Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 9 THE MYSTERY MAN! !!!


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Avni shouts bhaiyya! !!
She asks Raj to take him to d hospital
They both hire an taxi and reach to the hospital
Let’s assume his name to b arjun
Arjun is placed on the stretcher and is taken to the OT
Avni holds his hand and keeps crying bitterly
She then leaves his hand aa they reach OT
Raj come to her to console her but avni jerks him away

A : wt have u done Raj?
She holds him by his collar and shouts
A : y did u hit him ? Y ?
She pushes him away and sobs
Ra : avni I didn’t do it with purpose … He appeared in front at once ..wt cd I do. . Tell me ?
A : idk anything. . All that I know is u r responsible 4 my brother to b in this condition. .. I won’t spare u if anything happens to my brother. .get that
Avni goes to the idol and prays
Raj looks at her teary eyed and leaves
Kyu mujse kafa hai tu mere khuda
Deewane se tere kya ho gayi khata
Jo ho gaya juda plays

Twinkle comes back home
Uv was busy playing video games
Twinkle comes to him and snatches it and she continues it
U : di !!! I was playing

T : did u tell something?
U : are kunj jeeju u ?
T : where (she looks around in excitement)
Uv snatches it back from her
Twinkle makes an frustrated expression and leaves to her room

Twinkle’s room
She recalls her moments with kunj his proposal and d others and blushes
She gets an hold of an nearby teddy and dances
She falls on bed and covers her face in pillow
She gets an call
She finds it to b frm Raghav
T : wt now ?
R : hey did u speak to Raj after the cafeteria work
T : no y
R : M trying to call him since long but he isn’t picking it
Don’t know where is he
He didn’t cme to my house today
T : wt ? But it’s already too late
He shd have returned by now
R : I’ll call u if I get to know of him bye
T : bye
Twinkle looks tensed

And rushes to her car and drives it off
Twinkle thinks
Oh god Raj where r u
Cm on pick the call
Finally Raj picks the call
T : Raj have u lost it
M calling u since long and u
Where r u ?
Ra : just went for an drive …. don’t worry M 5ne
Nothing wrong
He ends the call
T : hello Raj hello
She sees the call cut ..
T : Wts wrong with u man .. Y u acting weird
It’s better I go to his house and find it out
Twinkle reaches raj’s house
Twinkle comes in and takes aunty’s blessing
T : aunty I came to meet Raj where is he ?
A : he isn’t cm home beta
T : wt ?
A : yes beta
T : K aunty call me as soon as he comes

She leaves and informs Raghav everything
She calls avni
T : hello avni is Raj with u
A : (rudely) no
She cuts the call
T : Wts going on where is Raj and y is avni acting weird

An maze is shown
Raj is seen lying on the floor
He gains consciousness and is shocked to find himself in an maze with black and white doors
Ra : Wts all this ?where am I and how the hell did u reach here ?
He tries escaping but lands up in the same place
He shouts for help

An room is seen in some mansion
The room is seen with some photos of twinkle and her friends attached to it
An person is seen wearing an black leather suit and an mask (half face black n the other fae white )
Person comes to raj’s pic and makes an cross on it
The person laughs evilly

Precap : twinkle and the others try to find Raj and mystery man aims on his 2nd target

So who do u think wd b this mystery and Wts the mystery man up to ?
Stay tuned to know
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Credit to: Sanam

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  1. Meenat Abubakar

    wow it’s really nice, bt I guess it’s cherry lol! wel done sanam re

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  3. Superb epi yrr sanam…….n I guess ki d mystery man is a lady might b Maya or avni

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  4. Nice one dear

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  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Twist is very much nice and ur ff too..

    1. Tysm muskan

  6. awesome sanam……..n nyc twist

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  7. waiting formystery man to get revealed

    1. Tysm sudha

  8. o wow a great story sanam…

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  9. Wow sanam was nice n the precep was the main highlight here now..waiting for ur next one….

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  10. Lovely sanam

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  11. nice sanam.
    you are awsome.
    i am from pakistan and want to be your friend. can i.

    1. Ya y not

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  12. oopss m late sanam//bt i loved the epi specially the precap….

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  13. omg sanam u r writing 2 ffs at the same time….hats off yaar…the epi was cool..waiting for the next 1

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