishment is over..
At the his brother sameer comes
Sam:sorry bro..i…i…
San:now dirsctly go home…next time i vl not bail u
Sam nods amd goes
San:ok…i vl take my leave…

San turns amd sees a small crown with some media
San:inspector ways hpng here
Police:raasleela…we held hostage of s*x racket..and you knoe wat this was all planned by a 22 yr old girl…
San:wat? unbelievable!!

Police van reaches

They goes out..

Media again covers them…

Everyone comes out…
Ragini was pulled out…
Everyone are taken in….

Police tells media that Ragini Mehera was the master mind behind all they goes to ragini who was not covered her face

San tries to see the person behind all he couldn’t

Media per: are you not ashamed for wat you did?
Rag: i didn’t do any thing…
Media per; anyone in your place will say that.. If you didn’t do anything wat were you doing in that hotel???
Rag: if you were in that hotel! Does that mean you too are a…..and papa trust me i didn’t anything you know aane you daughter ryte..papa trust me

Police takes her
Sanskar sees her and he heard her
He stops her: why r u not covering you face?
Rag: anyone who does those works..may be they should cover their face and i m not the one..i didnt do anything

She was taken in…
Her words are ringing in his mind…

Here shekar(ragini’s father) was shocked seeing the news…
Sanjay(shekar’s elder brother): from today ragini is dead for us and none from our house will talk abt Ragini
Shekar:bt bhaai saab…ragini cannot…
Sanjay:and it’s the final…
All their family nods except Shekhar and ragini younger sister and brthr
For the whole day sanskar was thinking abt Ragini..her words are ringing in his mind..

Next day he goes to police station

Police: today your brother….
San interrupt: no not for him… I came here to meet that girl…
Police: u mean… That Ragini
San; yes…
Police: her family also disowned her why r you here?
San: that’s none of your business… Here are the papers.. For me to meet her.. Before you ask for this
Police calls constable and tell him to take him to Ragini

San: Ragini
Ragini was sitting pulling her legs and covering her face by putting her head on her knees
She sees him…
Rag smiles sarcastically: won’t you call me a CALL GIRL
San:i m sanskar..defence lawyer…
Rag sarcastic: u r the one who asked me why i didn’t cover My face
San:i want to know abt you
Rag shouts: go ask media.. Police.. Public.. Even my family.. Go ask them..u vl get answers…call girl..master mind behind targetting innocent girls…contacts on high level trafficking girls…go away…go..i don’t want to meet anyone….i said Go…

She again press her head on her knees pulls her legs close…

San: i can help you…
Rag: i said please go..i m begging you…
He goes…

He comes daily… Bt he was getting the same treatment… One week has been passed

By one day sanskar was determined as he will ask her anyhow.. Until she reply him he won’t move a bit from there..
His assistants were confused as why sanskar was interested in this.. He was rejecting many other cases…

San: Ragini
She looks at him
Bt this time he sees years in her eyes
Rag: please….!!! I can’t take anymore insults i don’t want to be tagged in any new name…. Please…
She fell unconscious
Her was shocked he immediately goes to her and he held hands which were cold…
He sees the water there and sprinkles on her face and makes her drink water..

She opens her eyes…

He made her sit…
Rag: why? Why are you here? Wn i trusted someone they used me.. And wn i trusted my family they disowned me….i can’t take anymore betrayals…
San: i want to help you…
Rag: wn i don’t trust myself.. Why vl i trust you..?
San: everyone deserves a chance give me one chance.. Tell me everything..i vl help you..
Rag nods in no
San: i want to know abt you… Give me one chance…
Rag looks at him….
Rag: 4 months back my friend sakshi made me meet a guy aditya… While in days passing i became his best friend…he used lighten me and gave confidence on my final exams time bcs i told him that my goal is to secure good marks in my final examination and become gynaecologist… After my exams… He asked me to enjoy love my life.. We went for outing…. And one day he and sakshi told me to join a them at club…i went with them..sakshi took me to one room and told that she vl join me in mins as she hv to talk to me something important.. i believed… She gave me a drink.. After mins sakshi was no where to be seen… Wn i was abt to go there comes a person.. Whom ppl calls as their god MP susheem singhal(she says anger in her eyes.. And San was shocked listening his name).. He he tried to force on me..i screamed for help i didnt let him to touch me…soon i felt dizzy and everything went blurr…wn i ipened my eyes…i was…….(she cries hard)i was been….

