Hey guys..dis is fairy here wid an OS on our beautiful couple RAGLAK.??

So lets START…

“Hey godji!dis is d day i ws waitng for since so many years.. ..i always wished to make my baba proud on me,n dis is my chance.
..i am a lawyer today!!n will get my frst case..god ji!!u were always dere wid me wenever i needed u,plz b lyk dis wid me forever”-said a young grl partng her pinkish glossy lips..
She opened her beautiful black orbs and turned finishing her prayers ,after hearing a familiar voice.
“Criminal lawyer RAGINI GADODIA,here is ur frst case”-said sanskaar one of her frnd cum colleague gvng a green color file to rags smilingly ..

Ragini gadodia-sweet n confident grl,a govt. Lawyer..Gonna have her frst case today!..her parents died in an accident.she always had a dream to become a successful lawyer jst lyk her father.

“Yaaar wt d hell”-said swara besty of rags coming inside d small cabin of ADVOCATE RAGINI.

Both ragsan looked at swara in confusing state!!

“Yaaar how cn dey gve dis case to u??its an open n shut case!! Ur frst case means a lot to u rago !!n dey had gven dis!!ahh!!damnnnn…?”-said swara being frustrated.

Rags smiles pleasently “swaru dnt wry,god had written dis case in my destiny due to some reason nly…n BABA always says dat no case is big or small…its jst about d truth, whch u have to bring out in front of everyone..n dont u have faith in me?? Hmmm!!!”-said rags holdng swara’s shoulder ..
“Ahh!!ofcourse i hve faith in u dis case is already solved..ur client is a murderer”-said swara in a serious tone.
“No swara till we found out about d whole truth by ourselves ,v cnt say him a criminal!!well leave all dese n tell me about him!!”-said rags strictly

Swara-“LAKSH ..LAKSH MAHESHWARI..he had been charged for killing his mom n dad in age of sixteen …d reason is drug…!!his parents stopped him which leads dem to loss dere lyf…dere servant BHEEMA called d police n is eye witness of d case…Laksh maheshwari is in jail since past 8 years. Dis tym its his last chance to prove his innocence .orelse after dis he”ll b HANGED TILL DEATH”
Rag-“i m going to meet him r8 now”
Sanky-“bt he doesnt talk to nyone..nobody dares to talk to him.he havent spoken a word since hes in jail.”
Rag-“bt dis tym he have to speak d truth..”
Rags looked determined n swasan looks at eo.
A young guy is doing pushups ,hes all wet due to sweatng..hes biceps r visible everytym whenever he gets up n den goes down.
Hes brown intense orbs r showng anger as well as sadness…he looks around to found a small cell(jail) full of darkness.a tiny bed made up of wood n a rough blanket.he closed his teary eyes..

“Mumma -papa get up!!..
Y u bth r not talkng to me….
Get up mumma plzzz…
-said a child cryng bitterly over his parents dead bodies.”

Flashed inside him…

“Ahhhhhh!!!!!!”-shouted d man opening his eyes while gettng up.

He throws d water pot kept at side .he shouts lyk mad n den banged his hand in d bars.
“SATYA THANA”..murmers rags enterng a police station.
She asked for someone n inspector told constable to take her dere…

“Madam ..u r jst wastng ur tym…he doesnt speak to nyone..n everyone knows dat hes a criminal
“-said d constable taking rags inside to d area full of darkness, nly little light is coming there through d holes..

Dey bth stopped outside a cell ..
“Here is ur criminal no. 809,bt still madam m awarng u ..its jst waste of tym to talk to him”-said constable.
“ plz open d gate”-said rags determined n smilingly.

Constable opened d cell n rags goes inside .constable locked d gate n waited outside at a distance,as rags said she wants privacy wid her client.

“Hallow m ragini ,ur lawyer..actually dis is my frst case bt dnt wry m assureing u dat we”ll surely win.look dont wry n jst tell me wt happened dat day plz!!”-said rags lookng at d man facing his back to her
“Jst leave from here”-said d man in cold voice

She goes to him n touched his shoulder-“listen jst once talk to me..”
Before she could say nythng he pinned her to d wall tightly
“Dont u get it jst leave from here”-shouted he aggresively
His tight grip is hurtng her a lot ,she tried to move out of his hold bt couldnt get out of his muscular solid grip.
“Laksh its hurtng me”-said ragini in pleadng voice..

