Crazy, Stupid Ishq ( twinj, ravni, yuhi, ragia ) Episode 17


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A girl is shown wearing short orange frock and matching accessories
She is wearing goggles and her hair left free
Her figure just perfect
She makes her way through the corridor and every guy keeps staring at her
She comes to Raghav and blindfolds him with her hands
Raghav holds her hands and faces her and smiles
He kisses her hands and his hands make their way towards her face to remove her goggles.
Her sparkling eyes and her beautiful smile is shown
She is none other than saloni ( portrayed by heli daruwala last seen as krithi in nisha aur uske cousins)
She hugs him

Sa : u just can’t even imagine how much had I missed u
He hugs her
R : me too baby .
She breaks the hug and wraps her hand around his neck
Sa : so how is my darling boxer ?
R : all fine baby
He punches her softly on her cheeks and she smiles
They both leave to the practice room holding hands
Sia is practicing for the championship and recalls Raghav behaving weirdly with her
Saghav come there (saloni and Raghav )
Sa : hmm the room is nice , well who is she ?
R : my partner
Sa : oh I see .. ignoring her
Raghav won’t u take me out ?
I have come after so long
R : anything for u baby
S : but raghav what about ur practice?
R : I’ll do it later on
S : what if kabir sir comes ?
R : tell ur kabir sir that I am hanging out with my girlfriend
They both leave

Sia’s pov:
look at the way he is enjoying with his girlfriend
He should be practicing for the championship but no he is enjoying
But y am I bothered about him
Let him enjoy with her. After all its his life
Who am I to care ?
She goes and starts her practice yet again but she backs up in a while as she feels disturbed with raghav’s thoughts
S : y am I not able to concentrate
Y am I thinking of him
I should be happy that he isn’t here cse he is such an irritating person but I miss him instead .
Sia focus don’t think about him ..
she takes a deep breath and continues but stops again as she cannot resist herself from thinking about raghav
Bin tere plays
She leaves from there
(I forgot to make a mention of it
Kabir’s role is portrayed by varun kapoor who plays the role of sanskar in swaragini)

Avni and raj are in his room
Avni is busy speaking where as raj keeps staring at her lovingly

Jaise ghadi ki girah se waqt kahin pe gira ho
Jaise roshani subah se ho jaaye juda
Jaise gaane aur najam se sur koyi chura le
Waise aadha adhura main hoon tere bina
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Na thi kamin na justaju, ru tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o
Aur aadhe aadhe pal huye phir pure yuun
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru… O o o plays

Avni waves her hand before him and he comes to his senses
A : what ?
Raj nods in a no
Avni grabs a nearby pillow nd starts hitting him and raj defends himself
He climbs up the bed and Avni too climbs up and continues hitting him and they both lose balance and Avni falls over raj
Both share a romantic eye lock
Jab mila tu, tu ru tu ru tu ru tu ru…O o o plays
Raj is holding Avni by her waist and Avni has her hands on his chest
Raj tucks avni’s hair behind her ears and leans forward for a lip lock
Avni closes her eyes in nervousness and both are about to share a lip lock but are interrupted by a knock at his door
It’s raj’s sis
Raj’s sis : bhai if u r done with showing ur room then may I take avni to my room as well?
Ravni compose themselves and feel awkward recalling the incident
Avni runs to the door, unlocks it and leaves with his sis
Ravni think : finally I atleast got to know that even he / she loves me and that my love isn’t one sided
They both smile to themselves
I love u plays

Mahi is wearing blue sleeveless top and white pants and all matching accessories
She is waiting outside the mall for uv
Finally uv arrives wearing white top with a black jacket and black jeans
But as u all know he is simple, his hair looks a kind of odd ( hairstyle that any mom would do for her son)
M : u r late !! And ur hairstyle! !!
Uff uv hum mandir me pooja karne ke liye nahi jaa rahe hai balki movie dekne ke liye jaa rahe
So plz change ur hairstyle
Uv : but this is fine , or fine I will change it
He is about to leave but Mahi stops him by holding his hand
M : so now u will again make me wait for half an hour and end up in sanyasi kabir hairstyle
Wait I will do it
She combs his hair with her hands while he keeps staring at her
My fav song hosanna plays (ek deewana tha)
Mahi is done and moves aback and signs him looking good now . Uv smiles
they both by their tickets
M : uv we still have lots of time
she holds his hand and runs to the play area to play bowling
M : so what say ?
Uv : fine, smirking at her
Daru desi from cocktail plays
He serves first and all the duck pins fall down .He shows off
Mahi serves now and all except one remains
Uv smirks
Mahi passes a flying kiss to the duck pin and it falls down ( guys don’t wonder how is this possible, actually the duck pin would however fall down which uv didn’t notice )
Mahi smirks back at him and uv smiles
They have other lots of fun and both head towards the theatre

Uv goes to buy popcorn meanwhile twinj also come to the theatre and buy their tickets
T : kunj hum kaali haath andar jaayenge kya?
U go I’ll go get popcorn
She goes to the counter and finds uv there buying popcorn
T : oh god what’s uv doing here ? He shouldn’t see me
Uv turns towards her and twinkle looks in opposite and uv comes along her direction and walks away not noticing twinkle
Twinkle feels relieved and goes to counter
Uv comes to Mahi
M : what about the juice ?
Uv : oh I forgot, I’ll go get It
He sees twinkle there
Uv : oh god margaye. . Di shouldn’t see me or else I am gone today
Twinkle leaves and he goes to buy the juice
Twinj enter into the theatre and sit on their respective seats
Yuhi enter and twinkle sees them
She gets kunj close to her face to cover her and both share a eye lock , both are lost in each other they both share a lip lock and yuhi walk without noticing them

Precap : let’s see what idea I come up with

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Credit to: Sanam

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