A crazy thing called love (episode 1)


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Here we go…
Its a musuem
Three girls are talking to a man who is wearing blank jeans and white top and a black jacket with messy hair style.
The three girls are in uniform..
Few photos are shown
One photo is with half face
One photo has only one eye.
Another photo has lips.
By seeing it we can knew these all photos belong to same one person.
Girl:-why do u like to take this type of photos.
Man:- i like close ups because .they lead us to see something that we cannot see if we look widely.
Girl:- so when you shoot face close up pictures where is your focal point.
Man:- they may be eyes and
Suddenly they lisen a baby crying and that man turns and he relived as sanskar .
Excuse me my little baby is crying and leaves towards that baby which is in toddler.
Girls talks to them selfs awee he is so handsome and too he had a son …
Sanskar:-why my baby is crying
Hmm you look hungry.. and baby looks at him by widening his eyes.
Sanskar:-ok ok dont be mad at me
And does some funny acts and baby smiles he tooks baby into his hands with baby case and leaves on his Bikeee

Back we lisen a girls voice
All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of the heart.

When we think of him,we will feel like ummm.

“Always feel a little pain inside ”
But we still want to keep him.

Even though i dont knew where he is today. What is he doing.
But he is the one who makes me know this.


Few years before in interschool.
Four girls are walking on footpath are having fun soon they reach to a hotel and ordering some thing.
In that four girls one girl escapes and goes and sit near window glass and sees out side.
A boy comes on bike and stops that girl is watching him lovingly..as he is giving way to blind people to goo.
Her frds notices this and comes to her.
Frd1:- i get it, why you ask us to visit this shop everyday is because of him.
Girl:-because of wat .his motor bike is so strange..
Frds:- hmmmm and turns to her and watches her angrily..
Frds starts to shout:-look at her she is beautifull make her your gf..
But boy leaves without noticing yhem.
Frds:-he is super smart ,its not weird that you would crazy about him.
Girl:- non sense i dont…if it so why he will like someone ugly and dark skin girl..
Frds cheers her up..
Girl is our ragini.

At railway station.
Ragini stands with a naming board a men comes she gives him hand shake and takes him to her resturanent.
Ragini serves to all customers and goes inside kitchen.
Where her mother and sister are working…
Mom:-after you serve that table you go to market for me.
Ragini:-ok sure.
Mom:-cute how things going in school.
Mom:-arent you and your frds bored with each other you four are frds from kindergarden..
Sister:- she has no option the appearence like her and her gang . No one would like to be with them.
Ragini hits her sister.
Mom:-frds are frds not becoz of only appearence.
Sis:-but it should be the first thing to consider i m lucky that i look like mom. If i looked like dad or Like ragini i surely couldnt have boyfrd when i grew up.
Mom:-stop , you both have grown up but still quarrel and you(sis).dont speak like that about your dad if he lisen he will feel bad.
Sis:-but he is in america so he cant lisen.
Rags makes a faces by sticking tongue out.
Mom:-ragini you go where you want…

Precap,:-rags walks on road and some one jumps on before her.

Credit to: Sindhu rm

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