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The episode starts with abhi coming to his room.he reached his room and shocked to See ranveer ,ritik and kunj there.he checks the room number.kunj says hey come in.actually you are the special person who gonna share this room with us.abhi curses ram and enters the room.

PRAGYA was praying to god. Shivanya comes” oh God ji please make my friend strong ” she whispered. PRAGYA says please stop your drama.ishani, twinkle comes there. Ishani says first day to college, to class…I am happy.twinkle says don’t get happy that sadu is following US. PRAGYA asked who is sadu. Twinkle points on kunj.pragya says don’t say like that ,he is good.ishani says I am not ok with him.something is there.shivanya says leave yaar ,what can they do..let’s go.

All four were on the way to class. .a group of students comes there.ishani says these were the one who teased us yesterday. When they nears them all shouts good morning sisters…and leaves.pragya says I could not believe yaar.shivanya says me too.twinkle sees kunj following them and says I will come you three leave to class.they says ok.twinkle holds kunj ‘s hands and drags him to aside.she asked what he wants.why are you following US. Kunj says you look beautiful. I thought to intro myself.hi I am kunj. Twinkle was shocked by his answer.kunj says I M leaving as it’s time and leaves.twinkle thinks about kunj words.

PRAGYA, shivanya and ishani enters the class.pragya clashes with abhi and was about to fall but he holds her.he makes her to stand and asked her to see while walking.before pragya could say anything he leaves.pragya thinks how he is showing attitude to me.ishani says leave yaar.

Kunj comes to their class.ranveer asked what happened.kunj says hey..your sister n.a. so sweet but her friends na..I got red handed today.ritik asked then what happened .you got beatings.kunj says so you want me to get beatings …ha one day for sure I will get that because I am in friendship with you.ranveer says leave yaar.ritik says I am waiting for that day.

PRAGYA sees abhi sitting on the last bench. She thinks how he showed attitude on me.wait Mr, see what I gonna do.shivanya says I am bored of classes.twinkle says me too.ishani looks out of the window ranveer was looking at them.she thinks to enquire why he is following and excused herself.

Ishani ” oh hello…whom you are looking through the window.I know you are senior to US, it doesn’t mean you can come where ever we go.”
Ranveer says stop your nonsense talks.I am not here to see you. Isjani says then why that tall giraffe is following us. Ranveer says giraffe ,who is it.ishani says how do I know. He will be with you.ranveer says he looking like a giraffe for you.ha may be ,you are not that much height. Ishsbi says don’t talk about height.I am normal only n.a..ranveer says ok from tomorrow monkey will follow you all.ishani says that white monkey with you.ranveer says what your problem.ishani says are you looking for a girl in our team.ranveer jerks off.ranveer says ha…ishani asked who…ranveer says pragya…ishani asked pragya…ranveer says I will say the truth but you should not tell to anyone,promise me.ishani thinks he is serious and promised him.
Rangers says she is my sister. Ishani asked sister.but she didn’t say anything to us.ranveer says she itself don’t know. Ishani asked what..ranveer says ha. .my father and mother divorced when I am three years old.she is only one year.she is a parents divided us.that I want to go with dad and she with mum.when she was in my mother’s womb ,i used to say that she will play with me,talk with me,but I am unlucky. I didn’t even know when she did this…and moreover I missed her so much.I hate my mom for separating I don’t want her to know that she is my sister.I know what she is thinking about me,even I don’t know she knows about me or please help me.ishani had years in her eyes.she says I will not say and I am proud of you that you love your sister this much….
Twinkle – kunj and shivanya- ritik says we too promise bro.ranveer turns back to see.. and ranveer asked you all..and searched for pragya.shivanya says bhai,she is in class.ritik says I am proud of you bro and hugs him.kunj says me too.twinkle says first we want to know that she knows about you.what she thinks about you. Kunj says for that you should become friends with us.shivanya says deal…ishani says me too in your team.twinkle thinks…kunj says leave her ,she all keep on thinking.twinkle says no I am coming…all says friends forever.
Ranveer says i am feeling good after sharing with you all …thanks guys. Ishani says no sorry. .no thanks…ranveer says ok madam.shivanya says ofho..we left her In the class.she tells that she is gonna do something with that abhi…I don’t know what she did..ranveer asked what happened.she tells everything.ranveer says how dare he can behave with my sister…he is also my classmate.wait I will make him to say sorry.ishani stops him.she says it’s not a big’s small problem…and mistake is on both sides so stop supporting her.shivanya says let’s guys don’t know about her.she will do without thinking and will worry for that..

In the class,pragya sees abhi sitting at the last bench.that time professor called abhi to come front.while he was walking, pragya stretched her leg and made him to fall.but she catches him….they had an eyelock. ..saiyaara song plays. .pragya says sorry. .and smiles
Abhi simply went in anger.

From outside these people are watching this scene.ritik says nice play by your sister. Samberg says thanks…ishani asked did your sister achieved anything. .you both are appreciating her. Shivanya says don’t know what will abhi do now.ranveer says don’t worry I will speak to him.

PRAGYA gets mail…” TEN DAYS TO GO…..COUNTDOWN STARTS”…pragya gets panicked…..

Hope after a long time I am updating…please support guys.if you like it…please let me know…so that its easy to continue…thanks for reading guys..

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