He is a cricketer!!!!! (intro- episode 1)

Hi guys I’m Ziya . It’s my first writing “He is a cricketer!!!!!” . Do read comment and please support me guys.. Let’s start……

Work hard and give your best until your idols become your rivals


Scene 1

A stadium is shown were a cricket match between India And Australia was happening . The crowd was cheering for India and shouting

‘Sanskar’  ‘Sanskar’ ‘Sanskar’

A batsman is on strike . Revealed to be Sanskar Maheshwari .

5 runs was needed in 1 ball.

Bowler throws the ball and he hits it to a SIX!!!!!!! And they WON

The crowd was now screaming in happiness . The other players ran to the ground and hugs him happily.

Scene 2

A house is shown . Two girls was sitting in a couch . One was watching TV while other one was playing on phone .

Suddenly the girl who was watching TV jumped happily

Yippeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! India won!!!!!!OmG he hit a six last oh god!!!!!Yeyyyyy!!! The girl was jumping on the couch shouting

What happened Nitya that you’re jumping!!!! asked the other girl

Jo (Jyothika) you know India won today . And you know who’s the top scorer ????? Asked Nitya while sitting in the couch

Hmmm Is it Sanskar !!!!! She asked with a happy face

Yesssss Sanskar!!!! He scored 87* today

Nitya , Jo why you both are shouting asked a girl while entering to the hall holding a tray and putting it in the near by table revealed to be our heroine Swara Malhotra .

You know India won and ………

Nitya stop it yaar to whom you’re saying you know right she doesn’t like cricket Said Jyothika while interrupting Nitya

Haaa yaar !!!!!! Anyways Shona we can’t control our happiness got that . So we’re gonna celebrate it . Right Jo?? Said Nitya

Yes!!!!!!! Jo shouted

Huuu this girls . What’s there in cricket that they love it so much Mad pieces!!!!! She murmured to herself

Come now drink juice she said and got busy in her phone




Guys this is the prologue. Hope you guys liked it . If yes then please comment . Every comment will be a big appreciation for my work . Thank you .


Ziya Abram

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  1. Sus

    would love to read further and nyc starting

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you 🙂

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Phoniex

    Loved it dear

  3. Bharu

    awesome dear…cricket is my fav…aww…i am eagerly waiting for it…pls post soon dear…take care bye…

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you @Bharu cricket is my favourite too…….. I’ll post today or tomorrow thank you

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you dear

  4. Awesom dear….continue soon

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  6. Subiksha

    Nice start?

  7. IME

    Awesome dear
    continue soon

  8. Interesting dear…continue soon

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  10. nice dear

  11. Erin

    Please update soon eagerly waiting for next.

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you dear

  12. Kakali

    Welcome to SwaSan family dear.!! Soo nice concept..!! Would love to read more..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you @Kakali . I have update the part . Hope you’ll read it?

  13. AIRA

    Wow unique concept.. Nice start… Awesome epi

    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thank you dear

  14. Simi

    Nice start ?

  15. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

  16. Twinklingjasmine

    Hmmmmmm..Ziiiyyyaa..the ffs good start..and Swara is just like me..and nithya is like you..continue soon you lazy foolish head..?

    1. Ziya__Abram


    1. Ziya__Abram

      Thanks dear!!! Pls read the next part i have updated it . Thank you

  17. Rosey

    It’s amazing yaar too goodc

  18. Amazing one with unique concept

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