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Hey guys i am a big follower of naagin. I just loved it from the begining. I know its coming to an end. But some things that are noticed by me are really funny. I don’t know about your point of view but you can comment about them.

1 why do shivaniya and sesha always sit when they have to turn in naagin avtar? In the begining they would sleep, then they starting sitting and today for the first time shivaniya changed her form in standing position. I really didn’t understand the point of sitting. Reasons could be they might fall or something? Really don’t know.
2 Divya was shown as viren’s daughter right? Now she calls yamini her mom. Strange right. Even rithik used to call viren his brother sometimes. Really can’t get a point to relate.
3 viren was not killed. He was in coma or till now may be. So how can we expect them to show that all 5 murderes died?
4 madhatters had so much faith in guru maa. Who accordoing to me was the best actor in the entire plot. I have my reasons for that firstly in the entire show she had to compromise with one and only red saree. And secondly the hump she beard and always in that bending position all the time. Ok reasons apart i mean everytime their plan backfired and still they trusted her so much and till now are doing it.
5 the new guru who came up recently. He looks like a blind to me. All the time he looks somewhere else while talking.
6 the graphics and the naagins clothing
The graphics are so bad. Even kids come to know that they are fake. Show at least good graphics in the next season. Coming to the clothes shivaniya’s clothes are completely faded even sesha’s for that matter. I mean if you want to use same clothes for them not a problem but atleast have some backups for those. That golden lehenga of shivaniya is completely faded and looks worn out. Even sesha’s clothes are bad for that matter.

So guys these are my points. If anythjng is wrong up here please correct me. And you can add your points too. Even i am a big fan of naagin but these things should be kept in mind. Comments needed. Thank you.

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  1. Who was madhatters ????
    4 point…..I didn’t understand 4 point plzzzz explain plzzzzzzzz

  2. Who was madhatters
    Plzzz explain 4 point

  3. hai iam also the biggest fan of Naagin and iam from TamilNadu
    First u said that why shivanya and sesha sit when they changes into Naagin form becoz u may seen real snakes may be in those position thats why the actors also doing same for example real king cobra may also can stand.
    second u said why they are using graphics in Naagin if not graphics used then how can they show snake will they able to bring real snake to act
    Third Viren will come back and die at the end of the show

  4. Viren was in coma bt shivanya killed him disguised in nurse so Viren is killed by shivananya

  5. New guru is blind..that’s this show starting itself he was shown by blind character ly that’s crt frnd

  6. One more how can naagin change herself into bracelet. Funny??

  7. I am also see nagin from starting. Sivanya changed herself by standing position also. Behind the pillar after her marriage. After Reborn sivanya got more power by shiv dhara or something else. She would change herself into any form. Smallest snake. Braclet or jura pin.:)

  8. Loved this show cause of Rivanya /Shivik. inspite of the flaws

  9. Hey, I am a huge Fan & follower of the famous show “Naagin”. I never miss a single episode.. Come what may.. However, like you have pointed out few things in the show… I would like to say that Shivanya is more powerful than Shesha in any manners… either its about powers or knowledge. If you remember, in their childhood, Shesha attacked her sister – Shivanya, afer which her mother saved her by giving medicine dissolved Shesha’s poison. So that Shesha would never kill her in future. And Ritik is playing his character so well that I can’t explain. His immense love towards his wife Shivanya is supercool. He always took stand for his wife. I love him for this quality.
    I think over all this show is super fantastic with amazing effects. I just wish that this show should never end. I read latest about the show is that “it is going to be extended for another month”. So, be ready to watch further exiting episodes of “Naagin”…

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