Crime story (Vishkanya,iknmp,manmarziyan,naagin and krishnadasi) epi-1


Guys this is my another story..So let us start..this ff is just for 6epi..not more than that…….

Apu: She is beautiful,intelligent girl..she is vishkanya..she loves malay alot but she cannot touch him becoz it may harm him.,..

Malay: He loves apu alot..he is husband of apu..He is DSP of the city

Arjun: He is young intelligent boy..he loves her wife radhika alot..he always cares for her very much..

Radhika: She is wife of arjun cares for him..does not mind for other words..she is IPS officer of the city..

Ragini: she is a doctor..she loves his husband alot..

Neil; He is also doctor he loves ragini alot..

Aryan: he is a photographer..loves his wife aradhya alot..

Aradhya: She is wife of aryan and loves him..She is also photographer.

Ritvik: He always loves her one and only wife shivanya..

Shivanya: She always loves his one and only husband ritvik..

Hope u all liked intro of pairs so let us start detective story..

One boy shouts in mobile and tells servants to their work..he is jogging and comes and sits in chair in park..He is none other than Arjun..he waits..Radhika comes there in police jeep..He signs her..she stops car and comes down and jogs with him and asks what is up today arjun?He tells nothing imp than u..she smiles and hugs him..

Apu gets ready at house and sees mirror..Malay comes there and sits near her and makes her wear chain..she smiles and sees her body changing into blue and moves away before malay sees her..Malay bids bye to apu and comes to police station.

Aryan wakes aradhya and tells her to make lunch fast..she tells him to wait and packs it..he thnx her.Aradhya asks for kiss?he tells now?He gets ready and kisses on her cheeks and leaves..she smiles

Neil and ragini are doing opertaion in completes..ragini asks for dettol?neil asks what?he comes close to her and takes his soap and puts on her hand also..she smiles..he applies on her face also..

Ritvik gets ready in house and tells shivanya i am leaving for dubai u take care of u r self..Shivanya agrees,,Shivanya adjusts his shirt collar and smiles..he pulls her closer..sanam re plays..

Precap: Ritvik while walking on road stabbed by someone..shivanya does not see the face of mom..but she takes his watch..Neil and ragini takes ritvik inside operation theatre..aryan takes photo of ritvik stabbed place and blood.Radhika and malay investigates the case..

Hope u all liked it and this ff is just for 6epi so don’t worry bye have a nice all my readers

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Why nobody liked it?????????

    1. Sorry naren for the delay… ???

  2. Very good intro of each… I luv this part of apulay…. N other characters as well… Wow I luv crime…… I mean crime stories ???

  3. Wow romance in operation theatre it’s good they romance after the operatin … Or else…???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Hey.. Kathy thnx for the comment..yaar

  4. Precap hope Ritvic is fine…. As always am so excited for the next episode naren…. Keep writing …. Good luck … Tnx for entertains as in ur writing… Ur so blessed …

  5. ?I didn’t liked ur idea. Sorry if u felt bad. Ur characters are all different types I mean that they all in one it Doesn’t suited me

    1. thanks for the comment but i don’t like that some one comment to the author for saying that i don’t like your idea and he is my bro so i didn’t like your this act 0.00000000000 percent so after that if u want to comment like that to any one then it’s better to not comment and him no ways i hope that it’s clear to u and it should be

    2. Hi AaRa Fan….. Keseho aap???? …. Naren just wanted to entertain us… When u cannot encourage him Atlease don’t discourage him by ur words…. When u know by ur words that naren would feel bad then y u wanted to comment it…. I don’t understand… I know every one has a liberty to speak… But it doesn’t mean that u can hurt someone… If it doesn’t suite u then pls don’t read it… It’s a humble request … Tnx…

    3. when u can’t encourage or appreciate some one then don’t disappoint or discourage him
      and for doing this first do what he did(create a crime story and update it i can’t get the correct word but i hope u understand my meaning

  6. Naren… Don’t worry yaar…. Here am sharing one my favourite quote….

    Don’t be discouraged by people who tease you out of your dreams. What you have in your heart is bigger than what they have on their lips!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Kathy and ooshi.. For encouraging me alot????