After 8 yrs hes listeing to his name.after so many yrs someone had called him by his name n not by his number.after hearng such sweet voice ,he realised his position.a beam of light is falling on her face he looked at rags ,who had closed her eyes due to fear n pain.he saw her angelic innocent face n gets lost in it..
He loosened his grip bt didnt moved from his place.Rags slowly opened her eyes n saw his intense gaze on her.she could feel d pain in his eyes..both r completely involved in eo eyess..

Reality striked rags n she came back to her senses n moves apart from him.

Rag-“mr. Maheshwari i know u had gone through a lot.but if u wanna prove urself innocent den u have to tell me d truth plz”
Laksh-“i dont need nyones help.jst leave from here..”
Rag-“okay so u dont need nyones help…fine..okay den jst b lyk dis till ur hangging day.ur mom dad wl b so proud of u
Dat dere son is so coward ,who couldnt even have dat much guts to punish dere murderer.,good bye mr.maheshwari …have a good sleep”

Her words pinched his heart..Rags started to go out of d cell..wen he stopped her.

Laksh-“u want to know d truth”
Rags turned to face him.
Laksh-“i lived happily wid my mom n dad,bt dat black day snatched everythng from me.i ws in my room wen i heard some screamng sounds from outside.i came to d hall n found BISWANATH SINGHANIA ,my fathers rivel shootng mom n den dad..i ran to stop him bt hes goons caught me ,i tried a lot to fight wid dem bt all goes in vein.BISWANATH orders dem to leave me..i ran n goes to my mummy papas dead body .i asked dem to get up bt dey ddnt listen to me..dey left me alone in dis cruel world.i ws cryng n all of dem r laughng at me. Den suddenly police came ,i said dem about all d happening bt dey arrested me nly.dey injected drugs inside pained me a lot.den d judge also marked me resposible for my parents death.dey all called me a criminal.Dats y i nver told dis to nyone.coz everyone is slave of dat politician BISWANATH .”

he looks at rag n said-“u r new in dis world ,dont drag urself in dis trash.u have a gr8 future ahead.jst leave dis case”

Rags had moisted eyes n leaves from dere..
“BHEEMA”-said rags standng in front of 40yrs man
Bheema-“ji!who r u?”
“Bheema m ragini.laksh maheshwari’s lawyer”-said rags sternly
Bheema face color changed into pale after listening to d name of maheshwari … he tried to run from dere.
Rag-“Bheema if today also u wont say d truth n runs from it ,den it”ll b end of humanity.laksh ws lyk ur own child na n today u wl b nly d reason for his death.Bheema now also dere is chance..plz jst say d truth to court..”

A tear escaped from bheema’s eyes.he turned n says-“if i tell d truth,den dey”ll kill my whole family.”

Rag-“nthng wl happen to ur family.m assurng u.but plz jst gve ur true statement to d court plz.”

Bheema nodded wid tears.
“Mr.maheshwari,i hve applied for ur bail.u”ll b out of dis jail soon”-said rags wid a cheerful smile
“Plz call me laksh”-replied laksh from d cell.

Laksh pov..
I had lost all my hopes of gettng out of here.dis grl has come as a ray of light in my lyf.her smiles makes me smile …her tears hurt my heart.i lost my control in her fragrance.y shez affectng me so much.?.shez jst lyk an angel to me.i know m jst a case for her bt for me ..for me..shez somethng special!!

