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The episode starts with twinkle asking pragya to wake up.ishani gives her lime juice.pragya asked what happened. Shuvanya says nothing you got drunken. PRAGYA asked what .twinkle says ha 17 glasses.ishani asked you counted it.twinkle nods yes.shivanya says stop teasing her.pragya was about to cry. Twinkle and ishani says sorry. PRAGYA says it’s ok and leaves from there.she opened her laptop and read the message….8 days more..
PRAGYA says I could not tolerate who is this.
Twinkle says let’s wait and see who is it till the day comes.let’s her ready.

Abhi in his room playing his guitar when ranveer comes with group of boys.he introduced them to abhi as band students.ranveer asked them to take abhi with them.abhi thanks ranveer and leaves.

Kunj was on his way to room while he collides with twinkle.Twinkle asked if he lost his eyes.kunj asked you have your eyes n.a…you would have opened it na. Twinkle asked him to go.kunj holds her hand and drags towards him.Twinkle was shocked by his action.kunj asked will you accept me as your love.Twinkle asked what nonsense. Kunj says I know you love me.Twinkle says no.kunj asked no.Twinkle says no.leave my hand.kunj comes closer to twinkle .she closed her eyes.kunj whispers in her ears I will be waiting for you in hotel paradise….come soon. And he leaves.

Ritik in library meets shivanya
Shivanya says hello senior.ritik asked what are you doing her.shivanya says eating.ritik asked what …shivanya says I came to take books.ritik says oh nice. Shivanya says it’s time ..I am leaving.

Twinkle in her room thinking to go or not.she then decides to go.she gets ready .pragya asked where is she going.Twinkle says to meet my friend.ishani asked date….shivanya says what….all three looked in shocked expresion.pragya asked who is it.Twinkle says I am getting late .I will come and say …bye. ..and leaves.

In hotel
Twinkle searches for kunj, kunj hugs twinkle from behind, twinkle breaks the hug.kunj says come let’s have dinner.Twinkle comes and sits beside kunj. Kunj orders food and holds twinkle’s hand.she pushed his hand.kunj says arey …please. .accept me n.a..Twinkle asked why.kunj says I will die if you not accept me and takes knife. Twinkle asked him to stop and says ok …I will accept ..actually i came to say that ..kunj asked what.Twinkle says I love you.kunj asked really and hugs her.Twinkle says let’s go.i want to introduce you to my friends.kunj says they know me n.a..Twinkle says they know you as your friend but not as my lover.kunj says ok.

Twinkle comes with kunj. Ishani opens the door and was shocked to see them.pragya and shivanya also sees them.Twinkle says I love him.pragya says I am happy for you.ishani hugs her.shivanya says congrats.kunj says ok I am leaving.Twinkle says ok bye.

In night shivanya gets call. She thinks why ritik is calling her.ritik asked shivanya to come to terrace.shivanya leaves to terrace after making sure all slept.she curses ritik for asking her to come.she sees a small gift on the floor.she takes it and opens .it’s diamond ring with a note will you marry me.ritik comes there.shivanya asked ehats this.ritik asked will she accept him.shivanya nods yes Nd both hugs.

In the morning….
Ranveer ritik,kunj ,pragya,shivanya,twinkle ,ishani gathered together.pragya says so kunj bhai loves twinkle.and shivanya loves ritik bhai.and looks at ishani.ishani looks at ranveer.pragya says don’t say you love him.ishani smiles saying sorry pragya.ranveer says sorry.pragya says so all cheated me.ranveer says I don’t know that kunj and ritik loves. PRAGYA asked so what you have done.ranveer says sorry madam.pragya says it’s ok.

Days passed.
The day comes. PRAGYA opens her laptop and sees ,finally the day came.come to Taj hotel.pragya looks on.pragya says I have to find who is it.she leaves to Taj hotel.

In hotel.
PRAGYA dressed up in white top and blue jeans.pragya looks for the person.the man calls pragya.pragya asked where is he.he asked her to come table no5 .pragya was shocked to see abhi.abhi says suprise.pragya says you…how …abhi says first I thought to punish but later I don’t know what happened I want to tease you.pragya says I am leaving abhi says hey…wait..please listen..I love you so much.pragya asked really.abhi kneels down and proposes her. PRAGYA asked him to get up.she was about to slap him.abhi closed his eyes.she hugs him.abhi gets happy.

Precap ….
Abhi gets to know pragya is ranveer ‘s sister….

Credit to: mithra

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