  7. very very very good check what i said to her as u can avoid her but i can’t i replied her check my reply

  8. Ooh hello ooshi Akbar n kathy I said my things very normally but if he takes it in a negative way that what can I do? N is ur bro so weak that he can’t answer on his own I mean y can’t he answer me y does he need ooshi Akbar n Kathy to reply me? N for my 1 comment u need so many replies wow I’m surprised! N there is no need to overreacted so chill n that is my opinion n everyone has their opinion n I can write my opinion if I want to n he has only written ‘hope u like it’ so if I don’t like it I hv to tell him n I m not teasing him alright


    1. ohhh sorry how dare u speak about my bro???ok.and my didi..anways i don’t want u r comment on my ff anymore just leave..they are best friends and they are more imp to me than u..ok sorry if i hurted u..i knew u don’t like this so just stop reading this ff and leave

      1. So r u done? Does Only u n ur bro n sis comment on this ff ? Any ways I even don’t want to talk here but let me tell u again I said that in a really normal way but u guys hv made It an issue

      2. N I just talked about the characters even I liked the way the story is started so chill.

      3. See now u said that u like the way the story started … U could have mention this earlier … ??

    2. hey not said a word about him and if u write any story and write hope others like it and some one like u comment u that he didn’t like ur story then what will be your feelings and u had no right to say a single word about him if i saw ur name again with some words which can hurt any one then i will be very very bad to you and don’t comment him if u want to say things like that which u said today and now i don’t want any reply from u so don’t think to reply here and we replied you from his side because we love him so much so don’t u dare say a word about him remember it it’s not a joke when i am in anger what i will do i don’t know so don’t reply remember it

  9. So all the lead pairs love each other………update soon………………Kathy and Ooshi Akbar everyone are free to comment their views on this ff………….and its better to say to she din’t like it rather than feing interest in it..I know how it mi8 feel to Naren coz I too write a ff….but these criticisms would help him/her to improve……………….sorry if I hurt you both….

    1. thnx..u are right..they are my best friends..they can’t bear any words against me so only they did like this

    2. every one is free but i didn’t allow any one to say such things which can hurt my bro but when we will groom his mind and heart to such a level that he can fight or bring himself up from such criticism then we will allow others to criticise till then no one is allowed to criticise on his ffs

      1. Ooshi…Just chill dear… Let them say whatever… We know naren…n whoever knows him n his ff also knows him better… Just ignore it…

  10. nice one i liked it…plzzz continue…. avoid all sorts of negative comments….. and plzzz read my ff I can’t take my eyes off u it is a KD ff…. so plzzz read and plzzzzzz comment

    1. sure..whenever i find time i will read and comment

      1. thanks

  11. Awesome episode, please continue with it. 🙂

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx brin.. Slowly many are commenting

  12. Awsm start … Keep it up n just ignore negative comments. Any one can write their opinion either it is negative or positive but I is up to you that u want to be discouraged or want to improve by that. So just don’t think much abt that n keep writing ?

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx for the comment and sure.. I will read..

  13. N yes everyone plzz read my FF too
    AaRa – 2 hearts ♥ that beat as one n plzz do comment ?

  14. Hey friend Narendran I’m really sorry if u were hurt but I actually did not wanted to hurt u. My friend Nisha made me realize that I shld say sorry cause ur hurt but I just normally said that I don’t liked the characters thing but I loved the way u started. I’ll be eagerly waiting for ur next part. So lets be frns n forget every thing cause I just normally said that n then ur sis said something n then I also got angry n that turned to a issue so lets solve that. I’m sorry again but I had no intention to hurt u ☹

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      It is OK let us be friends.. Ok…

      1. Ok so friends now ?

  15. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I am not satisfied with comments or anything.. So this ff is ended.. Sorry only 1 epi I written so sorry bye.. I will come back with another good ff

    1. plzzzz ranaji plzzzz don’t stop it…. at least for those who liked it….plzzzz

  16. Wow it is very nice.Please continue ranjit. I am getting fan of you ranjit.

    1. no..not interested if i get one bad comment also i won’t continue such ff sorry.for krishnadasi is not luck for me

  17. No plzzz don’t do that even I loved ur story how it started but the problem for me was just in the characters like Apu Malay Ragini n Niel , shivanya n ritik and aara is very good plzzz u hv to continue for everyone

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Whenever I write ff I get disappointed mh comments on krishnadasi so there is no luck..

      1. You got 42 comments and this is very much as whoever write ff they with very difficulties get more then 20 and you are lucky as of 1 part only you got 42 and I want to tell you that you are really a nice written. Please continue.and also please read my first ff.I naagin-love forever and please comment.I liked your all ff and I am your big fan.

  18. nice I like the beginning and the intro. hope nothing happens to rithik

  19. interesting ……….please cont………

  20. don’t stop writing. loved ur ff. it was very nice. if u stop it i will get angry.

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