“Mrs.singhania”-said rags holdng hand of a midage lady
“How many tyms do i have to tell u miss ragini,dat i dnt want to answer ur ny question.plz jst leave from my house before my husband comes”-said wife of biswanath singhania

“Ma’am i”ll go from jst ask urself once,dat how cn ur family wl leave peacefully after ruining so many innocent’am ur husband is a monster.he is a black spot in name of humans.n i know he tortures u also,d marks in ur body r proof of it!ma’am we have to stop him.n if u”ll b wid us in dis fight ,den we”ll surely succeed!plz ma’am jst once try to understand my words”-said rags going out ..
“Lets go!”-said rags to lucky as he comes out of d jail in bail
“Bt where i”ll live,my house is sealed”-said lucky sadly
“Oh dude!chill now v r frnds na…den u”ll stay in my house”-said rags wid a big smile
“Wen we became frnds?”-asked laksh innocently
“Wen u told me dat u”ll make me eat golgappa”-said rags chidishly
“N wen did i said dat”-laksh asked blankly
“Ohooo buddhuram!jst now…now lets come dont waste my tymmm..m a reallly busy lawyer”-said rags draggng him till her scooty.
Laksh laughed loudly at her antics.a sweet smile covered her lips seeing him smiling.

Rags pov…
He had gone through a his small age nly he had faced so seeing him smile ,i lost myself in him.yes i think m in love!!in love wid him .i want to remove all sorrow from his lyf.i”ll make his every moment happy.
“So we have to adjust in dis one bedroom”-said rags innocently holdng a bedsheet n lookng at laksh,blinkng her eyes .
“Its ok i”ll sleep in dis couch n u sleep in ur bed”-said laksh taking d bedsheet from her hand
“No no u jst sleep on bed,i”ll b ok in couch”-said rags snatching d bedsheet from laksh

“No ragini,its totally fine,u sleep in d bed,i”ll b alright in d couch”-said laksh snatchng d bedsheet back from her
“Laksh i told u na,i”ll sleep in couch”-rags being stubborn snatched d bedsheet again wid lods of force makng her fall on bed .

She holds laksh t-shirt ,as a result he also falls on her.

Both gets lost in eo.suddenly thunder occurs due to whch rags hugged laksh tightly in d same position.
Laksh enhaled her fragrance.he lost himself in her beauty.

He apart her from him n kissed her forehead.rags closed her eyes.he kissed her ear lobes n den kissed her neck.rags shivers a bit!he keep on kissng her neck.she is caressing his hair n his hands r roamng around her waist.dey both r wildly holdng eo.
Suddenly d window gets broken n a gas starts spreadng in d room.dey bth came to dere senses. Many goons surrounds dem.dey tries to harm ragini bt laksh protected her n fought wid d goons .he beats dem badly while rags called d police.
Police came n takes d injured goons wid dem.

Laksh runs to rags n says-“ragini r u okay?u dnt get hurt nywhere na..hmm..say na ..y r u silent…if nythngs happened to u ,den how cn i live??”

Rags noticed his moisted eyes ,n a tear escaped from her eyes.she cupped his face n said-“sshhhh!!laksh nthng happened to me..n no body cn ever hurt me till u r wid me..dnt wry m totally fine”

She hugged him..he also receprocatted wid equal passion.
Bt den reality struck his mind.he thought his takng advantage of her .he break d hug harshly n goes to couch n slept dere ,leavng rags in delimma!!
“Your honor ,now even bheema had told d truth.dat real murderer is BISWANATH .n he had nly thretened bheema to not tell d truth.i request u ur honour to gve tightest punishment to mr.singhania for snatchng a boys childhood n killng his parents.”-said ragini determiningly

“M sry to say miss.gadodia,bt how cn v trust a man lyk bheema.who had already gven a false how cn u say dat hes not lieing now also…wt if dis is also one of his lies??”-said an old experienced n famous procicution lawyer.
Rags gets tensed..n ws about to say smthng wen d procecution said-“ur honour i think miss. Gadodia is over excieted about her frst case..ur honour she couldnt able to prove my client mr. Singhania as murderer nor could have proved dat her client mr. Maheshwari is innocent i would request u to end dis case here nly.n tell ur judgement.”

Judge says-“As miss. Gadodia cnt able to prove mr.laksh innocent ,so dis court is gvng its judment.we hereby cn say dat mr. Laksh maheshwari is..”

“Wait a minute judge saab”-said mrs.singhania stoppng d judge ,standng in d entrance of court room wid a CD in her hand.

She moves towards ragini n handsover her d CD .BISWANATH gives an angry look to her.she avoided it n moves further.

She stands in d speakng box n told d truth about his husband!!

