Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 6


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Avni makes an weird face at Raj and he winks at her
M : so today we have an poem on love
So b4 staring it off I want to know wt u guys think of love as
So who wd start
T : me
M : yes tell
T : I believe love is something that drives ppl crazy
Except for the love of ur family
Love comes uninformed but wn u realise it , it wd already made u mad for it
Ya so I suggest u guys not to go crazy loving sm1 but go psycho lovingly urself
Twinkle sits
M : any1 else

K : me
M : yes
T : oh wow the nerd is gonna speak of love!!
Back benchers share an high Five
K : love is something like twinkle said it comes uninformed
But love isn’t something that drives one crazy
Which makes u feel special
It makes u feel that there is always sm1 to care
Sm1 who wd always do anything to make u smile
Love drives off ur loneliness
Everyone clap for him
Twinkle stares at him him lovingly
Oh oooohhh tune of zara si dil me De jaga tu plays
Prithvi snaps his Finger b4 her eyes and she comes back to her senses
P : feel like sm1 is very touched by his words
T : M impressed! !! He is an nerd but there is something unique in him which I didn’t find in others
Her hair dances along as the cool breeze flows by her
She gets an smile on her face looking at kunj
M : very good kunj .. keep it up
Kunj smiles and sits
She does the poem and the class ends

After the class Twinkle comes to kunj
T : hey kunj !!
K : hi
T : well u were just superb today
Kunj is surprised to hear her say this

Twinkle smiles but later feels awkward and leaves
Kunj has an bright smile on his face on recalling her words
Subhaanallah from yeh jawaani hai deewani plays

Twinkle goes to the washroom and blushes for the 1st time ever in life recalling kunj
Mahi sees this
Mahi clears her throat
M : oh don’t tell me u fell for sm1
The one who doesn’t believe in it !!!
T : oh shut up mahi … it’s just simply
She runs away
Mahi smiles looking at twinkle like that

Raj and avni were walking together
Ra : thanks
A : 4 wt ?
Ra : u saved me from falling but yet made me fall
(Lost in her He never realised wt he just said)
A : wt?
Ra : i meant to say is that u saved me from falling down on the floor. .. ya that’s all
A : well I thought u thought that u told me u fell for me
Ra : i may later on and winks at her
A : well u r doing as if u r the only person I’ve saved from falling
Ra : so u mean u have saved other guys too ?
A : ya… she winks at him
Raj gives an fake smile at her. . And avni notices that he got upset
A : well but u r the luckiest person cse u r the only one who fell in my arms
Raj looks at her in surprise and smiles brightly
Mai rang sharbato ka plays
Both smile looking at each other
A : so let’s be friends. . Wt say?

She forwards her hand
Ra : well K then friends
He gives his hand for an handshake
Avni leaves and he looks at his hands and smiles brightly

On the other hand twinkle thinks
Wts happening to me ?Y did I smile at that Nerdy kunj !!
Am I actually falling for him ? Am I in love with that dumbo! !
She smiles at herself
She dances along as she walks and the drama queen couldn’t loses her balance and falls right into her lovers arms twinj share an romantic eye lock
K : b careful. . Don’t fly to this height that u fall everytime
T : I wd always wish to fall for u to hold me (lost in him)
Kunj is touched by her words
Subhaanallah from yeh jawaani hai deewani plays
Kunj lifts her up
They both are very close to each other
But prithvi coughs in an teasing manner and both compose themselves
T : prithvi now a days u cough too much na?
P : ya … I am sry to spoil ur awesome moment but I want to speak to twinkle for Sm time if u don’t mind kunj
K : y r u asking me 4 the permission?
P : aimply
Twinkle gives prithvi an death glare
They both leave

P : so my drama queen finally fell or an nerd!!!
Lol! !!
T : shut up ..
She makes an childish face

P : no no no no
Twinkle stay away
He runs and twinkle runs behind him
T : prithvi u got to help me .. hw will I impress him?
P : u always make me do all nonsense
Well I suggest u to b like him
T : wt?
P : ya
T : no there wd b Sm other way .. 4gt u r of no use
She leaves
Prithvi smiles at her
Screen freezes

Precap : ragia and ravni cute moments and twinj try to impress each other

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Credit to: sanam

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