San held her hand assuring that he is with her..:u don’t need tell those…

Rag closes her eyes: Sakshi came there…i asked her abt wat hpnd to me that night? Bt she laughed… She used me for the money aditya and sakshi botb were involved in this and they were the helpers of susheem sighal.. i got to know they trafficking the girls to other country to sell them…i was in the great depression i had no one to share this or to ask help bcs adity and sakshi has made my mms and they threatened me if i didn’t do wat they wills.. Then they will leak the sms…

Sanskar was feeling her pain…wn he cant listen to would she feel.. Wn this much hpnd with her and no one was there for her

Rag: i decided to kill myself.. Then i thought why should i suicide when i didn’t do anything…i thought of collecting proof against them… One day they told me that susheem again wants me…i agreed just to collect proofs.. i went there..i saw the trio speaking abt the trafficking and they talks abt me how they trapped me.. susheem was commenting abt me (she held sanskar’s hand tightly).. She records it in her mobile… Jst then she saw me…and i ran from there and i hide myself in room and removed the memory card .. Just then she worry it fell from me…bt i manged the situation just then police raided there..i started search memory card bt i couldn’t see it and i don’t know how susheem adithya and sakshi didnt get caught i told police that i hv proof against them bt nobody was ready to listen abt it.. Watever be…i lost everything…i lost my family..i lost my respect..i lost my dreams..i lost myself.. Nobody trusts me… Even my papa… She cries….

San had no words..and he was not getting that how he should console her..he gets up and sees Ragini was holding his hand and she looks at him.. She leaves his hand….

He leaves from there…
She sits crying thinking abt the disaster that hpnd in her life

On the same day
He bails out ragini…

San waits for her.. She comes there

Rag just moves from there without looking at him…

San goes to her
He thinks to lighten her mood
San:u didn’t even tell me thanks…leave it atleast u can give me small smile..
Rag: why u bailed me
San: is this question needed now?
Rag:plzz.. Sanskar name sounds good in your voice…

Rag starts to moves she went lil far.. She sees ppl gossipping abt her

San comes the with his car and opens the door
San: come…
Rag sees the ppl and then at him.. He gives her a warm smile
Rag sits…

He takes her to his farm house
San: this is my farm house… From now on you vl live her…
Rag: why r u doing this much for me? I don’t hv anything to give you
San: i just one thing from you that is trust… Plz trust me..
Rag starts silent..
San: ok leave that.. Come let’s go..
They moves into the house

He talks to continuously to lighten her mood.. Bt her wound was so deep that she herself didn’t wanted to heal it… Bt he was stubborn too that he Vl bring her back….

Days passed…

With this ragini has changed a lil… Sanskar started feeling for ragini.. And he even realised it too

Rag:u always only ask abt me..wat abt you?
San:i had loved one girl in my finals..
Rag somewhere felt bad ..: i didn’t agreed abt it
San:iu hv to listen.. Bcs i didn’t share it to was so serious for me..i befriended her…i decided propose her
Rag: then
San: then.. Wat.. i went to her to tell abt my feelings.. i got to know that she is already married… She made me meet her husband and told her husband that i am like her younger brother
Rag: wat?? She laughed…. Laughed forgetting everything
Sanskar lost in her…
She hit his head lightly… He smiled.. He was happy for the first time making fun of himself…
San: today your result has come
Rag smiles sadly:kya faida us result ka.. Wn nobody trust me..i can’t be a doctor..
San: i trust you.. And u vl be doctor one day.. Its a promise.. And sanskar maheshwari always promises abt wch is gonna be reality

Here shekar has left the house with his 2 kids..he went police station bt rag was not there..he starts to search her bcs he trusts her..he was scared of his brthr..finally he decided to stand by his daughter…

San used spend his most of the time with ragini….