Ragini played d CD whch is cctv footage of maheshwari mension ,in wch it is clearly shown dat bishwanath had killed laksh parents.

Judge says-“dis court is hereby comes to an conclusion dat mr. Bishwanath is d real murderer of mr. N mrs maheshwari.he had been charged into murder case. And mr
Laksh maheshwari is declaired innocent!d court is adjurned now”

Rags thnked mrs.singhania n den goes n hugged laksh ,whose almost cryng.
Dey bth break d hug n comes out wid swasan.

Media surrounded raglak.
Dey asked laksh-“sir how r u feelng now ?”
Laksh-“i cnt xpress wt m feelng r8 now.!! N i jst wanna thank ragini for all dis.shez d one who trusted me.she came as a fairy in my lyf ..i could nver pay her back for wt ever she had done to me”said he in crackng voice.

Reporter-“so miss. Ragini ,ur frst case nly had gven u such big fame.did u ever thought dat dis case cn make u so much successful??”
Ragini-“my BABA always says dat no case is big or small, its jst about d truth, whch u have to bring out in front of everyone.,so i succeded in brngng out d truth n m happy for dat…”-said she smilingly.

Reporter-“so now wts ur future plan”
Rag-“ahh ….i dnt know about i hve some plan for now..i want u all to co-operate wid me”-sayng so she bends down in front of laksh n takes out a flower n says-“u n me both r really would u lyk to complete” me n u “by makng it US??..laksh i really really love u!!”-said rags wid a hopeful face.
Reporters asked him to say yes!!

Laksh couldnt take it nymore.. he bends down n kissed her deeply n passionately!!
N said-“yes yes yes i love u toooo…”
Everyone present dere clapped n hooted for dem.
Swasan standng in side hugged eo.
Swra-“dey makes such a cute couple”
Sanky-“yeah!jst lyk us”
Dey bth smiled widely.
After 2 yrs….

As morng rays falls upon a huge white room,d person sleepng on d round bed opened his eyes.(hes none other den laksh) he smiled brightly after seeing his lady love ragini sleepng beside him in white quilt.he kissed her pink lips n den kissed her baby bump.rags smiled n den cuddles herself into his arms.

Laksh is now a big bussinessman.he handles his parents bussiness n ragini is one of d most known n successful lawyer.
Dey lives in maheshwari mension nly.

D story ends on d huge frame of a happily married couple( that is our raglak) hanging in dN wall of maheshwari mansion.?

I ws missng raglak in swaragini serial n dats y written dis story ,jst to remember dem.
N our lucky is back guys as abhimanyu.r u all excieted for him!!m super excieted n waitng to see how rag-abhi wl meet!!!
N by d way laksh is lookng damn awesome wid his new look,isnt he!!!?????

hope u all lyked dis story!!waitng for ur now shower ur views in d comment box πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Lots of love.
Keep rockng n stay blessed.
Yours fairy πŸ˜‰

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  1. Sethooty

    It really superb…. Loved it

    1. Fairy

      Hey seth????thnku so soooooo much yaaaar for ur comment ???????….keeeep rockng n stay blessssed dear???????????????????

  2. First of all I am angry with you…Yes..Now don’t be confused..Why will I get angry with you…I am angry with you…I am angry with you…I am angry with you because you have not informed me about your OS..I rarely open this page because My Exams are coming..But you can at least tell me that you have written a new OS..Huh..???????..

    Coming to your OS Didu…
    I loved it Didu…It was super se bhi upar vala OS..I loved Ragini’s character here…Awww…My Ragu….I am missing my Raglak Di and I don’t like Abhirag as pair …I love Raglak only…I want my lucky to come back..
    Bye Didu..
    Keep Smiling…
    Take care…
    Love you loads..

    1. Fairy

      Ahhhhhh!!!!mera baccha plz dnt say lyk dat!!!!!!!prakru m relllly v sorryyyyy!!!!!plz apni didu ko maaaf kr de!!!??……u know na m lill tensed as m going back to d hell!!! N maybe dats y i forgot to tell u about dis os!!! So sryyyyy babu…..lo kaaan v pakad liya n bolo to situps bhi kar dungi….bt plz gussa mt hoo!!
      If u”ll b angry on me den whom wl i talk????how my day wl get complete wid out talkng to u yaar!!!!n i promise nxt tym ur didu wont repeat such silly mistake pkka!!!!bt plz dnt b angry on me ?

