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The episode starts with abhi coming to room with anger ,he recalls ram’s words ” he could not achieve anything..he is unfit…he will not become a rockstar ,he will become a zero” Abhi says whatever happens I will not leave her.he opens his laptop and sent a mail to her as he saw her mail address in ishani’s phone.he thinks you are finished pragya .

In hostel
PRAGYA was feeling sad.shivanya asked why she is sad.ishani says why you did like that.pragya says I thought to show him who am I.leave it.twinkle asked how can we leave ..if we leave also I think he will take revenge on you.pragya says let’s see and opens her laptop.she read the message and was shocked.” COUNTDOWN STARTS …10 DAYS TO GO…” pragya calls everyone to look..shivanya asked who sent it.ishani says the mail is from hell owner…and all laughs.twinkle says someone is playing pranks on you.leave it.pragya says you are right someone is playing with me …ok let’s sleep.ishani says ha ..tomorrow we gonna meet our group.pragya asked who..twinkle says suprise…pragya says whatever and all sleeps.

Ranveer ,ritik and kunj in his room.Abhi comes there.ranveer asked him to sit.kunj asked why he is not talking with anyone.Abhi says not interested.ranveer keeps his hand on his shoulders and says tell me what bothers you…as a friend.Abhi looks on.ranveer says fine ,if you are not okay to accept as friend leave it and he was about to move but abhi holds his hand.he says I hate my dad..he doesn’t loves me.he even not want me to achieve something.that much of hate towards me.I want to become a big rockstar …it’s my only aim.ranveer says don’t worry..I will arrange for our college itself many bands are there.let’s see through it tomorrow.don’t worry.Abhi hugs ranveer.kunj and ritik too hugged.

PRAGYA was not able to sleep.she thinks about that mail.suddenly a hand falls over her waist.she shouts.ishani switches on light and asked what happened .pragya sees it’s shivanya and got relaxed. Saying sorry she slept.ishani says she is much tensed about that mail and sleeps

Next morning
PRAGYA opens her laptop to see her favourite ma photo.she got a mail.she opens it…” NINE DAYS MORE TO GO….I AM WATCHING YOU” . pragya closed the laptop and doesn’t want to say anything to anyone.twinkle asked is she ready and takes pragya with her.
PRAGYA,twinkle ,shivanya and ishani meets ranveer,kunj and ritik.ishani says they are out new friends.pragya says hi to them.ranveer asked can she call them as bhai.ritik says she may call you as bhai ..but why…we..ranveer says shut up.pragya says sure..why not.I got three bhai ‘s. Ishani says don’t expect us to call you as bhai.ranveer says who worried about you.kunj says waise choti. .someone in your gang called me sadu.pragya looks at twinkle.kunj says Say to get she looks like a sadist.all laughs.twinkle gets angry and asked me.kunj says so you told me sadu. PRAGYA says you itself caught.twinkle leaves from there.ishani says she is like this ok let’s have a get together today.ranveer says why not..sure.
All leaves to respective classes.

PRAGYA looks for abhi.Abhi asusual sitting on the last bench.but she noticed someone with him.she thinks may be he got a new friend.yaaa pragya is right.Abhi got a new friend” purab” .actually purab is his classmate so they both joined.pragya thinks to ask sorry to she asked shivanya to cone with her and both sits the front bench of abhi.Abhi noticed her but ignored it.pragya thinks how to ask sorry.
The professor comes and starts his lessons.
Few minutes after, abhi’s phone rings.professor asked who’s it.Abhi thinks today he is finished and was about to get up ,but pragya stood before him.shivanya asked what she is doing.professor asked pragya to get out of the class.pragya leaves from there.Abhi feels guilty and wants to meet pragya.

After classes
Abhi searched for pragya finally he noticed her .he sits near her.pragya looks at him and says don’t say sorry or thanks.I just want to ask sorry but I don’t know whether I am fit for it..anyways don’t feel bad
Abhi says friends.pragya says ofcourse …why not.

Ranveer asked ishani what’s her next plan.ishani says I have to think.ranveer thinks this girl is very close to me.why I feel comfortable with her.don’t know what our destiny ..ishani says oh hello
.dreaming.ranveer says nothing ..just thinking.

Abhi feels guilty and also feels love for her.he thinks to admit his love for her.he opens his laptop and thinks to continue his plan.he says pragya ,you will surely accept me.

Shivanya meets ritik .ritik asked what’s going on .shivanya looks back. Ritik asked whom you are looking.shivanya says my boyfriend.ritik asked boyfriend.shivanya says here he is and shows a tall,lean man with specs. Ritik asked he?shivanya asked why he is not looking good.ritik says ha..super..he says what a taste and smiles.

In evening
All were in a club except abhi.ranveer orders three drinks and four juices.pragya asked ranveer ,you will drink.ranveer says won’t like .pragya says no ..not like that I just asked.ranveer says if you say not to drink I will not.ishani clears her throat.ranveer comes to his sense,kunj says he is like this and pats his head.ritik says I will come and leaves.the waiter gives their the drinks and juices were same colour,pragya mistakenly took ritik ‘s drinks.all starts to drink.almost after ,10 minutes ritik came and pragya almost finished her drinks.ritik takes his glass and drinks.he spills and says it’s juice.where is my drink.pragya says I drank…it’s very tasty…I loved it. Bhai I want one more and she is not in her control.twinkle holds her.ranveer scolds the waiter and says let’s leave and takes pragya with him.pragya says I want a drink…ranveer says no they are not it’s late n.a. let’s come tomorrow.pragya asked pakka. Rabveet says ha…all gets in the car.pragya starts to get like a child.ranveer asked what happened and caressed her face.pragya says I want to meet mom..mumma ..where are you.ranveer gets angry but somewhat he controlled .he says she may be sleeping,why are you disturbing her.pragya says ha …you are right bhai.pragya sobs by hugging ranveer.I miss my dad badly.he left me when I was small…you know I am very angry at him.more over I hate him…I hate you Mr.Neil khanna.I want to meet him only once to ask why he left mom and me.she dozzed off by keeping her head on ranveer’s shoulder.ranveer asked kunj to take the car
Ranveer takes a selfie and sends to Neil.Neil sees it and asked who is it.ranveer says our little princess. Neil was taken aback.ranveer says dad ,she hates us.Neil says I know but how come you know her.ranveer says everything.
Neil asked him to take care of her.

Ranveer takes pragya in his arms and left to her room.she made her to sleep comfortable and leaves.ishani holds his arms and hugs him.ranveer gets shocked.ishani says I am seeing a nice person who cares for his sister ,his family …I want to be with him.will he accept I don’t have family or no one to show love ,will he showed her with love. ranveer gets tears in his eyes and hugs her saying yes…moreover i lost my heart when I saw you first day…I love you…ishani breaks the hug and says it’s late go…ranveer asked to take care of herself as well as pragya. He says they both are very important for him.ishani nods yes.ranveer leaves from there.

So 1 couple got paired….

Ok rest of couples will be paired …one in one episode…let’s see what’s special things are gonna happen. .

Credit to: mithra

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