Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 2


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well am extremely sorry that I didn’t follow d previous precap cse I had got Sm new idea

Kunj sarna stays shocked
Mahi comes to him and keeps her hand on his shoulder
M : Bro r u 5ne?
K : (lost in twinkle’s thoughts sings ) bholi si surat ankho mai masti Haaye haaye
Mahi and her friends start laughing and give an high Five
Kunj comes to his senses
K : stop it !!
He leaves frustrated
Mahi and her friends continue laughing

English lecture
Kunj , twinkle, Raghav in the same class
Kunj in the frontmost seat
Twinkle and Raghav r back benchers
T : where is that idiot ?
R: he must b coming …
An voice is heard excuse me ma’m !!
R: see there he is
His beautiful smile is shown. .. and then his face
He is none other than Raj
Ma’m : u r late!!!
Ra : oh my god!!! ..Ma’m today u look damm. ..
Ma’m: damm. . (Blushing)
Ra: damm pretty! !!
T : lo shuru gaya iska noutanki !!!!
Raj gives an broad smile and winks at Ma’m
Ma’m blushes more
Kunj looks on shocked
Ma’m: Ok I’ll 4gve u this time
Ra: thank you mam
He runs to the back seat and sits next to twinkle
Ra: twinkle u r looking hot like always
Twinkle hits his chest
T : zyada maska mat maar
Class goes on …kunj pays full concentration
Back benchers in their own world
finally twinkle feels relieved as class ends

@ cafeteria
Twinkle , Raj, Raghav are busy chit chatting
T : Raghav srsly that was so fun …He and his book (abt kunj)
R: ya u r r8
Both laugh. ..
Ra: guys may I know Wts going on
T : Raghav go get something am v. hungry
Raghav goes
Ra: twinkle tell na
T : about an new commer
Ra: who ?
Twinkle sees kunj coming to the cafeteria and points at him
T : him
Raj turns back and looks at him from top to bottom
Ra : formal shirt !! Wow !!!!
T :ya I know … an typical nerd !!! (Frustrated)
Raghav comes to then with snacks
Twinkle while drinking the juice and stares at kunj
Kunj looks at her staring at him and smiles at her
Twinkle ignores it

@ the main gate
An girl comes to college wearing an kurta top and leggings
She has worn french plats
And has an teeka on her forehead
She enters the college and everyone keeps staring at her
She carries an suitcase in her hand which an typical villager carries ( those coloured rectangular dabba)

She comes to the cafeteria area and twinkle was busy having her juice
She looks at the girl and coughs all of sudden
Raghav and Raj : r u 5ne?
Twinkle looks at the girl from top to bottom
Raghav and Raj turn back and see the girl
Girl comes to Raj and asks him the route to office
Ra : y not ? Pehle mandir Chale?
Twinkle , Raghav, Raj laughs and Raghav and Sia share an high Five
The girl’s face is shown ..she is sia
Kunj comes to her and says he will help her out
They both leave
T : rab ne banadi jodi! !!!
Desi and Nerdy! !!! ( with attitude )
They all laugh

Sia thanks kunj for helping her .. He leaves
Sm student comes to Raghav and tells him that the principal sir has called him
Raghav leaves

@ principal’s chamber
R : sir may I come in?
P : cm in
Raghav comes in
R : sir y did u call me?
P : well I had to introduce u to ur boxing partner ..Sia dillon
Raghav turns to her and is shocked to see her
R : u ?
Episode ends at his shocked face

Precap : avni and yuvi’s entry

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  6. Fantastic episode.

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