Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 7

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Uv is all perfectly 5ne and leaves to the college in descent dressing as always
Even mahi is already ready wearing an blue top and black jeans… she looks damm good

@ College
Everyone r busy chit chatting.. an lady arrives at college taking and everyone keep staring at her
One of the guys was having his favourite icecream but drops it in shock as he sees her
Are yaar it’s none other than our Drama Queen
Twinkle Taneja
She is wearing an yellow chudidar and matching accessories
Raj was passing by the same way with some books and he drops them all as he sees her
Twinkle comes to him
Ra : am I dreaming. .. she pinches him
Ouch! !! Twinkle! ! Wts all this ?
T : wt ?

Ra : is everything 5ne wth u ?
T : ya .. do I look that bad ?
Ra : u look hot as always but u hate chudidars r8?
T : oh freak! !! I look hot ,..I want to look simple not hot !!!
Ra : u didn’t answer me
T : wt? I know chudidar isn’t my cup of tea but sometimes it’s good to try something different! !
Ra : ya something different!!! Don’t tell me by came in ur pulser today ?
He gets down to pick his books
T : no !!!! Oh wow srsly! now even u got to b crazy today…u and books !!!
Ra : ya xms r near and ie y
T : I ya know only just 2 months more for the xm! !
She makes an confused expression at him
Ra : i mean to say it’s just like that

Sm1 comes to college in car
He gets down and everyone keep staring at him
All girls look at him lovingly as he enters
Guys it’s none other than our great kunj sarna !!!
An cool black T shirt with funky black jacket and all matching accessories.. He looks dashing with those blue sunglasses
Twinkle keeps staring at him
Everyone sing kukkad kamal from student of the year
Girls r all crazy behind him
He comes to twinkle who is continously staring at him in shock
He snaps his fingers b4 her and she comes to her senses
She looks at him from top to bottom
Ra : i must do an eye test cse I see all wider things today
He leaves
K : i know I look hot but control urself. . Don’t look at me like that
Twinkle folds her hands

T : (with full on attitude) hmm wt an joke … I and go mad after u
U r impossible
An girl comes to kunj and starts flirting with him and he too does the same
Twinkle feels extremely jealous and leaves angrily letting an confused kunj behind
Kunj excuses himself and runs behind Twinkle
He holds her hand and pulls her to him
T : wt now?
K : that’s wt exactly I wish to ask u
T : wt ? (with attitude )
K : y u left quite pissed off?
T : I wasn’t and y shd I even ?
K : cse u ..
T : me wt ?
K : jealous seeing me with sm1 else
T : no not at all .. stop day dreaming Mr kunj sarna

he comes close to her and she moves aback until she meets the wall
Kunj pins her to the wall not letting her an chance to escape
T : kunj let me go
Kunj comes close to her ears and whispers
U look good in chudidars too
Twinkle looks at him with an confused expression
He leaves
Twinkle smiles

On the other hand our chocolate boy Raj is desperately
Awaiting to see avni
Avni enters with purple patiala and silver jumki
She looks fab!!!!
Raj couldn’t move his eyes from her
Avni comes to Raj
A : hi Raj

Ra : hi avni
A : oh so u like reading ha?
Ra : ya a lot
A : Wow me too
Raj is in 1st bench !!!! Avni sits next to him
Avni keeps on speaking to him and he keeps on starting her lovingly
Kis taraf hai aasmaan plays

On the other hand twinkle and prithvi are back benchers
P : Wow twinkle u look good even in these yaar
T : thanks (uninterested)
P : K so something is fishy … wt happened?
T : nothing
Kunj enters with an girl like an couple
He goes and sits next to twinkle
T : I believe ur seat is r8 in the 1st row
K : was not anymore
Twinkle looks in the opposite direction getting pissed off
Kunj notices this and smiles
Kunj to the girl
K : don’t u sense something burning here ?