      N thnku sooooo much dr dat u lyked dis os!!!!thnx a lotzzzzz sweeety????even i m waitng for raglak!!!wish dat abhi is laksh nly!!!letsee dear wt cvs wl do dis tym??bt m reallly excited for dis track!!!???
      Keeeep rockng n stay blesssed babu??? alllll d veryyyyy bst for ur xamz!!!! m sure my baccha wl rock it!!?????????????

  3. Piyali

    Wah , this was great dear , it was the name of the ff which attracted me and I must say , it was worth reading……………….thanks a lot for such wonderful ff………Love you………be happy…….

    1. Fairy

      Piyali thnku soooooo much yaaaar!!!????? u know wt i loved d title nly of dis os πŸ˜› hehehehe..? oh god ur words r soooo heart touchng!!!! Thnku sooo so sooo much for dis comment yaaar!!..keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety????????????????

      1. Piyali

        No no , everything is this os was the best……….sachi , i loved your story the most…….thanks a lot from my side now for such a beautiful reply……… you………Be happy………….

      2. Fairy

        Awwwww!!!yaaar!!u r reallly v sweeet dr??? hehehehe love u more sweety??????keeep smilingggggg…tc????

  4. Silent_writer

    Sorry sorry i m not late but i more then actually i read of ff but dnt get tym to cmnt now i cmnt n must say its beyond amazinggggg loved it alot love this ragini n laksh he gone through alot glad rags supported him n there romance n pain ahhhh loveddddd it to the core yrrrr rocked fairy love u for thissss n yeah stay blessed n b happy

    1. Fairy

      Ufff!!!!!!Fizo plz dnt say sry dearοΏ½?n thnku thnku thnku soooooooooo veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much for comment d yaaaar….ahhh!!!!such a lovely comment!!!thnx a ton yaaar?????love u sooo sooooooo much ????????keeeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety??take care of urself?????????????????????????

  5. Aasthu

    This really nyc Fairy…….I’m also missing raglak………I’m crying after watching today’s epi……Ragini is really shattered and to prevent others from the same she makes them hate her…………….it’s heart breaking…………..

    1. Fairy

      thnku sooo much aasthu πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ …oh dr even i ws also cryng seeing my rags lyk dis!!!it reallly hurts yaaar… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ yes dr shez dng all dese for her sister….shez so broken bt still shez thnkng about others happiness n dats y we all r proud of her soo much…wish dat soon happiness surrounds her to d core..keep rockng n stay blessed sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

      1. Aasthu

        hey Fairy can u plzzzzzzzzz write another OS on raglak????????plzzzzzzzzzz???????? with some cute romance btwn them ??????????? I’m dying to see cv’s unite raglak……is raglak unite then swasan too will unite………….

      2. Fairy

        Yeah dr m too dying to see raglak together…huff!!dnt know wen cvs wl do dat…dr i really dnt hve any plot in my mind r8 now regardng raglak bt for sure i”ll try my best pkka!! Take care dr πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ n if u wanna read raglak story den i would suggest u to read dese;accordng to me dey r best stories on raglak
        *we happened suddenly by blue
        *raglak os-a painting of love by sofia

  6. Wonderful

    1. Fairy

      thnku soooo much tani dr πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  7. LovelyAliya

    Oh I read this now and I’m thinking how can I miss it! Love it yaar πŸ˜‰ Do continue like this!

    1. Fairy

      Awwww!!!!dats sooo chuweeet of u yaar πŸ™‚ …thnku sooo much aliya…ur comment reallly means a lot πŸ™‚ ..keeep rockng n stay blessed dr πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  8. Joyful Jessica

    Wow fairy di awesome….. i always luv ur ff n os infact i think i m in luv with u???

    1. Fairy

      Awwwwww!!!!!mera bacchaaa thnku thnku chooooo vala much yaaar….dats so soooooo sweeeet of u…love u more more more jess πŸ˜‰ keeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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