Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 4


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Twinkle bumps into kunj and both fall on the floor with twinkle over kunj and his study materials make the scene more romantic as it falls over them
They share an eye lock. … ishq bulava plays
Students surrounding around then starts to caught at them in an teasing manner
She tries to get up but her locket gets entangled with kunj’s shirt button
She tries to remove it but fails. .. kunj takes it off for her
She gets up and gives him an angry glare
T : can’t u see and walk ?
Kunj gets up from the floor
K : that wasn’t my fault the way u fell over me and broke my bones
T : oh really! !!! For ur kind information M
“Slim and trim” (with attitude )
I believe u need an eye test
K : oh accha. ..Thanks 4 ur suggestion but I don’t need to have it as my eyes r all perfect
B4 twinkle cd speak Raj comed to them and takes her along
Kunj sits on his knees and starts picking up his so called study materials

On the other hand Ragia have cme for the boxing practice
Sia is wearing an sports wear and has tied an pony tail
She looks damm good and Raghav is impressed by her
R : u look good in these rather than ur kurta
S : thanks….. (Blushing )
Raghav thinks
Oh freak! !! (In his style as in hhl) she is blushing!!!
Hope she doesn’t take me wrong! !!
God plz!!!!
He throws an fake smile at her and then turns to look at opposite direction and makes an weird face
Kabir comes there and asks them to start with the warm ups
Both do pushups , then skipping and finally after the exercise they both start hitting punching bag with passion
Humse hai life track plays

On the other hand mahi was passing by the library and some boys come to her and pass flirty comments on her
She tries to avoid but they surround her letting no chance for her to escape
One of the boys holds her by hand and she starts crying for help until sm1 punches the boy hard on his face
He is none other than uv
He starts hitting them badly but some boys hold him and the
Boy hits him as the others hold uv
Uv is badly hurt and falls down
They go back to mahi and the boy is about to hold her when he feels an hand on his wrist
He looks up to see Twinkle
She punches him hard on his face and the boy falls down
The others come to hit her but she does all moves like an hero wd in an movie and hits them badly
One of the boys comes to her from behind and is about to hit her on her head with an hockey stick but he feels an hand resisting him from doing so
It’s none other than kunj
Twinkle turns to that boy and kicks him at his private part
The boy shouts in pain
They all runaway and twinkle rushes to Uv
He is bleeding badly … Raj comes there and helps twinkle in making uv to get up
They place uv’s one hand on twinkle’s shoulder and the other on Raj’s
They leave to the 1st aid centre
Mahi comes running to kunj and hugs him tightly
He doesn’t hug her back .. He frees himself and leaves angrily
Mahi stands alone crying

Uv’s dressing is done
Twinkle and Raj go inside to meet him
Uv : thank u di and Raj
T : saale di ko thanks bolta hai ?
Uv smiles and so do twinkle and Raj
Kunj comes to her
K : thanks a lot twinkle. . U saved my sis
T : my pleasure (in a way kind of ignoring him )
Mahi comes there too
M : thanks twinkle and uv
Uv : it’s k
T : (in angry tone) have u lost it Mahi?
How can u stay quite when they were misbehaving wth u ?
When will u grow up ?
Mahi looks down in shame
M : am sorry twinkle
Mahi goes to kunj
M : Bro
Kunj cuts her short
K : (in anger ) stop it Mahi
Now atleast r u done with ur fashion drama?
U r not gonna wear such dresses any more
U will only wear chudidars
Twinkle gets angry and comes to him
T : excuse me !!!! Y wd she sacrifice her life style for those boys ? Wts her fault in this ?
She has got an liberty to wear and no one can question her
Not even u
Raj tries to console her and she walks away
Kunj too walks out in anger
Mahi leaves crying

Twinkle goes on her pulser to gurudwar
Kunj too reaches gurudwar in his car
Both r unaware of each others presence
Twinkle enters inside and starts to pray
Babaji y is that everytime girl is supposed to sacrifice
They r so many restrictions on her
What type of lifestyle to be followed, wt to wear and wt not
And after marriage leave her family and serve her husband
Y babaji y ?
Kunj comes to pray
I know it’s not mahi’s fault
But she to understand that ppl around r bad
Today its hard to trust anyone
She has to change according to the ppl around her
Twinkle leaves after praying
Kunj too leaves
Twinkle walks toward her pulser slowly lost in thoughts
All of sudden go her eyes fall on the person serving ppl
Twinkle thinks
Babaji this world though has a lot of evils somewhere Or the other has good
She gets an smile on her face and walks towards the person
All of a sudden her leg hits an stone and she is about to fall but the person holds her on time
Twinkle has her one hand around his neck and the other on his chest
She has her eyes closed in fear
The person has his one hand around her waist and the other around behind her head
Twinkle opens her eyes slowly and finds kunj
They both share an eye lock. ..mere rubaroo plays

Precap : avni and Raj met

Credit to: sanam

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