Girl : ya I do (smirking )
K : wt abt u twinkle?
T : no I don’t (ignoring )
T : where Is Raj?
P : looks straight towards the 1st row
T : Omg! !!!
P : everything is crazy in love
T : miss Raghav a lot

Raghav and Sia r practicing
Kabir comes there
K : now u both can leave as ur class is gonna start
R and S : thank u sir
They both change and hurry up to the class
Twinkle gets happy looking at Raghav
She runs to him and pulls his ears
R : ouch! !! Twinkle it’s paining
Twinkle folds her hands
T : oh really! !! So sorry
Well even I was hurt wn u cd nt take Sm tme to say an hi to me
R : u know that kabir na?
Well sorry !! (Holding his ears )
T : K 5ne
Raghav stares at her from top to bottom
R : oh freak! !! Where did the sun rise from ?
Twinkle hits him
T : shut up
Sia comes to class and sits on an seat
R : oh freak! ! Nerd in the last row !! Lol!!!
T : ya I know
Prithvi comes there
Raghav and prithvi hug
R : hey Bro how r u ?
P : all perfect as always
R : u haven’t changed
P : nor will I
R : well today change of plan
T : wt do u mean by that
R : i wd like to have Sm fun with ma boxing partner
He winks at her
T : u will never change .. go on
Twinkle and prithvi come back to their seats
Raghav sits beside sia
R : hi pushpa! !!
S : did u just call me pushpa !!
R : Yeps …well u didn’t tell me an hi yet
S : (Frustrated ) bye
R : ya very well
Class starts -maths
Avni , sia concentrate
Raj staring at avni
Back benchers lost in their own world
Kunj tries to concentrate but his so called new gf doesn’t let him do so
Even sir doesn’t care as it has become his daily routine
Finally time for an break as the class got over

@ cafeteria
Twinkle keeps staring at kunj angrily as he flirts with the girls
R : where r u lost madam ?
T : nowhere .. she leaves
R : but ur pizza .?
T : u can have it
Kunj smiles seeing twinkle jealous and leaves and follows her
Avni and sia come together
Avni sits next to Raj and sia having no alternative sits next to Raghav
R : hi pushpa!
S : don’t call me by that name !!
He orders for an pizza
Avni takes her share and sia is about to take wn Raghav deliberately takes the same piece she had planned to take and winks at her
Sia looks on frustrated and opts for another piece

twinkle is walks by the corridor pissed off and she feels an hand on her elbow
she turns to find kunj and is about to shout at him but b4 she cd he places his hand in her mouth and takes her into an empty class and leaves her
T : wt the hell kunj! !
She is about to leave but kunj holds her and pulls her to him
K : Wts ur problem twinkle? Y r u acting weird ?
T : nothing. . u go on chit chatting with ur gfs
K : oh so now I get it .. u r feeling jealous
T : no am not
he pulls her closer by her waist
K : look into my eyes and tell me the same
Twinkle looks up at him and then pushes him away
T : yes I was .. but how does it matter to u ?
u enjoy with ur gfs
she is about to leave but kunj pulls her and pins her to the wall
K : it does matter a lot cse I
twinkle looks at him surprised
T : cse u ?
K : i love u

yes its true
twinkle is happy to hear this but doesn’t express it
K : y r u standing quite .. plz reply
ur silence is killing me
twinkle stays quite
K : am sry if I have hurt u
I am unfortunate that my love was one sided
he is about to leave but feels an hand on his shoulder stopping him
Twinkle comes to him
T : idk wn how and y
but I fell for an nerd
u r quite different from the others..I like the way u r
though our thoughts are different our heart says the same
I love u too
Twinj hug each other. . manchala plays

Precap : an new entry to bring about an new turn in twinj’s love story

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  1. sanam wow nice episode keep rocking the floor of t-e-i my dear ur rocking dear hats off to by 2 by r u
    a tamil girl? twinj lovely jealous crazy romance

    1. no am an kannadiga

  2. Agh sry for the errors
    Ra : don’t tell me u came in pulser
    Ra : i believe I must do an eye test as I see all wierd things today
    kindly excuse me for the errors
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  3. No problem Sanam..its ok..luvd the luv confession of twinj

  4. Its awesome Sanam!! Loved it?❤

  5. wowwww new entry …….must b maya or someone lyk dat to separate twinj……

  6. oh freak there r just toooooo many errors
    kunj places his hand on her mouth and not in her mouth …lol !!!!
    quite frustrated by too many errors
    extremely sry 4 the difficulty
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    well plz try to understand me

  7. hats off dear…keep rocking?

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  11. Oh! Wat a great episode..i just love ur ff dear.

  12. it was awesome sanam !!! Keep It up

  13. ♥twinj- forever♥

    wow….awesome ….ur good at giving surprises….an unexpected confession…

  14. very nice sanam

  15. Nice episode

  16. Sanam as we are friends so i want to tell you that i am from pakistan but i also like india and want to know about india. So if you dont mind then tell me some things about india .well the episode was nice . The New entry may be alisha from tie or Maya.

  17. Meenat Abubakar

    superb sanam! 4 making me happy sanam re song for u

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