Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 3


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R: sir (pointing at sia)
She is my partner for boxing and she is the one whom u had been praising! !!!
P : yes raghav u r r8… now u both can leave
They both leave
Twinkle and Raj cme to Raghav
T : wt happened? Wt did sir tell ?
R : I just can’t believe this !!
T : believe wt ?
Sia comes to Raghav

S : Raghav g can u plz take me to kabir sir
Twinkle and Raj burst out in laughter
R : wt ? Did u call me Raghav g !!!!
S : yes
T : Raghav g u go on .. we’ll talk later
They both leave laughing
R : excuse me! !!stop addressing me as g !!!
And find ur kabir sir by urself
Kabir comes there
K : Wts going on? (Serious)
R : nothing (ignoring)

S : sir I am the new boxing partner of Raghav g
K : oh so it’s u (serious)
S : yes sir
K : Raghav tke her to the practice area and explain her all rules and regulations ( order )
R : M not gonna do that (attitude)
K : i said go and tke her to the practice area … don’t forget that M ur trainer and u aren’t mine (in low tone )
I said leave (shouts )

Raghav and Sia leave
They both cme to the boxing practice room
(The room is same as that in humse hai life )
S : u shouldn’t have spoken to sir like that
Raghav gets angry and pins her to the wall
R : so u r gonna tell me wt I must do and wt not ?
U r new to this college. . Don’t forget that
Sia is scared .. Raghav realises this and
goes and punches the punching bag hard

Sia goes to him
S : I don’t know y r u doing all this but he is ur sir and u shd respect him
Raghav stops the punching bag and goes to her
R : u better not take his name too
U r new .. u dk him
Kabir comes there
Raghav looks at him and gets to leave angrily but sir stops him
K : i haven’t asked u to go … u need to practice
Sia u go get ready
S : Ok sir
R : i am busy I can’t
K : i am done with my decision
If u don’t follow it then never enter here again
R : (Frustrated ) K 5ne! !! I will practice
He leaves

Twinkle and Raj were walking together

An girl is seen coming from the opposite direction wearing an simple pink chudidar. ..her hair is left free
Her beautiful eyes are shown. .. then her beautiful smile
They pass by each other and her dupatta flies over Raj’s face
He turns to see her leaving. ..He couldn’t see her face
T : Raj! !! Where r u lost?
Ra : nowhere. .They both leave

Mahi and her friends r busy chit chatting at d corridor
Uv passes by
M : look who is going
They turn to look at uv
Uv stops on hearing mahi
Frnds: so called brother of the great twinkle! !! (Teasing)
Uv comes to them
Uv : Wts ur problem ha? Can’t u stay by urself?
Jobless Ppl
M : oh really! !! Thanks v didn’t know it

All laugh
Uv : Wts ur prob mahi ? Can’t u just do ur work ?
He leaves frustrated

T : y isn’t Raghav cme yet?
Ra : idk. . I’ll go find out
He leaves …
Twinkle turns back to leave but bumps into someone and both fall on the floor with twinkle over him
He is none other than the great kunj sarna
His study materials made the scene more romantic as the papers started falling on them
Both share an intense eye lock. . Ishq bulava plays
Episode ends

Precap : Raghav and Sia practice boxing
And other lots of fun

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. Hey what’s ravni and ragia?

    1. raj and avni from aur pyar ho gaya
      and Raghav and Sia from humse hai life

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  3. Twinj yuhi n ravni r jst so cute

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    great episode continue soon

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  8. nice but plz show concern of twinkle for kunj.

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