Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 5

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Twinkle is in kunj’s arms and both share an eye lock
Some children come to them and tease them
Children : Oh oooohhh
Twinj compose themselves
T : chup karo sheitaano. .. jao yaha se
They go
T : wt r u doing here?
K : so u mean to say I need to take ur permission if I have to go anywhere
T : were u following me ?
K : ya r8 .. M quite jobless
T : u..Agh
K : well thanks again for saving mahi
T : that was my pleasure
Twinkle leaves in pulser to her house
Kunj looks at her leaving and smiles

Twinkle comes home and goes to uv’s room to meet him
T : uv how r u now ?
Uv : don’t worry I can atleast move my hand to irritate u back
They both laugh
T : well my uv has become so brave ha !!
U Don’t even hit an mosquito properly but went to hit those guys
Uv : di very bad ha
He makes an sad face .. twinkle pulls his cheeks and runs away
Uv : twinkle di !!!

Kunj comes home
Kunj thinks
Mom shouldn’t get to know of the incident at any cost
U : kunj putter y do u look so stressed out ? Is everything fine?
And how was ur 1st day ?
K : no am not stressed out .. u have an misunderstanding
Well the day was 5ne
He runs to his room
Usha thinks
Now wt happened to this kunj ?1st mahi was acting weird and now kunj

Kunj changes and goes to mahi’s room to meet her
Mahi was crying silently
She sees kunj and wipes off her tears with her hand
M : do u want something Bro ?
K : ya
He comes to her
M : wt ?
K : ur smile .. M sorry I over reacted… I couldn’t bear ..
Mahi cuts him short
M : it’s Ok Bro I understand.. I know u did all this because u care for me
Kunj hugs mahi and she too hugs him back

The following day twinkle comes in her pulser
Kunj and mahi reach there in car
Mahi comes to twinkle running
M : how is uv ? Is he 5ne ?
T : don’t worry he will recover soon
She leaves
As she enters the college an person sings
Whip nae nae
Twinkle turns back to see prithvi (bff) and Raj
She runs to prithvi and hugs him tight
He too hugs her back
Both break the hug and he continues with the song
Now watch me whip watch me nae nae
Twinkle dances and the others join
Even mahi joins and forces kunj to join
But our chocolate boy unfortunately doesn’t know to dance
Prithvi sings oh watch me verse and everyone’s focus goes on kunj’s dance
He does an baila. .. twinkle and others stare at him dancing and everyone laughs and kunj feels embarrassed
Twinkle comes to him and Joins him followed by the others
They all dance and the song ends and everyone stop
Twinkle and kunj are also tired and they look at each other and smile … subhaanallah from yeh jawaani hai deewani plays
T : u look good this way without books
Kunj stays quite
Twinkle leaves from there and kunj smiles
Ra : thanks a lot prithvi. .. After wt happened to Uv twinkle was quite stressed out and u managed to make her smile
They both feel an hand on their shoulder
It’s none other than twinkle
T : srsly Raj is r8 ..u made my day yaar prithvi
P : anything for ur smile my drama queen
Twinkle hits him on his chest and all the 3 laugh

Our Raghav on the other side is busy in his dream world
Finally he wakes up to find him getting up too early
R : it’s 7!!!! Oh freak practice was at 6 !!!
He gets down from his bed and hurries up to the practice room
Sia was practising warm ups
Raghav comes there
K : aren’t u too early?
R : M sorry sir … The alarm didn’t ring so ie y
Sia looks at Raghav and starts laughing
Raghav is mesmerised seeing her smile (romantic tune of humse hai life plays)
K : Wts this Raghav
Raghav comes to his senses
R : wt ?
S : ur shoes .. she starts laughing again
Raghav looks down to find him wearing bathroom slippers
R : oh freak! !! I forgot to wear my sports shoes !!
R : sir I’ll cme in 5 mins
He runs to get his shoes

On the other hand twinkle and prithvi go to class as it’s gonna start
Raj like always was busy flirting with girls and realises that he is late
He leaves hurriedly and from the opposite direction avni comes running as even she got late for the class
She is wearing an blue chudidar and her hair is left free
They both are about to reach the class but both collide and Raj was about to fall but avni holds him in her arms .. 😉
Raj is mesmerised by her beauty .. Mai rang sharbato ka plays
Ma’m (M ) clears her throat and they both come to their senses
M : so how do I look today Raj?
Raj gives an broad smile
Ra : u look (looking at avni) gorgeous
M : oh ya ?
Twinkle and prithvi are back benchers and u guys know where wd kunj b
Twinkle hits her hand on her forehead
T : so he started again !
M : get out u both
Twinkle looks at prithvi
T : v must do something
P : ya u r r8
Twinkle stands up
T : ma’m actually Raj. .
M : wt?
T : Raj … (acts like crying)
He usually tends to forget things fast
Raj looks on shocked and makes an weird face
M : wt?
T : yes mam it’s true
He usually tends to forget the class timings and doctor has said that he shouldn’t feel any sort of stress
M : oh is it .. she turns to look at Raj
Ra : ahhh! ! He acts to fall unconscious
Avni holds him again in his arms
He winks at her
M : M sooo sorry Raj!
Ra : (acting like having headache ) it’s k mam
He gets up and says now I feel a bit light
He runs towards the back bench holding avni’s hand
Avni makes an weird face at him
They sit beside twinkle and prithvi

Precap : twinj cute moments
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