San: ragini…
Rag: ha..
San: i want to tell you something
Rag smiles: tell
San: 6 months back… i saved susheem singhal from going to jail
Rag was shocked
San: i was his lawyer.. Be i didn’t knew this.. He had made some fake proofs
Bt not this time… i got your memory card long back and i hv registered a case against him
San: plz.. Forgive me..if i didn’t saved him that day.. Then..u would be
Rag: its ok.. Sanskar.. Then they would hv sold me..
San:and now i m telling you that you vl get justice…

Rag smiles
Rag: are you married??
San shocked: u still don’t know…
He was making dough…
Rag: no i just asked.. Bcs u only told me abt younger brotherly love..
She laughs
He keeps his both hands on his hips: accha ji…ab haso…
He chases her she runs…
Finalyy he held her from her waist
He smirks and applies flour on her face
Rag: ahhh.. Leave me
San: i held you to not leave you.. Her that in your mind
Rag was shocked
He makes her stand..

Rag sees his hand like a fortune teller:ur future tells that..u vl get a ugly wife.. She tells mischievously
San: that’s not possible..
Rag: why so?
San:bcs ur soooo beautiful
Rag looks at him confused..
San:arey..leave it..ask me wat type of wife i want
Rag:hmm..ok tell
San:hmm..mujhe na roti gol karnewali ladki chahiye
San:arey sacchi…
He laughs seeing her weird expression
She hits him playfully
Rag: how vl i repay you
San:i told you before only.. Just give me one thing that is trust
Rag smiles: i trust you more than anyone.. More than myself
He gets happy listening it
Rag: by still..u r doing this much for… Even didn’t u get any doubt on me before we didn’t meet eachother
San: before..your pain has connected me to you..your boldness your dare… Bt wat do you think why i m doing this now??
He sees her lovingly
Rag stays silent avoiding his eye contact

Sanskar’s parents gets to know abt Ragini is farm house
Suji: sanskar.. Are you not ashamed of keeping such girl in our farm house
San:why ma? She isn’t guilty
He tell them watever hpnd with her
Suji: i understand.. By she is impure
San:wow ma.. He claps…i getting frustrated on myself abt wat my mother’s thought are?.. My mother has such a impure thought… And one thing ma..i love ragini… And the truth won’t change even if you agree or not
He storms out
Next day it was hearing…
Ragini herself goes to police station
Na she got to know abt San left his house… She got to know by Sameer as he came to meet her

Bt aditya was behind her to kill her…
By he was held by police…

San comes there after searching ragini madly.. He sees her there…
Ragini sees her father Shekhar there she gets teary.. He gives her assuring smile.. She too smiles

Later the heating starts…
Sanskar presents the vedio and police tells abt attack on ragini by aditya…
San gets worried abt that… Bt still controls…
San:i salute to the girls like ragini.. Who has fight for herself by her own.. Unless suicides or killing theirselves

And at last Ragini ha given a justice..
As the trio susheem Sakshi aditya were sent to jail… And ragini is given license to become doctor or to continue her studies

Ragini goes out with her parents..
Shekar asks forgiveness from her that he was not there with her wn she needed him the most…
Rag hugs him as he came to her.. He searched for her.. he trusted her.. He believed her..

There was one more person who was witnessing all this.. It was none other than sanskar…

He smiles…

Then media asks abt her experience
Rag: i m very grateful to sanskar.. Who believed and trusted me…
San comes there
San: i want to ask ragini infront of the whole world
San sits in his knee; ragini will u become my life partner… Will you trust me with this…i vl prove to be a good husband…vl u accept me…i dont know cheesy lines or i dont know how to be romantic..bcs i don’t see any movies and only read law books.. Bt the thing is i love you…. Will u give me the chance to called as Dr. Ragini’s husband….??
Rag was happy bt she didn’t wanted to come in middle.. Wr he has to choose her over his parents..
At the time suji comes there
Suji:i will make him watch movies and read romantic books..i want you to be my daughter in law… No no daughter will you accept my son?
Rag smiles…:no
San stands; why?
Rag cutely: mujhe roti gol banane nahi aata
San: wat? He smiles
Rag: mujhe square banana aata hai chalega???
All laughs
She hugs him: i love you….
San: i love you too…. My doctor..

And they lived happily ever after

Frnds how’s this? Hoping not bad!!

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