Hi guys …first I will introduce myself. I am mithra from Chennai.though I am Tamil I used to watch matsh,kkb, nagin,tei. …etc..
hence it’s a combination of these shows.hope you guys will support .

Ram and priya : ram is a great businessman and priya is housewife
abhishek : son of ram ,priya …hates his dad from childhood.he thinks ram likes only aliya,his sister, not him.
aliya: sister of abhi.she lives her family a lot.

Neil and ragini: Neil is a famous doctor and ragini is a professor.both are divorced and ragini lives in India and Neil in America.
pragya : daughter of Neil and ragini.lives with ragini in India.but longs for her father
ranveer: son of Neil and ragini.lives with Neil in America.he hates his mother .
Both pragya and ranveer doesn’t know that are brothers and sisters.

Shivanya: pragya’s friend who supports pragya when she gets hurt.

Ritik: friend of ranveer a great friend .helps him in all ways.

Kunj: who wants to become great sucess man.
twinkle : who wants to become popular
Ishani: she loves to play keyboard.

Short summary….
abhi,pragya ,kunj,twinkle,ranveer,ishani,ritik,shivanya forms a band called “PAGAL SHEHAR” …how they achieved sucess not only in music field but also in their life…

Episode 1 :::::
In Mumbai☆☆☆☆☆
The episode starts with a girl shouting ma….where are you.a lady says here beta…it’s ragini…the girl is none other than our pragya.
pragya: ma….here you are …I am searching for know I got a seat in Oxford university.
ragini: Oxford university…congrats beta..and hugs her.and becomes sad.
pragya: kya hua are not happy.
Ragini: beta…you have to go to London na.I will miss you badly and hugs her.
pragya almost in tears : then i am not going ma
ragini: arey it’s your dream na…you better go and what about shivanya.
pragya: ha she too got the seat .we are going together ma…
ragini: ok beta ,pack your bags .tomorrow you have to go na.
pragya in sad tone. ..ha ma..I miss dad.if he is with me now…how happy he would BE
ragini: pragya ,go and pack your bags. Pragya leaves.ragini thinks he don’t have feelings for us beta.when you gonna understand…
In delhi☆☆☆☆☆

A girl prays to God.oh god I got admission in Oxford university. Thanks a lot and when she turns she sees her friend ,twinkle standing with a smile.
ishani: arey sadu…tum …
twinkle : don’t call me sadu …you know I got admission in Oxford university.
ISHANI : oh my God…I too gonna join and hugs her
twinkle : come let’s start packing.

In Pune. ☆☆☆☆☆☆

A boy saying ma I know what’s correct and what’s’s abhi.he says ma please ask him not to interfere in my life.I want to live my life ma.SO I decided to join IN Oxford university. Moreover he doesn’t like me na…better I will go.
priya : not like that beta
Abhi: ma…I am not a child ok .I know what’s good and what’s wrong and leaves from there when ram enters.

Precap:: all packs their bags and boards to Oxford university. The screen flashed between all faces.

Hope you all liked.comment if I want to continue or share your feedback. ..

Credit to: mithra


  1. Prithivi raj

    Superb.. Romba nalla iruku…
    But please add raman ishita and ruhi too ibm your story..
    Enaku raman ishita naa romba pidikum..

  2. yaar nyc starting….plzz make…ishani and shivanya as a frnd…not ishu and twinkle…plzz it seems good..bcoz they r offscreen frnds too…anywayzz..waiting for precap…seems in oxford university

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.