He is a cricketer!!!!! Chapter 4

He is a Cricketer!!!!!

Chapter 4

“Hello Sanky”

“Ha shona good morning”

“Good morning…I’m on the way and you”

“I’ll be there in 10 min”

“Kk bye”


“Bhai are you going somewhere???” Rahul asked entering the room

“Yes for shopping”


“He starts questioning ”

“Did you said something”

“Mm no I’m going for shopping”

“Shopping…Wait for 5 min I’ll also come”

“No need I’ll go myself ”

“Why can’t i come”

“I meant that you can go shopping tomorrow so that I’ll be free and you’ll also be free”

“What are you saying Bhai!! I’m not understanding anything ”

“Nothing Rahul you go shopping tomorrow okay move now let me go today” Sanskar said while leaving

“Hello di hello mom ” Sanskar said while descending the stairs happily

“Hello Sanskar …..Where are you going”

“I’m going for shopping di….Bye ” “bye mom”(he said kissing his mom’s cheek and left)

“Something is happening di” Rahul said to Raina while standing near her

“He doesn’t ​like shopping and all in morning and look how he’s going” Raina said shockingly

“Welcome Sir Welcome Madam” the Salesman said to Swara and Sanskar while welcoming them to the mall

“Hmm Sanky now itself I’m saying i need your big help in choosing my dress”

“Then come let’s go” he said and both move forward

“Rahul are you free??” Raina asked while entering his room

“Yup but for???” He replied while playing in his mobile

“Need to buy Aru’s baby food and her pampers” she said

“Okay I’m ready already let’s go”


“Pack this” Swara said to the sales man and turns to Sanskar”now your dress come on ”

“You too have to help me”


“Hmm this is one is matching for you” Swara said to Sanskar showing him a white armani suit

“Ya it is correct voice for him” a voice came from behind  . Swara and Sanskar turned back and found Rahul and Raina holding Aru

“You’re right di it is the correct match for him…I mean the correct dress”

“What you both are doing here??” Sanskar asked shockingly

“Who are they Sanky??”

“I’m His sister Raina and this is Rahul our younger brother and this is my daughter Arohi aka Aru”

“Ohh He told me about you all and …..Aru (she touched her cheeks) really she is cute Sanky” “i forgot to introduce myself I’m…”

“We know you’re shona!! He told us ” Raina said

“I asked what you both are doing here ” Sanskar asked in a calm way

“This Bhai na….For what purpose all are coming here for the same thing we too are here and i need to buy a new phone too”

“Did you started shopping ” Swara asked

“Yup and Rahul told he need to buy a shirt so we came here”

“Oh then let’s do” Swara said

“Ya” they all started to go and Swara took Aru in her arms

When Raina was going Sanskar pulled her by her arms

“Aauch!! Sanskar you still didn’t leave this habit you better leave it okay!!!” She said while rubbing her arms

“I thought to leave it after your marriage thinking that you’ll be matured and i don’t need to do this anymore but my thinking was wrong you still need this (he pulled her arms tightly) because of your naughtiness”

“Aaaa Sanskar I’m your elder sister okay” Raina said while taking her hands back and rubbing it

“You’re not only my elder sister but also a mother of a child still you’re behaving like a LKG girl” he said pinching her cheeks

“Aww you’re hurting me…..I’ll complaint you to Mom no she will not do anything ha….I’ll complaint you to my husband look” she said pushing his hands

“OMG i got afraid ”

“Sanskar Maheshwari!!!!”

“Raina Abhishek Mehra!!!!!”

“Di Bhai why are you both not coming there!!! Come on” Rahul said while coming near them

“I’m not coming with her” Sanskar said

“I’m not coming with him” Raina said

“Pls for god sake do this fight in home not here otherwise tomorrow a news will come Sanskar caught fighting with his Sister!!” Rahul said

“I’m coming (she turns and look at Sanskar ) I’ll show you who I’m i when we’ll reach home” Raina said and went near Swara who was selecting dress for Sanskar

“Sanky….I’m going and thank you so much” Swara said

“I should say thank you right ” he said

“I should say thank you” Swara said

“Friends??” He asked showing his hands for a handshake

“Friends!!!” She said giving her hands

“There shouldn’t be a thank you and sorry in friendship ” he said

“I took my thank you back”

“I too took back my thank you”

“Sanky its 12 i need to go”

“You can go after eating lunch come…”

“Some other day Sanky actually my brother is coming home today from London”

“Oh kk”



Precap : Engagement & Party

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