He is a Cricketer!!!!! Chapter 7

He Is A Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 7

Nitya : Jo did you saw this pic?

Jo : which one (she ask coming near nitya who was sitting in the bed)

Nitya : yaar..This one (she shows Jo the pic which Sanskar posted on Insta)

Jo : aww..It’s cute..Who’s this

Nitya : His sister and her child

Jo : oh…(she looks at Ragini who was sitting in the dressing table lost in her world) what happened to Di..Nitya

Nitya : Don’t know yaar..From morning she’s like that only…Don’t know what happened!!

Jo : Diiiiiiii

Ragini : ha….Did you call me Jo..

Jo : what happened?? You’re not here at all..

Ragini : umm..Nothing…Jo..

Nitya : don’t tell me Di it’s because that Hitler throw your phone
(Ragini nodes sadly. Nitya and Jo laughs seeing her)

Jo : Di..You’re really mad

Nitya : for this simple thing..You’re sad..Hahahhaha

Ragini : (getting up) It’s not funny.. Because of Hitler i didn’t call Akshay… (She suddenly cover her face with her hands understanding the blunder she made​)

Jo : Nitya it means our to be bride…

Nitya : is missing her to be groom

They both laughs and started to dance around Ragini singing le jaayenge le jaayenge dilwala dulhaniya le jaayenge . Ragini turns pink

Ragini : stop..Stop it both of you

Nitya : we should call her tomato instead of Di..Look she’s blushing like Tomato

Jo : Hahahhaha correct Nitya

Suddenly the door opens in a bang and Swara enters in frustrated mood

Swara : Guys did you saw my bracelet

RaNiJo : NOOOO (they shouted)

Swara : hu..Where will it be…

A girl of 16 year old wearing a green lehenga enters the room holding a plate full of sweets

Jo : Ruhi..You’re going to eat this much sweets OMG

Ruhi : Di…

Jo : okay okay where are you going with this??

Ruhi : ha I’m going to welcome Jiju and his family . So badi ma told me to call all four of you

Ragini : They reached Udaipur today only?

Ruhi : no . They all reached yesterday but due to rain they couldn’t reach here so all stayed in hotel and now they’re coming here..


Sakshi : Namaste Ji.. How’re you

Akshay’s Mom : Namaste . We all are fine

Devrani : come..All pls come inside…

They all came inside . And got seated .

Sakshi : Ruhiiii come fast beta

Ruhi : sorry badi ma for being late

Sakshi : it’s okay dear come give them sweets

Ruhi : Ji

She went near them and started giving them sweets

She suddenly saw a boy standing near the entrance and calling someone . She couldn’t saw his face . She thought he too came along with them and went near him to give sweets . At the same time the boy turns back and both collides . Resulting them to hit their foreheads . The boy was non other than Rahul .

Rahul : auchh (rubbing his forehead and looking at her angrily)

Ruhi : owww…I’m so sorry

Rahul : what sorry ha..Who told you to come in front of me and hit my forehead

Ruhi : hey..I said sorry na …Then why are you shouting like this..

Rahul : you think after saying sorry everything’s over

Ruhi : i did a mistake and i said sorry for that too…It’s your decision to forgive or not…And if you didn’t forgive na i too don’t have any problems! Okay so it’s Over

Rahul : what’s your problem actually..Ha tell me … (He moves forward and she moves back) you itself came and hit me then now showing your tantrums

Ruhi : hey..Stay Away..Okay..I didn’t show you any tantrums it’s you who’s doing that…And

(Suddenly some one calls her from behind)

Ruhi : I’m coming maa

She went from there angrily stamping her foot

Rahul : idiot


Sanskar was on the way to Udaipur. When he got a call from Akshay

Where are you Sanky??

I’m on the way yaar..In 15 min I’ll be there

And ha while coming bring a bottle too

When you started drinking?? Sanskar asked angrily

Dude..It’s not for me…


Hmm..Our enemy is here


Yaar..How could you forget that person who trapped you and me!! In that case

Oh god..He..What he’s doing there

He is a family friend . Not my family’s​ okay

So what you’re gonna do ?? Sanskar asked

The thing which we used to do in our college

Are you sure ?

1000%…I still didn’t forget the pain which i got because of him Akshay told angrily

Hmm.yaa…The slap which i got from dad is..Uhh i cant think of it . Sanskar rubbed his cheek

Then..Come fast and don’t forget to bring bottle okay..

Ya sure. Bye



Nitya : Jo where is Di

Jo : she’s with her dilwale

Nitya : Oh yaa Jiju came right.. now Di will be with him

Jo : oh hello do you think like that..This is Udaipur Not Mumbai…That Hitler is here so she have to go near him by hiding

Nitya : ya Jo i totally forgot about that..And where is our Swara Madam

Jo : She is sitting in the garden



Sanskar shouted Nd Swara jumped from her place due to the sudden sound

Swara : Sanky..You..

She started to beat him and he runs . She too runs behind him .

Swara : Sanky stop pls..I cant

Sanskar : you can’t win over me madam

Swara : you have so much energy!!

Sanskar : Hahahhaha I’m going to gym daily

Swara : Gym..Hhu…I didn’t ate chocolate today coz of Hitler that’s why i don’t have energy…If i had ate it na then i you would have lose

Sanskar : oh.ho i know.. Getting energy..After eating chocolate..Huu..

Swara : sachii (she said cutely pinching her throat)

Sanskar : ok meri maa… Anyway why you were sitting like lost puppy

Swara : Actually…

Sanskar : hmm

Swara : Actually…I lost my bracelet..

Sanskar : bracelet??

Swara : ha my bracelet..It has a small diamond stone …. It was my favourite..Which my Bhai gift me

Sanskar : Arrey that is with m….(before he could complete Rahul comes there)

Rahul : Bhai..You’re here.. Akshay Bhai is calling you

Sanskar : ha 1 min I’ll come . Swara will talk to you later kk

Swara : kk

Precap : Swara saw Sanskar on TV in a AD as a CRICKETER!!!!!




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